The Supro Fuzz gives you the tonal response and dynamics of a vintage germanium fuzz with the modern high gain of silicon. This pedal borrows characteristics from three vintage fuzz boxes for sounds that range from polite sputter to total destruction. The Supro Fuzz's EQ section is based on the tone stack Supro USA uses in its boutique guitar amps for a musical-sounding boost and cut to help shape your tone to fit any mix. Or, if you already have the genuine articles, save your vintage pedals for the studio and save some space on your pedalboard by hauling the versatile Supro Fuzz to gigs.

The ultimate vintage fuzz pedal Germanium and silicon transistors for smooth high-gain fuzz Noiseless true bypass switching is quiet and click free The ultimate vintage fuzz pedal Supro may have built the ultimate fuzz pedal in the Supro Fuzz. This vintage-inspired pedal blends the sustain, harmonic enhancement, and touch dynamics of three sought-after classic fuzz circuits into a single box for a sound that rules for shoegaze-y alternative, psychedelia, or classic rock. Germanium and silicon transistors for smooth high-gain fuzz The tone fanatics at Supro included an NOS germanium transistor in this pedal's first gain stage for smooth sound and accurate dynamic response, followed by a second-stage silicon transistor for modern-gain mayhem. This layout gives you the best of both worlds for tone that ranges from sputtery classic rock leads to ratty-sounding hard rock overdrive. Noiseless true bypass switching is quiet and click free The Supro Fuzz is built studio clean with noiseless true bypass switching that won't pop when you swap channels. Sweetwater guitarists appreciate this feature onstage and in the studio. Supro Fuzz Pedal Features: Boutique sustain, harmonics, and touch dynamics Ranges from classic-rock sputter to high-gain mayhem Remains musical at any setting 1st-stage germanium transistor for a smooth, dynamic tone 2nd-stage silicon transistor adds gain and sustain Low noise floor Noiseless true bypass switching stays studio clean Simple layout: volume, gain, treble, and bass EQ based on Supro amp tone stacks boosts and cuts musically Durable brushed aluminum housing TRS expression pedal port lets you change treble settings on the fly 9-volt or optional AC adapter

Price: CHF 179.00

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