TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler Mini

Like its full-sized predecessor, the TC Electronic Mimiq Mini Doubler effects pedal puts the stacked sound of your multi-tracked guitar lines onto your pedalboard. With a tap of your toe, the Mimiq Mini Doubler instantly simulates all the intricacies and imperfections that create the massive tones of double-tracked guitars. Controls for Tightness, Dry, and Effect dial the sound in for a tighter sound with more impact, or a bit looser for a more organic feel. Ask any guitarist, the TC Electronic Mimiq Mini Doubler pedal is a great way to achieve a larger-than-life guitar sound.

Studio-quality doubler effects pedal Tightness control simulates the feel of 2 separate takes Perfect for creating huge stacked tones for live performance Works equally well with clean and distorted tones True bypass switching

Price: CHF 115.00

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