Tech 21 Fly Rig 5

Five Must-have Pedals in One!

Loaded with genuine SansAmp technology and armed with award-winning Tech 21 effects, the all-analog Fly Rig 5 offers a complete pedalboard's worth of stompbox power with extreme grab-and-go convenience. The pedalboard itself is broken down into three parts, but it houses a SansAmp pre, a Boost RVB reverb, a Boost DLA delay, and a Plexi amp-style overdrive with a separate switchable 21dB preamp boost - all for about 1/3 the space of the individual pedals put together! There are plenty of controls on the Fly Rig 5 for tone tweaking, and its robust design makes this all-in-one rig perfect for regular gigging.

Plexi section with switchable boost fires up your tone SansAmp section comes complete with Boost RVB ambience DLA section tops off your sound with vintage tape echo Plexi section with switchable boost fires up your tone The first thing your guitar signal hits as it enters the Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 is the smoking-hot Plexi distortion section. Based on Tech 21's Hot-Rod Plexi pedal, the Plexi section delivers 1968's most sought-after distortion. In addition to a classic single-knob tone control, this wooly and organic high-gain drive tone offers independent level and drive controls so you can contour your distortion so that it responds naturally to your playing dynamics. What's more, you can punch up your sound with up to 21dB of extra preamp gain by kicking in the Hot switch, adding the extra intensity you need to make your solos pop. SansAmp section comes complete with Boost RVB ambience With all of the awesome guitar pedals and processors you'll find at Sweetwater, the SansAmp lineage is one of the most universally respected names in amp modeling. That's why we were absolutely thrilled when Tech 21 put a classic SansAmp analog preamp at the heart of the Fly Rig 5. Pre-voiced for clean tones, this preamp delivers all of the warmth and dimension you'd expect from a vintage tube amp, and when you crank up the drive control, you'll be rewarded with a variable range of texture and overdrive. A 3-band EQ lets you dig into your tone, and an analog reverb based on the Boost RVB pedal provides you with a classic spring reverb sound that's so authentic, it'll have you looking for the reverb tank. DLA section tops off your sound with vintage tape echo A touch of delay is the perfect dash of seasoning to kick up your guitar tone, and the Fly Rig 5 more than delivers. The Fly Rig 5's DLA section is based on the popular Boost DLA vintage tape echo pedal. A range of between 1ms and 50ms lets you dial in thickening slap delays, long trailing ambiences, and anything in between. One of the coolest things about this delay section is the Drift control, which adds a dose of random modulation to enhance your sound. What's more, there's a dedicated tap tempo switch onboard, which makes it easy to adjust your delay timing on the fly. Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal Features: Five must-have Tech 21 guitar effects pedals in one compact chassis Plexi section includes a classic '68 tube-amp overdrive Independent Hot switch kicks in up to 21dB of clean gain SansAmp amplifier emulation section offers you a massive range of amp tone Built-in parallel reverb lets you blend in smooth spring reverb sound DLA section provides vintage tube echo with adjustable modulation and tap-tempo control Entire pedal packs comfortably in your case or gig bad - no more clunky pedalboards! Includes 12V DC universal power supply that automatically adjusts to 100V-240V current All-analog signal path ensures high-quality sound that responds smoothly to your playing

Price: CHF 359.00

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