TRex Replicator Tape Delay Pedal

While the quality of tape delay emulators has come a long way, nothing beats the sound of a genuine magnetic tape delay. The REPLICATOR is a pure analog tape delay, handmade in Denmark. It features two playback heads (one tap-tempo controllable, one independently bypassable), and uses a durable C30 1/8" chrome tape cassette for a long life and very easy replacement.

Controls: Delay level: Adjusts the level of the two playback heads Feedback: Adjusts the amount of feedback on both delays, reaching self-oscillation Delay Time: Adjusts the delay time from 8 ms to 3 seconda; tempo can be tapped (does not apply to Head 2) Master Boost: Go from unity gain to +20dB boost for overall volume boosts Chorus: Built-in tape modulation; varies the tape speed in very small amounts, resulting in pitch modulation of the delays Saturation: Drives the Record head into saturation (led peak indication) On/Off switches for: Tap, Chorus, Heads & Master On/Off (true hardwire bypass) Kill Dry switch (for parallel loop) Input/Output jacks Two Expression Pedal inputs Includes 24V DC external power supply

Price: CHF 895.00

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