Xotic AC Comp Custom

The new AC-Comp features a three-way switch for dialing in compression, a deeper amount of low end thump on tap if needed, plus two internal switches for additional fine tuning. The normal setting on the top mounted three-way switch gives you classic AC Booster style overdrive. The middle setting has very little compression, giving you tight aggressive punch with a bit more grit on the top end. Great for fast, articulate rhythm playing! This position cleans up extremely well with your guitar's volume too. The final setting, simply titled "comp" gives you a great, smooth compressed overdrive. Similar to the stock AC Booster, but with more gain and saturation. Dig in for those swampy Billy Gibbons harmonics!

True Bypass 3 Compression Settings Internal Dip Switches Pre-Eq Treble Presence -9vdc or Battery Operation

Price: CHF 259.00

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