The Xotic RC S[cott]H[enderson] has arrived, and it builds on the already great and unparalleled RC Booster of yore. Many "signature models" simply add a name and be done with it. However, that's just not Xotic's style.

The RC SH takes the same gorgeous clean boost circuit as the original and adds a second Gain [2] knob along with a second footswitch to toggle between Gain 1 and Gain 2. That's right, now two different Gain levels are footswitchable for a much more versatile pedal—works GREAT before an amp switcher box.

The original RC Booster adds as much as 20 decibels of super-clean boost (remember, RC stands for "Real Clean") along with a two-band active EQ to cut or boost bass or treble by up to ±15 decibels. There's plenty of boost available on tap by goosing the Volume control with the Gain control rolled back, but the Gain control is the magic dial, hence the idea to include two of them. It adds just a little transparent grit to the circuit for a fine low-gain overdrive sound. The Chrome finished RC SH is super limited and once they're gone, that's it! Xotic RC Booster Scott Henderson Chrome Limited Features: Extra Gain knob and A/B footswitch Striking full-chrome finish Juicy two-band EQ True bypass Standard 9v center-negative power operation

Price: CHF 259.00

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