ZVEX Fuzz Factory 7 (SOLD)

  • Description: Look no further. This is the coolest effect pedal you have ever or will ever see. This is the new ZVEX Fuzz Factory 7: a new take on the classic flagship pedal that put ZVEX on the map. This new version is loaded with two rare 1956 Amperex black glass transistors, lit up and visible through a Lexan window when the pedal is engaged. The controls are arranged in a circle around the window with two new controls not in the original Fuzz Factory including a 9-way rotary sub switch that opens up the pedal to an astounding new bottom end as well as thin, reedy fuzz tones.

Year: 2014 Manufacturer: Zvex Model: Fuzz Factory 7 Case: None Color: Teal/Hand-Painted Condition: Brand New

Price: CHF 399.00

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