Acus Wood 1 for 8 Acous Amp

The Acus One 8 Acoustic Amp has been developed for the OneForStrings series. The OneForStrings series was designed to accentuate the sound level of acoustic instruments (primarily acoustic guitars) whilst not altering their natural harmonic tone. The plywood housing is durable whilst not compromising on aesthetic value. The Acus One 8 Acoustic Amp features an AUX input with dedicated volume control and 2-band EQ, two direct outputs (LINE and REC) plus a manual “feedback canceler“ filter. The amp also features an 8“ woofer and compression tweeter all housed in the sleek plywood unit. The maximum power output is 150W RMS, making this unit powerful as well as portable. With its comprehensive functionality and portable design, the Acus One 6 is ideal for live performances and use on the road.

Price: CHF 849.00

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