Vox AC30C2X Combo 212 USED

Second hand. Very good condition. The Vox AC30C2X amp makes use of 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 4 x EL84 tubes to deliver 30 watts of power. The AC30C2X tube amp uses 2 – 12″ Celestion Alnico Blues, and includes a switchable 8/16 ohm output jack for powering an external speaker cabinet when you need to speak with a little more authority; using this jack will mute the internal speakers. Additionally, a second extension speaker jack allows you to run an extra 16-ohm cabinet along with the internal speakers for a fuller sound.

Price: CHF 1’190.00

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Vox AD120VT w/VC12 Ftsw USED

Second hand. Very good conditon. Included VC12 Footcontroller w/carrybag. Long known for excellence in amplifiers, Vox once again steps forward with their new ADT120VT. In creating the Valvetronix modeling amps, their goal was clear: design a versatile amp line that sounds and feels great. Marrying the tube technology that made Vox famous with breakthrough digital modeling technology from Korg results in a completely new kind of modeling amp – one that not only recreates the sound, but actually changes itself to model each and every power amp on its list. And what a list! Vox (naturally), Fender, Marshall, Boogie and more. Built-in pedal effects and digital ambient effects round out this killer amp.

Price: CHF 429.00

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Vox AC30 C2 212 30w White Bronco

The AC30C2 is the most versatile AC30 in Vox history! Plug into this Custom Series guitar amp and you’ll hear what we mean. Based on the classic AC30 design, this exciting new AC30C2 offers two channels — normal and top boost. Claim your own classic sound using the top boost channel’s treble and bass controls while tweaking the tone cut and volume controls in the master section. When you balance the individual and master volumes, you can score everything from a classic, chimey Vox sound to an edgy, overdriven tone. And we haven’t even mentioned the AC30C2’s onboard reverb and tremolo yet.

Price: CHF 1’159.00

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Supro 1699RH Statesman 50w

One of the only things better than an amp screaming with Supro tone is an amp like the Statesman that can scream with two classic Supro tones. You’ll love the versatility of this amp. The Red channel replicates the company’s Thunderbolt amplifier, while the Blue channel’s Supro Comet tone is by far nastier. But the Statesman’s flexibility doesn’t stop there! You’ll also have footswitchable control of your tube-driven spring reverb and effects loop. For such a pure-sounding amp, there’s a lot waiting under the hood of the Supro Statesman.

Price: CHF 1’540.00

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Supro 1650RT Royal Reverb Combo

The flagship tube amplifier of the Supro line, the 1650RT Royal Reverb is a retro-modern update of the mid-’60s classic. Oozing with sonic flexibility and ample headroom, the 1650RT gives you enough stage volume to handle any gig. On top of that, independent treble and bass controls in its preamp give you phenomenal tonal versatility, while its 3-way switchable power scheme allows you to coax a myriad of textures and tones out of its remarkable 6L6-fueled power amp. Covered with Supro’s trademark blue rhino hide tolex and topped off with tube-driven tremolo and spring reverb, the 1650RT is primed to provide you with loads of vintage vibe and classic Supro tone!

Price: CHF 1’639.00

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Supro Comet 1610RT 110 (SOLD)

Supro’s 1610 Comet all-tube electric guitar combo amplifier screams with vintage-voiced grit that will bring out the best in all your guitars. Its straightforward circuitry is aimed at players who want to crank the volume and receive thick, old-school amp distortion. You’ll also find tube-driven reverb and tremolo onboard. All this in a 14-watt, 10″ combo amp that is impressively convenient for gigging guitarists. And the 1610 Comet comes clothed in Supro’s retro 1959 Black Rhino Hide Tolex and gold faceplate.

Price: CHF 1’479.00

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Vox AC10C1 White Bronco

Get iconic Top Boost tone in a compact, all-tube package with the Vox AC10C1 guitar amplifier combo. This all-tube 10-watt combo gives you classic Vox tone through a custom Celestion 10″ speaker. Volume and gain controls let you dial in everything from clean, chimey, classic Vox to serious overdrive — and everything in between. If you want a punchy and touch-responsive British tube combo, the Vox AC10C1 is it.

Price: CHF 599.00

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Hotone Thunder Bass Top

The Hotone Thunder Bass draws inspiration from the Ampeg SVT and offers players a high quality sound that is flexible and stable. The Thunder Bass features a full 3 band EQ to give you control over the shape of the tone as well as volume and gain controls.

The Nano Thunder Bass features Auxillary in jack and Headphone out jack providing you with the ability to practice and record comfortably and also to play along with an external source. The speaker output automatically matches different cabinet impedances from 4 – 16 Ohms.

Price: CHF 99.00

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Mark Bass STD 104 HR Cabinet USED

Second Hand. Excellent condition. The Markbass Standard 104HR is an exceptional, professional bass speaker cabinet that performs well in any club, big or small. The Standard 104HR cab puts out impressive power of 800W and weighs only 56 pounds. Working bassists will love the 104HR speaker cabinet for its power, high-quality sound and portability. Perfectly capable in a standalone situation, this bass speaker cab is even more ear-catching when combined with a Markbass Standard 151HR or 102HF.

Price: CHF 650.00

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Hotone Mojo Diamond 5w Mini Amp

The Mojo Diamond from Hotone is one of those products you have to hear to believe. Supporting the old cliché that good things come in small packages this head is a staggering size. At just 12.8cm, yes centimeters, wide and 6 cm tall it takes up less space than most guitar pedals. This little 5W Class AB guitar amplifier head packs some serious sound. It works great for rehearsing at home and can be attached to a cab for recording purposes. The Nano Legacy range has 5 different heads and at this price you can easily carry a selection of them to anywhere you need to play. Imagine being able to choose from all those sounds in your studio, taking up less space than a single regular size head.

Price: CHF 99.00

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Marshall MR1987X Super Lead 50W

While the 50 Watt 1987X head shares the same ‘Plexi’ front and rear panel features as the 1959SLP, it has its own distinctive sonic personality. More aggressive than the ’60s ‘Plexis’, the 1987X is much more of the ’72 period, with a heady, sweet/aggressive tone.

These tonal characteristics are what define this much respected all-valve head. Much care and effort has gone into ensuring that the 1987X remains true to those tonal characteristics, as well as ensuring it remains aesthetically true to the original ‘Plexi’.

The only modern addition to this re-issue is a tonally transparent Series FX Loop.

Price: CHF 1’750.00

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Fender Super Champ X2

The Fender Super-Champ X2 15W 1×10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp combines 15 watts of rich, dual-channel tube amp sound with modern extras such as versatile amp voicing and a wide selection of digital effects. It’s simple, toneful and flexible, and with its easy computer connectivity you can also custom tailor your amp’s voicing and effects to your personal taste. Your rehearsal and recording sessions will really come alive with the unlimited tones that can be created with the Super Champ X2.

Price: CHF 449.00

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Marshall DSL40CV Combo Vint

The Marshall DSL40CV Vintage is a 40 watt all-valve guitar amp combo. This is a special edition and is only available in very limited quantities, we know these will go fast. The Marshall DSL40CV Vintage has been given a vintage Marshall appearance with an old school logo and black/grey checkered fret cloth. A DSL Series guitar amp combo is big on tones and character. Powered using EL34 tubes you get two channels, clean and driven, both of which sound amazing lice and in the studio. The DSL40 has been loaded with a twelve inch speaker, Marshall have used a Celestion Seventy 80, a great sounding amplifier speaker that sits well with this amp. The preamp section includes three ECC83 valves and also has a comprehensive EQ section with multiple tone options.

Price: CHF 990.00

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Roland Cube Street EX

With its compact size and battery-powered operation, Roland’s CUBE Street was a huge hit among traveling musicians. Now, the new CUBE Street EX infuses the popular mobile amp with a huge performance upgrade that delivers more projection, more channels and more versatility. It offers 50W of power and a stereo speaker system with dual 8″ woofers, and 2″ tweeters provide clean, punchy sound for larger crowds, while four independent channels offer abundant connections for a variety of mics and instruments. Detailed sound adjustment is available with separate EQ and reverb controls, and great guitar tones are dialed in easily with the onboard COSM amps. Selectable power modes provide up to 20 hours of operation with eight AA batteries, and two CUBE Street EX units can be linked together for more sound coverage if needed. And with i-CUBE LINK, you can even plug in your iPhone or iPad to play backing music and record your performances.

Price: CHF 559.00

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Randall RM100M 100w

This highly versatile Randall RM100M 100 Watt 3-channel Guitar Amplifier Head melds tradition and technology. 3 independent channels can be loaded with your choice of any of the available tube preamp modules from Randall (modules sold separately). Set this head up with tones that exactly fit your needs, then expand your arsenal anytime you like.

Enjoy the ease of replacing your power tubes anytime you like, with the very user-friendly power tube bias section. If a tube fails, no problem, the amplifier will kick that tube out of the circuit, and a small LED will light by the tube that fails.

Connect your RM100M amp head to any MIDI-capable external processor and program individual effects to each channel. With the MIDI in/thru, simply select your channel and external effect, using the included RF3 MIDI footswitch. The footswitch will select both the RM100 channel and effect you want at the same time.

Price: CHF 1’290.00

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Bugera 1960 Classic 150w (SOLD)

The hand-built 150W Bugera Classic Tube Amp is a hi-gain guitar amplifier driven by 4-EL34 tubes. The vintage preamp design from the ’60s features 3-ECC83 tubes for terrifying punch and mind-blowing gain. Four input connectors link channels 1 and 2 via patch cable to mix the different tonal characters of each channel for ultimate tone.

The Bugera 1960 Classic amp’s vintage equalizer section offers dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence controls. The impedance is switchable to 4, 8, or 16 Ohms to match virtually any speaker cabinet. An included FX Loop boasts a dedicated Level switch and true Bypass function, while the Bugera 1960 Classic amp’s high-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life.

Price: CHF 389.00

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Blackstar Fly Mini 3 Amp Pack

Mini Amp available without cabinet (chf99). Pack includes connectable mini cabinet. Creates a mini Stack. The Blackstar Fly 3W combo is the new gold standard for the mini class of amplifiers. Though it’s small, it’s not a toy. It’s an incredible low-wattage practice amp that you can use in your bedroom, put on a desk or throw in your backpack and jam wherever you want, via the battery-powered operation.

It features two channels, built-in digital delay, Blackstar’s patented Infinite Shape Feature for endless control between U.K.- and U.S.-style tone. It also offers an Aux. line in for jamming along to your own music, a headphone out and an emulated line out for silent practice or recording.

And, if you want to really rock in small-scale form, you can chain the Fly combo to a Blackstar Fly 103 1×3″ extension cab, and turn your rig into a 6W stereo setup that’s also perfect for playback of your own music library.

Price: CHF 149.00

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Fender Frontman 10G

The Frontman 10G, Fender’s smallest guitar amp offers all the hallmarks of a great amplifier: quality tones, flexible controls, simple uncluttered operation, and classy looks. The world-class, value-priced Frontman 10G combo amplifier makes practice sessions lots of fun! It’s a 10-watt, solid-state guitar amplifier with a 6″ Special Design speaker and built-in overdrive.

The Frontman 10G is perfect for beginning guitarists, students and teachers and guitarists on a tight budget looking for an „extra“ practice amp. Fender Frontman amplifiers have won an army of users by delivering quality tone at a great price. Fender took the time to custom-voice the Frontman’s overdrive for great tone, and this winning formula also features the unmistakable Fender Blackface look.

Price: CHF 89.00

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Fender VibroKing 20th Anniversary

The Fender® Vibro-King guitar combo amp as introduced in 1993. It marked the return of hand-wired amp tradition and added modern features. In the past two decades, players everywhere have prized the enduringly classic Vibro-King as one of the most touch-sensitive amps of all time. It offers sparkling shimmer at low volumes, but when turned up you can get powerful, thick overdrive.

Fender is celebrating those twenty years of killer tone with the 20th Anniversary Vibro-King. Fender and Jensen collaborated on this combo’s trio of warm 10″ speakers. A solid pine cab increases resonance. Other premium features include all-tube hand-wired circuitry, custom Schumacher transformers and much, much more.

Price: CHF 3’750.00

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Epiphone 412 SL So-Cal Cabinet

4 specially designed Lady Luck 12″ Eminence speakers in the acoustically designed Epiphone So Cal 412SL cab get supreme response from your So Cal 50 head (sold separately). It’ll also handle anything else you throw at it, up to 280 watts. 11-ply birch cab has tough vinyl covering, recessed bar handles, and reinforced corners. 28″W x 28-1/2″H x 14″D.

Price: CHF 490.00

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Blackstar HT Club 50H

The Blackstar Venue Series HT Club 50 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head offers the same feature set as the HT Club 40 combo in a versatile head format. This two channel head is equally at home in the rehearsal room, studio or club size venue. With the patented ISF control and clean or overdrive channels ranging from ‚classic crunch‘ to ’super saturated lead‘ the HT Club 50 head truly is the ultimate amp for the gigging guitarist.

The HT Club 50 is a highly versatile amplifier suited to a wide range of playing styles and situations.

The Clean Channel has two modes, ‘boutique‘ and ‘modern‘ and its own Tone control provides a wide range of clean tones. The Voice switch reconfigures both the preamplifier voicing and gain structure, and the power amplifier damping, to reproduce either ringing Class A Performance in the ‘boutique‘ mode, or very clean and tight Class AB tones in the ‘modern‘ setting.

Price: CHF 749.00

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Laney VH100R Top

The Laney VH100R tube guitar amp head features twin footswitchable channels each with its own footswitchable gain, independent 3 band EQ, independent reverb level and dedicated FX loop. You get an unprecedented level of flexibility. You can now go from a super clean shimmer, to a warm clean crunch, to a stack style distortion to a full on lead tone as simply as stepping on a switch – which is included with the amp (FS4).

The by word for the VH100R is flexibility – flexibility of tone and flexibility of use. In this day and age the modern guitar player has an arsenal of products available to them – from single stomp box effects to mighty racks. To cater for this level of choice the VH100R is fitted with five effects loops, each giving the player slightly different options when connecting external gear.

Old Price: CHF 2’430.00

Price: CHF 1’750.00

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PRS SE 20 Combo 6V6

Powered by a pair of 6V6 tubes, the PRS SE 20 20W Tube Guitar Combo Amp produces a wide variety of classic tones. The clean channel delivers an array of tones from crystalline clean to light overdrive crunch, and the lead channel provides warm distortion and plenty of overdrive. This amp is perfect whether you’re recording, practicing, or gigging in a trio setup.

As with all PRS SE amps, the 20 features 2 channels with separate EQ, an effects loop, reverb, a 0.090 aluminum chassis, a high-end “on-on-on” selector switch, custom wound transformers, custom voiced speakers, custom knobs, and a 12” Custom-Voiced Speaker.

Old Price: CHF 1’390.00

Price: CHF 890.00

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EBS NeoGorm 115 Combo

 The combination of 350 watts of power coupled with the super efficient 3rd generation Neodymium speakers, create a unit that defines the whole reason for choosing a combo instead of an amp-cab set-up. The EBS NeoGorm combos incorporates the great knowledge about bass amplification within EBS with the latest speaker technology. Neodymium Speakers, 9-Volt Phantom Power System™, Compressor/Limiter, Powerful EQ including a BRIGHT filter, Tube-like Character switch, Serial/Parallel effects loop, Monitor input (1/4” balanced), Possible to connect an external passive 4 ohms cabinet, EBS unique Silent Cooling System (SCS™),
Built-in speaker simulator, Stereo headphone output, ”Soft-Clip”-circuitry provides tube-like overdrive.

Old Price: CHF 2’350.00

Price: CHF 1’790.00

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Orange TH30C Thunderverb

The TH30 Combo from Orange Amps offers the perfect balance between power and portability and is ideal for regular gigging. It’s small and light enough to be portable while also offering a phenomenal tonal range for use in the studio environment. Clean/Dirty channels with switchable 7W, 15W, and 30W outputs. The TH30C is loaded with 4 ECC83 preamp tubes, 4 EL84 power amp tubes, and an ECC81 for the tube-buffered FX loop.

Price: CHF 999.00

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Hughes and Kettner Grand Meister (SOLD)

This Amp Does it All, and Does it Very Well Too

The Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 is a perfect example of an all-tube amplifier that’s designed for many different applications, and excels at all of them. Adjustable wattage lets you control how quickly the GrandMeister 36 starts growling, and a built-in H&K Redbox lets you inject the sound of a 4 x 12″ cab directly into the PA or your recording system. You’ve got 128 tone presets for your favorite sounds, and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to dial in. Basically, it’s a flexible amp that offers you multiple ways to practice, record, and perform. So call Sweetwater for an amp that’ll exceed your expectations – the Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36!


Price: CHF 1’490.00

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Marshall JVM410HJS Satriani Top


The Marshall JVM410H Joe Satriani Edition head is an addition to the Marshall Signature Series. Marshall’s R&D engineers worked vefry closely with Satriani to craft the JVM410HJS. After much experimentation and an assortment of trials that involved Satriani using prototypes during recording and touring, they signed off on the final version and the JVM410HJS went into production.
The most notable difference from the original JVM410 is that the reverb pots have been replaced with four nose gates, one for each channel, and each with their own threshold. A Mid Shift button has been added and can be used with both the OD1 and OD2 channels.

Price: CHF 2’390.00

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Hotone Nano Legacy Heads

British Invasion is a 5W Class AB guitar amplifier head. It captures the main characteristics of the legendary AC30 at low volume.Tweak the 3-band EQ, Volume and Gain knobs to recreate some authentic British Sound in your living room!

Purple Wind is a 5W Class AB Guitar Amplifier Head. It captures the main tonal characteristics of the legendary Plexi Super Lead.  With 3-band EQ and Gain/Volume control you’re set for classic rock on the stage or at home.

Heart Attack is the newest member of the Nano line, and it is for metal heads. It is similar to the other Nano amp heads in its compact design and five huge watts of output. But it is unique in sound and feel. The Heart Attack design is based on the Mesa Boogie Rectifier*, offering metal players that classic hard rock high gain sound. You can pull it out of your pocket and unleash an unimaginable mass of energy plugged in, all without losing control.

Price: CHF 149.00

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Ampeg GVT-15 112

 Ampeg’s GVT15-112 all-tube guitar combo is the perfect gigging combo, with tone and portability to spare. High-end 12AX7 and 6V6 tubes and a dual power (15W / 7.5W) design delivers the tone you need at both stage and practice volumes. The highly-flexible Ampeg Baxandall EQ offers more tone options than traditional designs and the single 12″ Celestion speaker breaks up right where you want it to. Add in ultra-rugged build quality and classic ‘70s Ampeg looks and the GVT15-112 is a flexible, gig-able rig that always gives you straight up Ampeg guitar tone

Price: CHF 749.00

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JAMP Portable Cigarbox Amp

Here is a Swiss designed and built portable travel amplifier called JAMP. Created by Jari Altermatt of the band NAVEL, these amps have hand built Swiss quality and very cool tone. The breakup is a wonderful overdriven bite. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Would make a really cool gift!

Price: CHF 79.00

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Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier USED

For your consideration: A second hand, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, in excellent condition, inclusive 3 Channel Footswitch with Solo , Loop, and Mute functions. You have to act fast, cause this baby is gonna be gone!

Plug into a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier 3-channel tube amplifier head and you’re in for the kind of massive tone you’ve only dreamed of – until now! This all-tube, 100-watt firebreather one-ups its predecessors, adding a third channel to an already legendary amp. Now you can dial in that great chunky rhythm tones to make your tonal palette complete. As always, the Dual Rectifier is capable of the most mammoth metal tones out there, but now its even more versatile. Experience the pure power of a legend for yourself – play through a Dual Rectifier!

Price: CHF 2’250.00

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Supro Thunderbolt S6420

Just in time for its 50th anniversary, Supro has reissued the S6420 Thunderbolt tube guitar amplifier. Like the Fender Bassman, the Thunderbolt was originally intended to be a bass amplifier. While far from a stellar bass amp, the Thunderbolt quickly became a holy grail tone device for electric guitar players. Indeed, the first time you crank up this Thunderbolt reissue, you’ll be treated to a huge, raw, overdriven, rock ’n‘ roll tone cascading from a custom designed 15″ Supro TB15 speaker. Simplistic, sporting only a tone and volume control, the Supro S6420 Thunderbolt tube guitar amplifier’s cathode-biased 6L6 output section produces 35 watts of pure rock ’n‘ roll power.

Price: CHF 1’490.00

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Orange Tubesync DIVO OV4

Keep Your Tube Amp Running Like It Should

Protect and optimize your tube amp with the Orange Divo OV4. The Divo OV4 was designed to be retrofitted into four-tube fixed-bias guitar amps to improve reliability and performance while protecting your amp. After installing Divo OV4, your amp will now bias itself giving you the best tones possible. You can also play around with different tubes in your amp. Divo will accept most power tubes and use them without harming your amp. This is a great way to create unique, new sounds. While constantly checking and evaluating your amp Divo is also ready to protect it at a moments notice saving you huge repair fees. Install the Orange Divo OV4 in your tube amp for a better sounding and running amp with peace of mind.

Price: CHF 349.00

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Rivera 5512 Combo USED

Second Hand! Amazingly sparkling and clean Rivera 5512. With a tone on the Fender side of things, this amp can punch and growl with the best of them. Very high quality parts and craftsmanship go into this beauty. Very reasonably priced for an amp of this quality and power.

Price: CHF 990.00

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Marshall MR1974 CX 112 USED

Second Hand. Mint. The hand-soldered 1974CX extension cab is designed to complement the handwired 1974X™ combo. The addition of the 1974CX to the 1974X gives you a flexible 2 x 12” configuration, which will give you a bigger sound than a 1 x 12” configuration, and so is better suited to larger gigs. The Greenback speakers used in the original 1974 combo matured over time with their sound softening to a creamier tone. The special 12” Celestion® G12M-20 Greenback in the 1974CX has been ‘aged’ to get as close as possible to that vintage ’60s vibe.

Price: CHF 775.00

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JMI AC4 Reissue USED

Mint condtion, second hand. Serial number 202. Boutique reissue from the original Vox company, JMI. Amazing lush sound, with beautiful tolex finish. Hand wired with a  Celestion Greenback 10in speaker. Must be heard. Great practice amp for players needing lush tone in even the smallest settings and places.

Price: CHF 1’690.00

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Roland Jazz Chorus 40 JC40

Legendary stereo tone and modern innovation for one killer combo amp

The JC-40 Jazz Chorus delivers Roland‘ renowned „JC clean“ tone and signature stereo chorus effect in a compact combo amp with evolved features for the modern guitarist. Like the flagship JC-120 amp that it’s based on, the JC-40 offers a classic stereo clean sound that‘ a perfect palette for tone shaping with stompbox effects. Now, there’s also a true stereo input for enhanced performance with stereo effects pedals, guitar synths, amp modeling gear, and multi-effects. In addition, the JC-40’s onboard effects include newly added features and updated sounds to support the needs of today‘ players.

Price: CHF 699.00

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Supro Black Magic 1695T

Supro’s 1695T Black Magick electric guitar combo amplifier is engineered to replicate the highly customized Supro that Jimmy Page used to record much of the early Zeppelin guitar tracks. The Black Magick is the highest-gain amp in Supro’s line, which makes it fantastic for attaining huge rock sounds. And the two channels can be run independently or in parallel for even more crunch and tone-shaping options. The Supro 1695T Black Magick combo amplifier will instantly take you back to the tones of „Good Times Bad Times“ and „Communication Breakdown.“

Price: CHF 1’798.00

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Peavey 6505 Guitar Topteil USED

Second hand. Mint condition. The Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head serves up 120W of pile-driving power for muscular crunch and soaring sustain. Equipped with 5 – 12AX7s in the preamp and 4 – 6L6s in the power amp. Includes footswitchable lead/rhythm channel select, effects loop, 3-band EQ, plus resonance and presence controls on each channel. Rhythm channel includes pre/post gain controls and bright/crunch switches. Lead channel includes pre/post gain controls only. Preamp output. Footswitch included. 4, 8, or 16 ohms.

Price: CHF 695.00

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Fender HotRod DLX 112 Ltd Cabinet

Add volume, bass response, and wide stage coverage with the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure! It’s built to add volume, bass response, and wider stage coverage – courtesy of an 80-watt Celestion G12P-80 speaker. The Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure fits perfectly under your ’57 Deluxe Amp head, Hot Rod Deluxe, or Blues Deluxe combos, but it’s also an ideal extension speaker for any rig. Covered in classy lacquered tweed, the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure looks sweet and adds to your sound.

Price: CHF 459.00

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Blackstar HT5R Bronco Limited Combo

The HT-5R takes the tone and features of the HT-5C and adds the same stereo reverb as used in the acclaimed HT Venue Series. The HT-5R guitar amp features dedicated tone control on the clean channel, a custom designed 12″ speaker and stereo reverb, making it the perfect guitar amp for the studio or home use.

Two Footswitchable Channels

The guitar amplifier has two channels available for selection, a Clean channel and an Overdrive channel. Using the Volume control while on the Clean channel you are able to deliver everything from a clean sound through to a crunch tone. Alternatively you can select the Overdrive channel and again using the Gain control, change from a clean sound on the edge of breakup right through to a distorted lead tone.


Price: CHF 499.00

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DV Mark Neo Classic 112

The DV NEOCLASSIC 112 SMALL is our smallest and lightest guitar cabinet! It is a very portable single 12″ cab, with glorious classic tone, punch and volume in a small unit.
With 150W of power handling, this cab is a perfect choice for any genre of music from jazz to rock and everything in between, and for guitarists who need a small, portable cab (or two for a stereo rig), it only weighs 18.3 lbs ( 8.3 kg) !

The DV NEOCLASSIC series of cabinets feature a super lightweight neo magnet custom made by DV Mark.  These innovative speakers are the result of hard work and several tests on neodymium speaker tonal character: a lightweight speaker that sounds and responds like a classic speaker.

Price: CHF 359.00

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DV Mark Micro 50 Topteil

To this day, no one which tried this super-micro 50W guitar amp can believe the volume and classic sound quality that it is able to give thanks to its innovative design in a such small package.
The DV MICRO 50 features two channels* with very user-friendly and effective controls, on-board reverb, XLR Line Out plus a headphone output and an a handy mini-plug aux in jack for connecting an MP3 player to mix with your sound so you can practice anywhere and anytime you like. *On channel 2 we included a convenient onboard overdrive pedal circuit, with more controls than a simple pedal, with complete EQ, gain and master controls, they work in addition to the clean channel controls.
Its Input Special circuit is the result of several test with the most popular effects, it’s designed to perfectly interface with all the effects most used by guitarists.  If ever an amp was made for pedals, this is it!
This amp also features a Dual Voltage Switch 120V/240V to use the amp in countries with different voltages, without having to carry an external converter!

Price: CHF 318.00

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Peavey ValveKing II MiniHead

In addition to all the boutique qualities and hot-rodded tones that guitarists have come to expect from the ValveKing series, the new generation line incorporates brand new cutting-edge features for recording and performing musicians. For the recording musician, the ValveKing features a USB-direct recording output, which pipes the miked amp vibe directly into a computer. On the rear panel, the built-in Peavey MSDI (Microphone Simulated Direct Interface) XLR direct interface eliminates the need for miking by allowing users to send the amp’s signal directly to a recording device or mixing console.

Price: CHF 569.00

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Peavey Minimax Bass Topteil 500w

Peavey’s MiniMax bass amplifier head packs a punch – in a diminutive package. How do they pack 500 watts of bone-rattling power into a chassis that weighs under six pounds and fits in your backpack? Cutting-edge technology – that’s how. But the MiniMax story doesn’t begin and end with raw power. This little beast has finesse. Like DDT speaker protection, 3-band EQ, Peavey’s TransTube gain boost, and psychoacoustic low end enhancement that adds bottom without killing your speakers. Yes, MiniMAX boasts an impressive feature set, but it also has a gentle price tag that any working bass player can afford.

Price: CHF 399.00

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Peavey 6505 Piranha Top

Don’t let its small size fool you – the Peavey 6505 Piranha 20-watt amplifier packs the tonal tenacity that Peavey’s 6505 series is known for. With a single 12AX7 tube added to the solid-state gain structure, this small amp head will make your guitar sound like a beast through larger speaker cabinets. A front-panel switch toggles Crunch and Lead modes. The effects loop gives you more options for integrating effects pedals and also allows you to use the 6505 Piranha as a „preamp driver“ – simply connect the effects loop send to the input of a separate amplifier. And while it has the goods to be your main gigging amplifier, the Peavey Piranha is also the most size- and space-efficient backup amplifier you could ask for.

Price: CHF 199.00

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Jet City JCA20H 20W USED (SOLD)

Second hand. Mint Condtion. The Jet City JCA20H tube amp head delivers pure tube tone from a single-channel amplifier with absolutely no gimmick features to dilute the all-tube signal path. Elegance of design both inside and out deliver unflinching reliability in a guitar amp good-looking enough to make a girlfriend jealous. With full EQ control and separate Preamp and Master volumes, Jet City JCA20H can deliver spanky cleans through crunchy overdrive.

Jet City Amplification delivers the utmost in tone, while being affordable enough for musicians slugging out a living on the small stage.

Price: CHF 329.00

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Peavey Classic Mini Head 20w (SOLD)

Gigging guitarists need amps that are dependable, sound great, and are ready for life on the road – and that’s how Peavey designed the Classic 20 MH mini tube amp head. Two channels lets you cover everything from sweet clean chimes to overdriven rock leads, and the wide-ranging character is perfect for blues, country, and rock players.

Price: CHF 599.00

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Roland JC22 Jazz Chorus 30w

The JC-22 Jazz Chorus delivers Roland’s signature JC tone in an ultra-compact 30-watt stereo guitar combo amp. In addition to classic Jazz Chorus cleans, the JC-22 includes the famous Dimensional Space Chorus effect. With 30 watts of power and two custom-designed 6-1/2″ speakers, the JC-22 is perfect for home practice as well as for low-volume rehearsals or gigs. The JC-22 features front-panel stereo inputs, true stereo reverb, and a stereo effects loop (switchable from series to parallel) for integrating external effects processors. The effects loop also make the JC-22 ideal for use with amp modelers, multi-effects, and even synthesizers. Line out jacks allow direct connection to a PA system or studio audio interface and a headphone jack supports silent practice. Optional footswitches can be used to turn the JC-22’s chorus and reverb effects on and off.

Price: CHF 469.00

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Mesa Boogie Mark 5 : 25 Top Wine

  • All-Tube Design: 2xEL-84 Power Tubes & 6x12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance free performance
  • Patented Multi-Watt™ Channel Assignable Power Amp featuring Mesa’s proprietary Dyna-Watt™ technology providing

Price: CHF 2’190.00

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Koch Classictone CT210 40w

The Classictone is a conscious deviation from the rest of the Koch line, combining traditional tube tone with modern versatility via the 5 button foot switch. The power amp is equipped with a tube rectifier simulation circuit, and delivers 40 soft-clipping watts via the two EL34 power tubes. The Clean channel has a pronounced and articulate midrange that literally blossoms with the open back and the VG10-25 Alnico speakers. The Overdrive channel is incredibly lively and provides the user with a wide palette of blues and rock tones. There are Master Presence and Reverb controls that cover both channels, as well as an authentic Vibrato (for both channels) with speed and depth controls on the front panel.

Price: CHF 1’149.00

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Musicman RP112 100w USED

SR#1681 Second hand. Vintage. Very Good condition. This is a late 70s Musicman, original footswitch. Original EV speaker, not installed, but included. Currently, an Eminence Neo-Dynmium speaker is installed, makes the amp significantly lighter. Sounds very warm and crisp. All original tubes and caps. Built in Phaser and spring Reverb.

Price: CHF 1’150.00

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Acus Wood 1 for 8 Acous Amp

The Acus One 8 Acoustic Amp has been developed for the OneForStrings series. The OneForStrings series was designed to accentuate the sound level of acoustic instruments (primarily acoustic guitars) whilst not altering their natural harmonic tone. The plywood housing is durable whilst not compromising on aesthetic value. The Acus One 8 Acoustic Amp features an AUX input with dedicated volume control and 2-band EQ, two direct outputs (LINE and REC) plus a manual “feedback canceler“ filter. The amp also features an 8“ woofer and compression tweeter all housed in the sleek plywood unit. The maximum power output is 150W RMS, making this unit powerful as well as portable. With its comprehensive functionality and portable design, the Acus One 6 is ideal for live performances and use on the road.

Price: CHF 849.00

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Randall RM100 100W w/Modules

This highly versatile Randall RM100M 100 Watt 3-channel Guitar Amplifier Head melds tradition and technology. 3 independent channels can be loaded with your choice of any of the available tube preamp modules from Randall (modules sold separately)Modules currently installed: Plexi, XTC Tube, Blackface. Price set below is for amplifier only. A very special price can be made for purchase of the amp, with the modules.. Set this head up with tones that exactly fit your needs, then expand your arsenal anytime you like.
Enjoy the ease of replacing your power tubes anytime you like, with the very user-friendly power tube bias section. If a tube fails, no problem, the amplifier will kick that tube out of the circuit, and a small LED will light by the tube that fails.
Connect your RM100M amp head to any MIDI-capable external processor and program individual effects to each channel. With the MIDI in/thru, simply select your channel and external effect, using the included RF3 MIDI footswitch. The footswitch will select both the RM100 channel and effect you want at the same time.

Price: CHF 1’790.00

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Jet City Pico Valve JCA 5w

Designed by Andy Marshall and licensed by THD Electronics, Jet City’s PicoValve amp head is a compact, low-wattage tone machine. The amp head features THD’s unique topology, which allows the user to swap the power tube at will”use nearly any octal-based tube without the need to re-bias the amp. With 5 watts, and a 1/2-power mode, you can get full power-amp distortion at volume levels which won’t upset the neighbors. The tube guitar amp features a full-tone stack with treble, middle, and bass controls. Preamp and Master Volume controls dial up just the right amount of overdrive and output level. Housed in THD’s signature steel cage design, this Jet City amp head is sturdy enough to stand up to the elements, and packs all the tube distortion you’re looking for.

Price: CHF 249.00

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Fender Mustang GT40

How can a modern legend like the Mustang digital amplifiers be improved? Simple—Fender did it again, bigger and better with the Mustang GT 40. Fender made it easy to control a studio’s worth of authentic amp and effects models with one finger via Bluetooth and the exclusive Fender Tone app. Fender invented the world’s first WiFi-equipped guitar amplifier, making it easy for you to download the latest updates, access Fender artist-created presets, and connect directly with a community of other creative players and music makers like yourself. We create the Mustang GT 40 digital amplifier.

Packed with 21 classic amp models—everything from the renowned ’59 Bassman to modern metal—and 46 different effects, the Mustang GT 40 can easily recreate classic tones or create brand-new, never-before-heard sounds. Fender developed new algorithms with even higher fidelity and more realistic response, along with more signal path flexibility so you can move effects anywhere in the signal chain for creative exploration. Program your sounds in the studio on the Mustang GT 40’s large, full-color LCD display and then, with one hand, take them anywhere for the most realistic listening experience possible.

Price: CHF 219.00

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Roland Acoustic Singer 60w Live

The BOSS Acoustic Singer Live brings the convenience of the full-powered Acoustic Singer Pro to a smaller, lighter, more affordable unit. Just add a guitar and a mic to take your music on the road. From the subway to the concert hall, this amp has the power, depth, and features to transform your set into an engaging audience experience. Its 60 watts and custom 2-speaker cabinet reproduce the fullness of your voice and instrument among the backdrop of a small combo. And a host of luxurious features, from switchable automatic vocal harmonies to a looper section and FX, make the BOSS Acoustic Singer Live an essential tool for solo artists. Send both channels — dry and wet — to your FOH while simultaneously capturing your performance via the built-in USB audio interface for your followers who couldn’t make it.

Price: CHF 549.00

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