Danelectro 59M NOS

Just about everyone’s heard a Danelectro solidbody electric guitar, whether you’re aware of it or not. It’s been used by such well-known players as Mark Knopfler, John Frusciante, and Jimmy Page. Well, Danelectro recently found a batch of their classic lipstick pickups built in 1999. Now, with those NOS pickups in your ’59M NOS, you can nail those classic, lo-fi-sounding tones. the wraparound intonation-adjustable bridge and adjustable truss rod give your Danelectro ’59M NOS modern dependability in a guitar that defines the retro Dano look and sound.

Price: 495.00 CHF

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Danelectro 63 Burgundy

This model brings back the famous “amp-in-case” body style. It features chambered construction and new “56 Lipstick” pickups for that classic ’50s Danelectro tone. Controls include master volume and master tone and a pickup selector. Case sold separately.

Price: 429.00 CHF

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