Death by Audio

Death by Audio Micro Dream Delay

Death by Audio has been known to push the limits of gain and dirt, and now they’re doing it with delay. The original Echo Dream delay pushes the limits of the PT2399 chip into the red while adding a slew of bells and whistles, but the Micro Dream keeps the core intact and gives you the insane delay of the original in a tiny box.

Three controls govern Feedback, Delay Time and mix (labeled “Delay”). Of course, since this is a Death By Audio pedal, the controls range from pedestrian to full-on signal gnashing.

Price: CHF 239.00

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Death by Audio Micro Harmonic Trans

The original Death By Audio Harmonic Transformer was a burly monstrous fuzz, hell-bent on destruction of your signal and amp. Unfortunately, it was also hell-bent on wiping out all the space on your pedalboard. It was huge. The Micro Harmonic Transformer takes care of all that. Welcome back.

The Harmonic Transformer contains only one volume knob and two toggle switches. However, your guitar’s volume and tone controls help aid the madness, and as such, there’s a great deal of variance to be found.

Price: CHF 219.00

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Death by Audio Waveform Destroyer

8 Different internally customizable distortions selectable by a combination of 4 foot switches. Once selected via internal DIP switches the fuzz’s are always the same so you can go back time and time again on your favorite fuzz sounds. This gives you a ton of fuzz, overdrive, distortion sounds you will become addicted to.

Price: CHF 349.00

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Death by Audio Fuzz War

The Fuzz War from Death by Audio is the ultimate in thick, rich, nasty fuzz and distortion. The Fuzz War features more gain and fuzz sound than any other pedal on the market. Death by Audio knows that there is hundreds of fuzz pedals out there for guitar. Clones, original designs, there is a fuzz for every occasion. Now there’s a fuzz for all out galactic domination that ranges from a light overdrive to blistering fuzz chaos. Death by Audio has removed the internal drive control and added a fuzz knob on the face of the pedal that ranges from no distortion whatsoever to full on eardrum rattling fuzz. Set your volume, adjust the tone of the signal and then use the fuzz knob to layer in fuzz distortion. When you are tired of weak fuzz pedals, step up to the plate with the Fuzz War. Death by Audio dares you.

Price: CHF 179.00

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