Digitech SDRUM Intelligent Drum Pedal

The DigiTech SDRUM is the world’s first intelligent drum machine for guitarists and bassists. By simply scratching across your guitar strings, you teach the SDRUM a kick snare pattern that forms the foundation of the beat you want to hear. Based on this pattern, the SDRUM supplies a professional sounding drum beat with different embellishments and variations to perfectly complement your beat. Gone are the days of having your creative flow disrupted by searching through lists in a frustrating attempt to find the beat you want.

Price: CHF 239.00

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Digitech Obscura Altered Delay

The Obscura Altered Delay from DigiTech allows you to turn your delays upside down and inside out. The Obscura’s four delay types can be darkened, degraded and distorted on the fly with the stacked Tone and Degrade controls. Combine these controls with the Obscura’s Repeat/Hold feature and lose yourself in long, trippy, gurgling repeats or backwards-manipulated sonic mayhem.

Price: CHF 189.00

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DOD Envelope Filter 440

Quacky, quirky, and expressive as all get out, the DOD Envelope Filter 440 is one reissue pedal guitarists everywhere eagerly anticipated – and now it’s back and better than ever. On its own, the DOD 440 pick-attack-activated slow filter sweeps give you a kind of funky auto wah effect, and it’s a real beast when you couple it with overdrive. The Range control lets you dial in which frequencies the filter sweeps, so you can avoid muddiness or harshness. But it’s the addition of a bipolar Voice switch that makes the reissued Envelope Filter 440 so cool, which allows you to select whether the rise or fall of the sweep gets emphasized. And whereas the Up setting gives you the classic 440 guitar effect, the bass players here really dig the subterranean dive you get from the Down setting.

Price: CHF 119.00

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Digitech Mosaic 12str Simulator

The DigiTech Mosaic Polyphonic 12-String Effect Pedal sets you upon the path of creating lush 12-string sounds with either 6-string electric or amplified acoustic guitars. Immediately identifiable 12-string tones are now yours with octave low strings and doubled high strings. Single notes and full chordal strums shine with polyphonic richness and celestial movement that will inspire you. The Mosaic’s balanced low-end response with crisp octave shimmer produces a tone that’s lush and articulate, just as with a 12-string guitar.

Price: CHF 169.00

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Digitech Polara Reverb

Imagine having access to seven different studio-grade Lexicon reverbs – all in a compact guitar stompbox. No, it’s not a dream: it’s the DigiTech Polara! This pedal gives you a full palette of soundscape options. From essential Rooms, Halls, and Modulated, Plate, and Spring reverbs – to the outrageous Halo and Reverse effects, Polara has you covered. Packed with premium features like true bypass and a Reverb Tails switch, Polara adds new sonic dimensions to your playing, letting you be the architect of your sound.

Price: CHF 169.00

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Digitech Drop Tune Polyphonic

Get quick and precise pitch shifting from the DigiTech Drop guitar effects pedal. Rather than dealing with flabby strings that rattle against your fretboard and clatter on your pickups or futzing with your tuners between songs, all you have to do if step down on your Drop pedal to get the tuned-down chunk you crave with the playing action you demand. Nine settings give you 1-7 semitones of polyphonic down tuning plus settings for one octave down with or without dry signal. One thing about the Drop pedal that the effects nuts here at Sweetwater really dig is the mini toggle switch, which lets you set the footswitch to momentary (Tap) or latch (Hold). That gives you a ton of great ways you can use the DigiTech Drop pedal to use in your rig.

Price: CHF 169.00

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Digitech Bass Whammy

DigiTech brings back their most famous effect to bass players! The Bass Whammy pitch shift pedal gives you nine different expressive modes to shift and slide your notes at different musical intervals. Instantly shift up two octaves to play a lead line, or drop your bass another octave for ultra-low bass lines. Even at extreme settings, the Bass Whammy sounds surprisingly fluid. One thing Sweetwater bassists especially like is that you’ve got two options: you can shift your entire bass tone, or layer the pitch-shifted tone on top for harmony effects that leaves your fundamental tone intact.

Price: CHF 279.00

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Digitech Whammy Ricochet

The DigiTech Whammy is legendary. Unfortunately, it takes up a lot of pedalboard real estate. The DigiTech Whammy Ricochet pitch shift pedal changes that. Instead of a bulky treadle, you control Whammy Ricochet with its momentary footswitch. And it’s ridiculously easy: customize independent rise and fall time ballistics, hold down the footswitch, and dive-bomb to your heart’s content. Seven selectable pitch intervals and a Range toggle switch provide you with plenty of tone-bending options. The guitarists at Sweetwater have had a blast re-creating their favorite classic Whammy pitch-shifting sounds with the DigiTech Whammy Ricochet. We’ve dreamed up a few new ones, too!

Price: CHF 159.00

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Digitech Trio Plus Band Creator

The DigiTech Trio+ band creator and looper pedal is one of the most powerful practice, writing, and performance tools a guitarist can ask for. The basis of the pedal is DigiTech’s popular Trio technology that listens to your playing and automatically plays bass and drum accompaniment. But the Trio+ offers five additional genres for getting the right feel. An onboard looper lets you lay down rhythm guitar parts for each loop. And the Trio+ lets you store and sequence these loops any way you choose to build full songs for your performances.

Price: CHF 295.00

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Digitech Luxe Detune

The DigiTech Luxe is an anti-chorus, DigiTech’s first standalone, compact, polyphonic detune pedal. The Luxe takes the detune effect from the popular Whammy product line and adds positive and negative detune capabilities. The Luxe detune will add consistent „thickening“ to your signal without the modulating side effects introduced by a chorus effect. Whether you’re playing single notes or chords, the Luxe provides a lush, solid and true pitch-detuning effect. Clean guitar chords shimmer. Distorted guitar harmonics are richly enhanced. The Luxe simply just makes everything sound better.

Price: CHF 135.00

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Digitech Dirty Robot Synth Pedal

Without the need for a special pickup, the DigiTech DirtyRobot synthesizer emulation pedal imbues your guitar with wild, synth-like textures. DirtyRobot features two unique voices: a warm sound with envelope sweeps for classic analog synth tones and a vocal formant effect that delivers outrageous vocoder and talkbox-style sounds. A 360-degree Drift knob morphs between Square, Octave, and Sub soundscapes, while a built-in modulation engine yields engaging chorus and vibrato effects that you control with DirtyRobot’s momentary footswitch. At Sweetwater, we’ve used DirtyRobot to craft all sorts of immersive sonic concoctions. What will you conjure up with the DigiTech DirtyRobot?

Price: CHF 145.00

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Digitech Ventura Vibe

Take your guitar tone and swirl it up with the DigiTech Ventura Vibe rotary speaker/vibrato effects pedal. Speed, Depth, and Mix controls give you access to vintage ‚vibe effects, from subtle warbles to intense undulating modulation. And you’ve got a lot of sonic control from the stacked Tone and Drive controls, serving up a range of effects from bright and shimmering to dark and throbbing. You can even ramp from slow to fast speeds just using the footswitch. The DigiTech Ventura Vibe is a modern vibe pedal with ample sound-shaping capabilities.

Price: CHF 155.00

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Ibanez Weeping Demon WD7 Wah USED (SOLD)

Second hand. Excellent condition. w/box The Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon Wah Pedal from the Tone-Lok Series will have your audience screaming for more with its shrieks, cries, wails, and seductive siren songs. Among its features are spring and normal footboard action, selectable wah range, and fine tuning controls.

On the outside, Tone-Lok effects are equipped with the Ibanez exclusive „set and forget“ Push-Lok rotary pots. Push the knobs down and your tone settings lock securely inside the case-no more lost settings or broken knobs.

Price: CHF 79.00

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Digitech Jamman Solo XT USED (SOLD)

Second hand. Good condition w/box and power. After inventing looping nearly three decades ago, DigiTech’s JamMan Solo XT (JMSXT) brings you the definitive stereo looping experience. Build up the energy in your performance and find new inspiration with virtually limitless loops. Seamless transitions between looped phrases make the JMSXT an invaluable tool for composing and performing.

Get the stereo looping experience you need from straight-forward backing loops to intricate loop layers by yourself or with your band. Perfect your performance with Auto-Record, Auto-Quantize, adjustable BPMs, and three different Stop modes. Use the powerful JamSync to link JMSXTs and create the ultimate multi-looping system. The JamMan Solo XT gives your musical performance a rich, full sound while staying true to the sound you compose.

Price: CHF 109.00

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