DOD Gonkulator Ring Modulator

A completely retooled version of DOD’s infamous FX13, the Gonkulator ring modulator pedal injects your guitar with the beautifully abrasive sound of classic alternative rock (think „Glass“ by Incubus and „The Diamond Sea“ by Sonic Youth). The best part of the updated Gonkulator; however, is that you get all of the clangy, robotic sounds that made the ’90s original such a hit with noise artists, but with intuitive control names (rather than „Gunk,“ „Suck,“ „Heave,“ and „Smear“) and far more flexibility, thanks to its Freq control (the original had a fixed 500Hz center frequency). DOD’s classic „Grunge“ distortion circuit is also onboard, providing you with plenty of tone-mangling goodness.

Price: CHF 155.00

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