EBS NeoGorm 115 Combo

 The combination of 350 watts of power coupled with the super efficient 3rd generation Neodymium speakers, create a unit that defines the whole reason for choosing a combo instead of an amp-cab set-up. The EBS NeoGorm combos incorporates the great knowledge about bass amplification within EBS with the latest speaker technology. Neodymium Speakers, 9-Volt Phantom Power System™, Compressor/Limiter, Powerful EQ including a BRIGHT filter, Tube-like Character switch, Serial/Parallel effects loop, Monitor input (1/4” balanced), Possible to connect an external passive 4 ohms cabinet, EBS unique Silent Cooling System (SCS™),
Built-in speaker simulator, Stereo headphone output, ”Soft-Clip”-circuitry provides tube-like overdrive.

Old Price: CHF 2’350.00

Price: CHF 1’790.00

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