Hughes and Kettner

Hughes and Kettner Grand Meister

This Amp Does it All, and Does it Very Well Too

The Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 is a perfect example of an all-tube amplifier that’s designed for many different applications, and excels at all of them. Adjustable wattage lets you control how quickly the GrandMeister 36 starts growling, and a built-in H&K Redbox lets you inject the sound of a 4 x 12″ cab directly into the PA or your recording system. You’ve got 128 tone presets for your favorite sounds, and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to dial in. Basically, it’s a flexible amp that offers you multiple ways to practice, record, and perform. So call Sweetwater for an amp that’ll exceed your expectations – the Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36!


Price: 1,490.00 CHF

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Hughes & Kettner 412 A 60 Cab

When paired with a Triamp MKIII tube head, the Hughes & Kettner TC 412 A60 speaker cabinet is poised to rattle the stage and shake the rafters. Loud and clear with a massive bottom-end wallop, the TC 412 A60 provides you with all of the rich and creamy mids and sparkling highs you can handle, thanks to its custom-made RockDriver Classic 60 speakers. Plus, it’s all housed in a dovetailed birch ply enclosure. Do you have a Triamp MKIII? Then what are you waiting for?

Price: 890.00 CHF

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Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Mark III

Get all the true-tube tones you want – and all the stage-rumbling wattage you need! The Hughes and Kettner Triamp MKIII head comes equipped with a trio of independent power amp sections that can be used independently or combined. The best part? You can use a wide range of different tube types to conjure authentic American and British amp tones (and create your own custom sounds too). Each of the Triamp MKIII three preamp sections has a pair of channels, and you can route them independently to the power sections. The result? You’re plugged into 42 different amp possibilities – from one amp head. You also get a DI output with Ambience Emulation, full MIDI control, an included MIDI MIDI footboard, intuitive controls, an onboard noise gate, and much more.

Old Price: 3,190.00 CHF

Price: 2,890.00 CHF

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