J.M.I. Tonebender MKII

ONLY 100 OF THESE WERE MADE!  Description: JMI MKIII Tone Bender Reissue •Limited Release •Metal Pressed Casing •3 Controls •Germanium based (2 OC75s + 2 NKT 223s) •Users, Jimmy Page Notes, The above is a detailed replica to the original 1968 (year) Germanium based tone bender mark III most famously used by Jimmy Page

this is a very limited run of the MKIII reissue. COLLECTORS ITEM!

Price: CHF 529.00

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JMI Sound Fuzz

The JMI Sound fuzz pedal is designed after 60’s rotosound fuzz pedal made famous by Jimmy Page. This pedal uses 3x NOS OC75 transistors. A flexible fuzz tone is acheivable through the JMI Sound Design.

Price: CHF 495.00

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