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Lovepedal has been a very popular name in boutique guitar effects pedals for several years now, due in no small part to designer Sean Michael’s dedication to quality and the less is more aesthetic of guitar tone.

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Price: CHF 299.00

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Love Pedal Pickle Vibe USED

Second Hand. Excellent condition. Righteous Uni-Vibe sounds are yours.

The Lovepedal Pickle Vibe effects pedal is a true bypass pedal with a small footprint and huge sound. Delivers on thick, lush vibe sounds straight out of the sixties.

This is not a copy of the Uni-Vibe circuit, but rather a unique approach to generating those same lush swirling tones.

The Lovepedal Pickle Vibe guitar pedal has speed control on the outside with a large knob so you can turn it with your foot, intensity trim pot on the inside. The trim is a very sensitive adjustment, but once you get it dialed in to taste, it’s set it and forget it.


Price: CHF 129.00

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Love Pedal Eternity Fuse FSE

The Lovepedal Eternity can be 3 pedals in one—Overdrive, Treble Booster and Clean booster—depending on where you set the dials. You can also blend these 3 factors. It has a socketed IC so you can swap out different ICs (extra ICs are not included). It’s a treble boost instead of a normal tone control. The Lovepedal Eternity Fuse Overdrive pedal provides darker tones, brighter tones with an unorthodox control.

It is a very smooth type of overdrive as well. The Eternity Fuse pedal can go from nothing at all to very warm-sounding vintage overdriven tube sound, a clean flat booster or a treble booster, or even a tweed amp.

Price: CHF 199.00

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Love Pedal Eternity E6 (SOLD)

The Lovepedal Eternity E6 is a must have drive pedal for those that want to take their clean valve amp into smooth overdriven heaven. If you have heard any of the previous Eternity drive pedals you know that it sounded great for low to medium gain tones but didn’t quite have enough range for some players. Well thanks to a suggestion from the creator of Mr Black pedals the latest edition of the Eternity E6 is packed with a touch more gain to make it even more versatile.

Price: CHF 339.00

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