Mooer Reecho Pro Delay

While Reecho and Shimverb are selling pretty hot, we are actually preparing for the birth of its next generation. After several years of repeated researches and efforts, we finally make a more powerful and charming pedals—TWIN Series.
Reecho Pro uses floating-point DSP chips, with new algorithm, therefore the tone is significantly improved. Reecho Pro assembles 6 delay effects and with Tap Tempo function which makes adjusting the delay time much more easier. From clean digital delay to psychedelic Galaxy Delay, we provide different musical styles with different delays choices. Moreover, we have provided three additional effects which can be added to the delay effects. Reecho Pro have separated dry and wet level control. It also equipped with high cut and low cut control, PINGPONG function, Loop function, stereo input and stereo output, preset saving function. No matter you use it in practicing or professional performance, Reecho Pro will give you a much wider space for your playing.

Price: CHF 169.00

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Mooer Compact Pedals Mooer pedals are wonderful sounding little things that fit on your pedal board! Extremely reasonably priced with as many features as possible packed into the very small footprint.

Price: CHF 89.00

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Mooer Reverie Reverb

Brand new for 2016, the Mooer Reverie Reverb is a feature rich reverb pedal that has some unique twists on the standard ol‘ reverb pedal. First you got a wide range of stereo reverb types: Normal, Plate, Shimmer, Octave, and Modulation with extensive tailoring parameters. Now on the reverbs you can add Wah, Low-Pass, Flanger, Tremolo or Water effects. Normally in your chain, reverbs are the last pedal so you’ve never heard an effected reverb. Here the optional effects act on the reverb only (not original signal) so that you got 5 nifty ways to warp and bend your reverb for sonic creativity rarely heard. Subtle or extreme, you can mess around and save them in the nifty 5 memory slots for instant recall. Even a tap temp for the optional effects to pulse at the speed you want. Phew that’s a lot of value!

Price: CHF 159.00

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Mooer Echolizer Dig.Delay

The Mooer Echolizer is a wonderfully compact vintage style delay. It offers awesome tape delay effects and has simple controls that allow you to find the sound you want quickly and easily. Its full metal casing makes it durable and road ready, and like most great effects pedals it has true bypass.

Price: CHF 89.00

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Mooer GE100 MultiFX

The Mooer GE100 is a compact, portable and versatile multi effects pedal that makes an ideal addition to your portable setup. If there’s no room in your kit for a bespoke pedal setup, the GE100 is a great alternative. With a few extra features that are really useful on stage and in the studio like drum rhythms and a chord/scale library it’s a tool you’ll find a lot of uses for.

The GE100 has 8 effect modules with 66 different effects including chorus, flanger, filters, EQ’s, modulation, delay, reverb and echo all with 6 assignable expression pedal parameters for perfect tone control.

Price: CHF 119.00

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Mooer Micro Looper

Loopers are the new big thing in the guitar world. Every guitarist in the world is making sure to pickup some kind of looper pedal and now they have another option to choose from. The Mooer Micro Looper is a very small pedal that features a full 30 minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubs in something that is small enough to fit on any pedalboard.

Simple Operation

This pedal does a lot for something with just a single control knob and footswitch. Play, Pause, Record, Delete and Redo are all controlled via the single footswitch which may sound confusing but is actually quite intuitive. Just set the output volume and get playing and you will really quickly work out all the subtleties with this pedal.

Price: CHF 85.00

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Mooer @Wah Analog Envelope

@Wah is MOOER’s digital auto wah filter. It features 2 modes of operation – Auto (time-based) or Touch (dynamically triggered). The controls are very versatile and allow you to dial in a great auto wah effect.  Product Details:

  • 2 Way Switch: Auto or Touch mode
  • Range: adjust range
  • Speed/Gain: control speed/gain
  • Mode: Select Wah filter or Talk
  • Power Supply: external power supply 9V (center minus plug)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 93.5 x 38 x 49.5mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Switching: True Bypass

Price: CHF 85.00

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Mooer MFT4 Envelope Analog

The ‚Envelope‘ from MOOER is a pocket sized ‚envelope filter’/’dynamic auto wah‘ pedal with big tone and lots of versatility.The sensitivity control allows you to dial in the effect to respond to the dynamics of your playing and the pickups of any instrument in the way you want it to.Exaggerated slap back funk, subtle sultry abience, static frequency filter effects and many more are all easily obtainable with this little pedal.The 100% analog circuit provides a lush warm sound and the wide range of the controls make the Envelope from MOOER ideal for use with both guitar and bass.

Price: CHF 75.00

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Mooer Tender Octaver Pro

After listening to suggestions and request from the many artists who have enjoyed our previous octave effects, the „Tender Octaver Pro“ from MOOER expands on the micro version, bringing together a whole host of cool new features and options with very easy to use controls. With these added features the „Tender Octaver Pro“ becomes much more than just an octave pedal making it possible to do harmonization, pitch shifting, wammy and detune chorus effects.

Price: CHF 199.00

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Mooer Micro Drummer

The Mooer Micro Drummer plays to any rhythm and can emulate any style, including rock, pop, jazz, R&B, funk, latin, metal, blues and reggae. There are 11 genres in total and each has 11 patterns for a total of 121 drumbeats in this incredibly small pedal.

Operation is simple. By turning the selctor knob, you can choose the style you want and then adjust the tempo, volume and tone. A built-in tap tempo function gives you total control over the rhythm.

Price: CHF 99.00

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Mooer Ocean Machine Delay Reverb Loop

Designed and developed over two years, in collaboration with Devin Townsend, the Ocean Machine is a high fidelity professional Delay, Reverb and Looper unit which brings together the best available hardware on the market and very complex algorithms to create lush, heavenly effects. MOOER has worked very closely with Devin Townsend to meet all of his own personal requirements while also ensuring that the „Ocean Machine“ is versatile and enjoyable for musicians from all walks of life.

Price: CHF 285.00

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Mooer Skyverb

The  Mooer Skyverb is spacious 32 bit digital reverb pedal that gives large cavernous sounds in a tiny pedalboard footprint. It has 3 reverb modes: Studio/ Church/ Plate Studio. Studio is a warm all purpose natural indoor reverb. Church reverb is big open natural reflex reverberation. Like it’s name it sounds like you are playing in a big cavernous church. Great for spacey sounds. The Plate mode gives studio quality plate reverb of old. The decay knob gives you a large amount of reflection and the tone knob allows you to dial EQ the reverb.

Price: CHF 95.00

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Mooer PE100 MultiFX

MOOER has entered into the realm of portable multi-effects processors. The PE100 is a pocket sized, desk top unit which contains everything the guitarist needs tightly wrapped up within a small sleek shell. A full range of amp models, a myriad of effects and stompboxes, a precision tuner, drum patterns and metronomes.

It’s dual output jacks make it ideal for connection to amp, hifi, headphones or direct to a mixer or computer for direct recording. Super easy to program, small enough to slip into your pocket and powered by a small DC power adapter or by battery. The PE100 is perfect for the guitarist on the go.

Price: CHF 79.00

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