Moollon ReVibe USED (SOLD)

Second hand, mint condition. The Uni-Vibe, the product that embodies the rotating speaker simulation, can now be authentically heard once again in the Moollon ReVibe.

The light producing bulb, reflecting mirror cover, light/darkness-receiving photocell, and vintage-spec transistor make up the core parts of the ReVibe, and an exact design replication of the legendary Uni-Vibe means a true rebirth of the original, as proven in the foundational parts: the high efficiency miniature CDS and custom made-to-order mirror cover. The unique vibrato and supple feeling that the ReVibe adds to a guitar range of tones sets it apart from every other Uni-Vibe clone on the market, in that this is the first true recreation of the original.

Price: CHF 199.00

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Moollon Fuzz 14

The original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face sound –
the origin of all distortion pedals and
the legend through decades to the present –
born again in a new body.
Named after the atomic number of silicon,
Fuzz Fourteen realizes the cool and open
sound of the late 60’s silicon transistorized
fuzz pedals.

Price: CHF 189.00

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