Mr. Black

Mr. Black Effects Pedals

Amazing new handwired boutique effects from Mr. Black, out of Portland, Oregon.

We carry the entire line of Mr. Black pedals….

Boost Tiger…CHF 119

DLX plus Spring Reverb… CHF 189

Double Chorus… CHF 189

Downward Spiral Delay… CHF 189

Eterna Shimmer Reverb… CHF 189

Gilamondo Phaser… CHF 199

Super Moon Reverb… CHF 189

Tunnelworm Flanger… CHF 199

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Price: CHF 199.00

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Mr. Black Shepards End Flanger

Mr Black make some of the most interesting pedals in the world. They don’t just look at how to improve an effect, they look at how they can create something new and unique to them. Their latest release the Shepard’s End is unlike any flanger effect you would have heard before as it is an infinite flanger. This means it never stops going up and never stops going down it does either continuously even through the zero point for that extra bit of impact.

Price: CHF 199.00

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Mr. Black Ambience Echoverb

The Mr. Black lab has been hard at work to deliver this, the Ambience Echoverb. With a name like “Ambience,” there’s a lot to live up to. But, this is Mr. Black we’re talking about, and the Black one always delivers.

The heart of the Ambience is the fusion of two independent modulated echoes being fed into a reverb. Yes, Mr. Black, the creator of the Supermoon, Eterna, Dark Echo and Deluxe Plus has made a pedal specially designed for soundscapes. You’re welcome.

As the name implies, the Ambience does a great job of filling in the cracks of any run or passage with organic echoes and modulation.

Price: CHF 199.00

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