MXR M108S 10 Band EQ

Use the MXR Ten Band EQ Pedal for precision control over your guitar or bass tone. Featuring 10 EQ sliders, with carefully selected frequencies and +/-12dB boost/cut range, you can optimize your sound in any room or recording session. Additional Volume and Gain sliders allow you to use the Ten Band EQ Pedal as an extremely tweakable boost pedal. Dual outputs allow you to feed two amplifiers at once. And 18-volt operation ensures you’ll have all the headroom you need, even if you’re running a chain of pedals into it. Built with rugged aluminum and featuring true bypass switching, the MXR Ten Band EQ Pedal is a fine addition to any pedalboard.

Price: CHF 169.00

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MXR M80 Bass DI Plus USED

Second Hand. The MXR M-80 Bass Direct Box with Distortion is more than just a direct box. It’s got so many features, you may wonder how you ever did without it! It includes a distortion channel with gain, volume, and blend controls; a noise gate to help keep it clean; a Color control; and 3-band EQ control that lets you dial in any tone you need. It also provides phantom power, and sports a parallel output jack for flexibility in routing. Whether you like it sweet and clean or hot and nasty, this DI does it all!

Price: CHF 149.00

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MXR FX Pedals

Overview of MXR Pedal Assortment

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Price: CHF 0.00

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Pigtronix Rototron Rotary Sim

The latest from the analog-minded engineers at Pigtronix is the Rototron rotary speaker emulation pedal. It’s virtually impossible to get realistic dual-rotor cab sound – until now! The Rototron gives you a full compliment of controls from speed to ramp so you can dial in just the right effect. This all-analog stompbox gives you that distinctive rotary cab sound from your own amp (or amps!) without having to worry about the weight and well-being of a vintage rotary speaker cabinet. For keyboard or guitar, the Pigtronix Rototron is the rotary speaker emulation pedal you’ve been searching for.

Price: CHF 299.00

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MXR Carbon Copy Bright

In 2008, Dunlop brought on Jeorge Tripps and the Way Huge line. Tripps and engineer Bob Cedro’s first MXR product was the Carbon Copy. Since 2008, the Carbon Copy acted as a continuation of the original revered Analog Delay from 1979, and guitarists everywhere shared its reverence. But as playing evolved, so did the players. And these players soon demanded a change. The darkness inherent in the Carbon Copy circuit soon led players to ask for the same fantastic tone, but different. Your pleas have not fallen upon deaf ears, and we are excited to share the Carbon Copy Bright, available exclusively through Pro Guitar Shop.

Price: CHF 199.00

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Second Hand! MXR’s GT-OD Overdrive pedal offers everything you want from an overdrive – like warmth and smoothness – without adversely changing your tone. The controls are easy to manage and make it incredibly easy to find the tone you’re looking for. Within the GT-OD you’ve got access to everything from classic rhythm tones with excellent clarity – there’ll be no muddiness here! For leads, you’ll get harmonically-rich tones that sustain for days. This is one of the most responsive overdrives you’ll find – and the GT-OD is only from MXR!

Price: CHF 79.00

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MXR Bluebox OctaveFuzz USED

Second Hand. The MXR Blue Box takes your guitar signal, fuzzes it up, then duplicates it 2 octaves down. You control the output and the mix between the dry signal and the effect. Using it 100% wet is quite an experience, but more recognizable sounds appear as you dial in more dry signal. The Blue Box is known for having a chaotic personality that can make each session a totally unique.experience! Here are just some of the people who are using this box: John 5 – Rob Zombie; Mick Thompson – Slipknot; Munky – Korn; Jimmy Page; Tim Skold – Marilyn Manson; Jay Baumgardner – Producer Zakk Wylde; Geordie White – A Perfect Circle.experience!

Price: CHF 79.00

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MXR Cst Shop Sub Machine

The MXR Sub Machine Fuzz is a mean little box that combines the shaggy vintage tones of the La Machine Fuzz with a growling sub octave circuit, giving you a one way ticket to the sonic frontiers of heavy.

The Sub Machine Fuzz features the La Machine Fuzz’s circuitry and all of its functions, from its Volume, Tone, and Fuzz controls to its electrifying octave up mode. The MXR Custom Shop team upped the ante by adding an old school sub octave circuit with its own level control, so you can dial in just the right mix of fuzz and sub octave signals.

Price: CHF 189.00

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MXR M76 Studio Compressor

Whether you want more sustain, a softer attack, or just want to even out your guitar tone, you’ll have the dynamics control you need in the MXR Studio Compressor pedal for electric guitar. With controls for Attack, Release, Ratio, Input, and Output, plus an LED gain reduction meter, the Studio Compressor pedal gives you the same control you’d expect from, well, a studio compressor. When you need comprehensive control over your guitar’s dynamics, Sweetwater can highly recommend the MXR Studio Compressor pedal.

Old Price: CHF 229.00

Price: CHF 209.00

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MXR Super Badass Dist M75

Designed by the award-winning MXR Custom Badass team, the Super Badass Distortion puts decades of 100% analog distortion at your feet. With its highly responsive Distortion control, the Super Badass covers a full spectrum, from early ’70s low gain overdrive to modern „scooped“ metal distortion and every shade of dirt in between. Once you’ve dialed in your desired amount of crunch, you can use the Bass, Mid, and Treble controls to finely sculpt your sound.

Price: CHF 125.00

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MXR Echoplex Pre-amp EP101

The Echoplex Preamp is one of those pedals you don’t know you need until you hear your guitar playing through it. It’s a multi-function pedal specializing in boosting your signal while adding a little bit of tape echo effect as well as warm overdrive when you crank it up. It’s based on the EP-3 which made its way onto the records of players including Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen and Eric Johnson (enough said). Back then everyone wanted the tone conditioning ability as much as the tape echo effect. Now, you can spice up your sound with the EP-3’s right on your pedalboard.

Price: CHF 159.00

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MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe M83 USED (SOLD)

Second Hand. Excellent condition. Add an MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe pedal to your rig and get the shimmering, liquid chorus sound of genuine bucket-brigade technology. More than a typical chorus pedal, the Bass Chorus Deluxe offers a full complement of tone-shaping controls plus crossover and flanger modes. Flanger mode turns your Bass Chorus Deluxe into a creamy, psychedelic flanger with ’60s and ’70s overtones. In crossover mode, the Bass Chorus Deluxe rolls off its modulation effect at 100Hz, adding shimmer to your highs without detuning your lows. Talk about versatility – you’ll be amazed at the tones you’ll get from your MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe!

Price: CHF 139.00

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MXR Phase 95 Mini

MXR has combined two of the most-used phaser pedals ever made in the MXR Mini Phase 95 pedal. The original Phase 90 pedal was a four-stage phaser that practically defined the phaser sound for electric guitar, and the Phase 45 that followed was a two-stage phaser that delivered a smoother sound that blended better with certain music styles. You get both flavors in the MXR Mini Phase 95 pedal, switchable with the 45/90 toggle switch. The „Script“ switch toggles feedback in the effect, providing a pronounced sweep when on and a lusher, more subdued sound when off. Many guitarists choose MXR phasers for their pedalboards, and the MXR Mini Phase 95 pedal offers two iconic phaser effects in a single road-worthy stompbox.

Price: CHF 119.00

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MXR Echoplex Delay EP103

Like the classic Echoplex EP-3 tape delay unit, the Dunlop EP103 Echoplex Delay pedal offers warm, modulated tape echo effects for iconic late ’60s guitar tone. The EP103 Echoplex Delay can conjure everything from subtle chorusing and slapback effects to long, modulated echoes, and you can add an optional switch for tap tempo control. The Age knob varies the delay tone from bright and clean to dark and saturated. With a high-quality analog dry signal path, stereo compatibility, and more.

Price: CHF 259.00

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