Ooo La La

Ooh La La X Ray

The X-Ray is a full range medium gain overdrive/distortion. It can be used as an overdrive/clean boost or to produce warm distortion tones. From dense, raucous distortion to subtle saturation to clean overdrive and everything in between.

High quality boutiqe pedal, full vintage design and full vintage sound.

Price: CHF 279.00

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Ooo La La Oxygen Comp Dirt box

The Oxygen (O2) features limiting threshold, gain, noise gate, compression ratio and „dirt“ (which adds a nice analog tape type saturation to the mix) as well as compression release time/gate attack time.It also has an enabled/bypass indicator LED, as it can be hard to tell if the effect is on or not at lower compression settings due to its transparent compression qualities.
The Oxygen can be powered from a 9v battery or via the DC power jack. From light, clean compression to a crunchy, high gain sound and everything in between. Oh yeah, did we mention the crazy sustain?

Old Price: CHF 399.00

Price: CHF 349.00

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