Tychobrahe Parapedal Wah Reissue

Chicago Iron has painstakingly re-engineered the famous 1970’s Tycobrahe Parapedal circuit with exacting detail and precision. You can tell a Parapedal when you hear one. It is the one with the huge sweep and a phaser-like or synth-like second effect that tracks with the first wah tone. The circuit has a built in volume dive that no other pedal has. At the end of the heel stroke, the pedal creates a loss in volume and brightness that has to be played to believe. It swells your sound with a combined sweep that is very human-like. It is referred to as a wah pedal but it is so much more. Many recording artists of the ’70’s fame used one back then. There is not another pedal that sounds like the Parapedal and it is unfortunate that such a small amount were produced- hence it’s value as a players and collectors item!

Price: CHF 429.00

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Tychobrahe Paraflanger Reissue

Known as one of the rarest vintage pedals ever made. Not very many people have had the pleasure of playing one. The 1970’s Tycobrahe® Pedalflanger™ was the first flanger pedal ever made for guitar. The original Tycobrahe® Pedalflanger™ pedal sold for $220 in 1977. Have you ever played one? Chicago Iron has spent the time (years) and effort to refine this design to the highest degree possible. We think you’ll like what we have done with this rare and useful vintage tool. The Chicago Iron Tycobrahe Pedalflanger™ allows you to create a vivid soundscape with widely adjustable chorus, vibe, leslie, flange and a multitude of extra sounds from liquid lush to sci-fi alien. Can be used in both Auto Mode and Manual Mode on the fly. Very human like in it’s expression. A true „keeper“ effect pedal. Comes complete with the original Tycobrahe® style art, knobs and wood „crate“ stash box.

Price: CHF 529.00

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Tychobrahe Octavia Plus Reissue

Old school, Vintage, Sought after tone… Hey, the old circuits were great fun. But it’s time to move on. We need more from our gear now more than ever. Chicago Iron is proud to offer the new Octavian PLUS™ octave pedal. You get four great sounds in one pedal and two foot switches to use either effect on the fly. Imagine crankin‘ a solo in an awesome vintage fuzz and kicking in the Tycobrahe™ octave without the hassle of unity gain between the two devices.

Price: CHF 395.00

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