Vintage WESTONE QUANTUM X850 Bass, made in Japan!

Massive Qualität, aktiv Humbucker und noch Headless!

Damit wird man auf der Bühne bestimmt auffallen, ebenfalls super zum Reisen geeignet.

Price: CHF 849.00

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Eine richtige Vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom wie sie sein sollte!

Rares 20th Anniversary Model. Frisch ab Service.

Sie ist im Player-Zustand, deshalb der tiefere Preis!

Massiver, fetter aber definierter Klang, dieses Teil geht wirklich ab!


Price: CHF 4,800.00

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Wer liebt ihn nicht, den Rock Sound aus den 80ern! Ein Muss für jeden eighties Fan oder der LA Music Scene, der legendäre Arion SCH-1 !

Price: CHF 190.00

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Maxon/Ibanez Fuzz Machine Vint

Amazing condition, near mint, second hand, vintage octave fuzz. This fuzz pedal has two octave fuzz settings, one with scooped mids and one with a really thick mid-range. The unit was branded under (and is identical to) a variety of names, including Mica Fuzz, Bruno Fuzz Machine, Aria Diamond Fuzz and Fuzz Machine (unbranded).

 this was built by Maxon in answer to the Super Fuzz. Maxon is the most underrated of the early Japanese pedal makers. They came up with the Tube Screamer pedal yet everyone still thinks of that pedal as being an Ibanez production. It’s a Maxon designed pedal built for Ibanez. Same as this pedal. Bart’s effects database should specify all of the Maxon made pedals as they built this one under 25-30 different brand names.

marlboro, standard fuzz, mica

availability: rare
collectibility: very high

Trivia: The Ibanez Standard Fuzz is used by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys


Price: CHF 495.00

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Boss BF2B Bass Flanger USED

Good Condition. Functions perfects. Vintage 80s. Made in Japan.

By optimizing the BF-2 circuit for a lower frequency band, the BF-2B Bass Flanger was born. The Bass Flanger was not directly replaced when the BF-2B production stopped. After almost 10 years Boss replaced it with the BF-3.

The BF-2B Bass Flanger adds swirling and dynamic effects to the bass sound. The bass fundamentals remain untouched as flanging is added to the harmonics only. The LFO (Low Frequency oscillator) is variable between 100ms and 16 seconds and this gives a wide specter of flanging sounds. The MANUAL knob controls the delay time, the DEPTH knob controls the sweep range, the RATE knob sets the sweep speed and the RESONANCE knob sets the amount of feedback desired.


Price: CHF 109.00

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Musicman RP112 100w USED

SR#1681 Second hand. Vintage. Very Good condition. This is a late 70s Musicman, original footswitch. Original EV speaker, not installed, but included. Currently, an Eminence Neo-Dynmium speaker is installed, makes the amp significantly lighter. Sounds very warm and crisp. All original tubes and caps. Built in Phaser and spring Reverb.

Price: CHF 1,150.00

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