Wireless Systems

Xvive U2 Guitar Wireless

Xvive has launched a new wireless system, the U2, which allows guitarists to do away with cables and – wait for it – move in mysterious ways.

Composed of a compact 1/4-jack transmitter and receiver, the U2 packs a rechargeable lithium battery, which offers up to four/five hours at full charge.

It also includes Bluetooth to connect to other devices, using 24-bit resolution at a range of up to 300ft/90m.

Price: 175.00 CHF

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Blackstar Tonelink Bluetooth Receiver

The Backstar Tone:Link Bluetooth receiver plugs into any line-in and turns your amplifier, mixing console, car radio, and more into a powerful wireless audio system. This device can connect two separate Bluetooth devices to a transmitter at the same time, and the on-board Li-battery offers eight hours of music playback at up to 65′ away. And all of the accessories and charging cabling are included. The Blackstar Tone:Link Bluetooth receiver lets you wirelessly access your music anywhere. All of us at Sweetwater agree, the Tone:Link is a powerful wireless solution in a tiny package.

Price: 33.50 CHF

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