WMDevices Utility Noise Gate

The WMD Effects Utility Noise Gate combines a noise gate with an effects loop. Connect your noisiest pedals inside the effects loop by way of the Send and Return jacks and step on the footswitch to get your best tone while the noise gate filters out the screech and static. Another click on the footswitch gives you true bypass for both the loop and the gate. The Gate Threshold control lets you determine the cutoff point below which low-amplitude noise gets filtered out leaving only your higher amplitude guitar signal. The Level control lets you decide how much the remaining signal is boosted. The WMD Effects Utility Noise Gate runs on a 9-24vDC power supply, the higher the voltage, the higher the volume boost.

Price: CHF 175.00

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WMDevices Utility Parametric EQ (SOLD)

There are 3 bands of EQ with frequency ranges from about 40Hz to 15kHz. Each band is an independent bandpass filter with adjustable center frequency, quality factor, and gain. Use them to sculpt and shape your tone however you like.

Price: CHF 199.00

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WMDevices Acoustic Trauma

The new WMD Acoustic Trauma is the ultimate analog distortion machine. Two specially voiced preamps give light break up to full stack overdrive to huge sustaining crunch. Those preamps drive a 3 band boosting parametric EQ to voice your tone in any way. Then, a powerful and transparent noise gate kills the noise caused by incredible gain.

The Acoustic Trauma can produce the most massive sounds from a pedal. It is capable of causing hearing damage due to the high peaking nature of the EQ bands. This is your solution to cut through the mix, or make your fans writhe in pain

Price: CHF 349.00

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WMD Super Fatman (SOLD)


The Super FatMan is the evolution of the FatMan envelope filter with the features that filter geeks want most. This is the end all envelope filter pedal.

Price: CHF 299.00

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