Fender Strat Classic 50s 2007 USED (SOLD)

Second hand. Excellent condition. With D.Gilmour type pickup switch installed, and orange drop capacitiors also installed by previous owner. NO BAG or CASE included. Own an icon.Fender' Classic Series '50s Stratocaster guitar is a reissue of the iconic Buddy Holly-era Strat. With its deep body contours, period-correct V-shaped maple neck, vintage-style hardware, vintage colors and aged plastic parts, this axe has all the classic Strat mojo that originally helped create rock 'n' roll. Use the drop-down menu above to choose colors and other options.

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Alder body (polyester finish) Maple soft V-shaped neck (gloss urethane finish) 25-1/2" scale length Maple fingerboard 7.25" radius 21 vintage-style frets 1.650" nut width 3 vintage-style single-coil pickups with staggered pole pieces, alnico magnets, and aged covers 5-position pickup switch Vintage-style synchronized tremolo Master volume, neck pickup tone control, middle pickup tone control Fender Ping vintage-style tuners Chrome hardware 1-ply white 8-hole pickguard Aged knobs and switch tip Synthetic bone nut

Price: CHF 589.00

Fender Am Spc Telecaster 2011 USED

Second hand. Mint condition. Inklusiv Tasche. Fender rolls out the American Special Telecaster Electric Guitar that delivers a healthy combination of modern and traditional tones at a price that won't drain your wallet. But don't let the stripped-down price fool you into thinking it's a stripped-down guitar.

It starts with an alder body, offering strength in construction and clarity in tone. The unique pickups on the Fender American Special Telecaster provide distinguishing sonic characteristics. The Texas Special single-coil Tele neck pickup delivers a full and meaty tone, the Texas Special Tele bridge pickup delivers that familiar Tele bite with a touch of warmth, and the Greasebucket tone circuit rolls off the highs without adding bass.

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The subtle 9-1/2" radius maple neck, maple fingerboard, and jumbo frets make this Fender guitar very finger-friendly. Other features include an original-style Tele bridge with three brass saddles, an oversized '70s-style decal, and black pickup covers, plastic parts, and dot position inlays.

Price: CHF 825.00

Fender Squier Strat 60s Classic Vibe (SOLD)

The Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s is a rough-and-tumble electric guitar ready for almost any musical situation. With an alder body; rosewood fingerboard; 21-fret, vintage-tint gloss maple neck, this Strat definitely has that '60s vibe but with the modern playability of a 9-1/2" neck radius and medium-jumbo frets. This Squier Strat's tone is thick with a custom set of Alnico V single-coil pickups-a quick attack with a bit more midrange oomph and a bridge pickup that packs a knockout punch! Custom stagger pole pieces provide improved string-to-string balance.

Price: CHF 469.00

Digitech SDRUM Intelligent Drum Pedal

The DigiTech SDRUM is the world’s first intelligent drum machine for guitarists and bassists. By simply scratching across your guitar strings, you teach the SDRUM a kick snare pattern that forms the foundation of the beat you want to hear. Based on this pattern, the SDRUM supplies a professional sounding drum beat with different embellishments and variations to perfectly complement your beat. Gone are the days of having your creative flow disrupted by searching through lists in a frustrating attempt to find the beat you want.

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The SDRUM stores up to 36 different songs. Beats are played from a choice of 5 different kits covering a wide range of genres. The pedal also supports three different parts (e.g. verse/chorus/bridge) for each song that can be switched on the fly for enhancing live performances and exploring song ideas.

Price: CHF 239.00

Fender Am Vintage Strat ’56 2016

The American Vintage '56 Stratocaster takes you straight back to mid-1956, when the model was still new and when what is quite possibly the most prized and popular neck ever affixed to the instrument first appeared-a thick one-piece maple neck with a soft "V" shape, comfortably rounded edges and a then-new butterfly string tree on the headstock. Such meticulous authenticity even extends to the single-ply white pickguard with eight holes, lightweight alder body (ash on white blonde) with deep contours, and vintage-accurate pickups (alnico 3 pickups debuted in 1956), bridge saddles, tuner spacing and more.

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The American Vintage series introduces an all-new lineup of original-era model year guitars that bring Fender history and heritage to authentic and exciting new life. With key features and pivotal design elements spanning the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s, new American Vintage series instruments delve deep into Fender's roots-expertly preserving an innovative U.S. guitar-making legacy and vividly demonstrating like never before that Fender not only knows where it's going, but also remembers where it came from. The American Vintage Series has long presented some of Fender's best selling guitars (their early-'80s introduction, in fact, was one of the first signs that Fender was "back" as the CBS era ended). Today, Fender has boldly cleared the slate to make way for a fresh American Vintage series with new features, new specs and the most meticulous level of vintage accuracy yet. Rather than just replacing the previous models with different ones, they've completely and comprehensively re-imagined the entire vintage-reissue concept-restoring original tooling dies, voicing new pickups, reformulating vintage colors and more-based on actual vintage guitars they tracked down to make sure they had it right. Fender did the work, and it shows, because there's pure tonal magic in each new American Vintage instrument. Includes case. Body Body shape: Double cutaway Body type: Solid body Body material: Solid wood Top wood: Not applicable Body wood: Alder (ash on white blonde) Body finish: Gloss Lacquer Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: V soft Neck wood: Maple Joint: Bolt-on Scale length: 25.5" Truss rod: Standard Neck finish: Gloss Lacquer Fretboard Material: Maple Radius: 7.25" Fret size: Vintage-style Number of frets: 21 Inlays: Dot Nut width: 1.65" (42mm) Pickups Configuration: SSS Neck: American Vintage '56 single-coil Middle: American Vintage '56 single-coil Bridge: American Vintage '56 single-coil Brand: Fender Active or passive: Passive Series or parallel: Series Piezo: No Active EQ: No Special electronics: None Controls Control layout: Volume 1, volume 2, master tone Pickup switch: 5-way Coil tap or split: No Kill switch: No Hardware Bridge type: Tremolo/Vibrato Bridge design: Vintage synchronized tremolo Tailpiece: Not applicable Tuning machines: Vintage-style Color: Chrome Other Number of strings: 6-string Special features: Pickups Case: Hardshell case Accessories: Strap, cable, cloth and owner's manual Country of origin: United States

Price: CHF 1'749.00

Schecter C7 Apocalypse 7STR

Boasting 24 stainless steel frets on an ebony fretboard and a pair of humbucking pickups, the Schecter C-7 Apocalypse solidbody electric guitar is ready to rock. A duo of Apocalypse humbuckers yield aggressive tone by the truckload with plenty of richness and harmonic content. A Push/Pull tone control provides access to sweet single-coil tones. And with a fast-playing neck, the ultra-solid tuning stability of the hardtail bridge, you've got a versatile metal machine in the Schecter C-7 Apocalypse.

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Woods chosen for tone and stability Schecter specified a swamp ash body for this C-7 guitar for its inherent clear top end and big lows. Then they went with a multi-ply neck design that pairs maple and bubinga — both hard woods that offer a lot of sustain and attack — to keep the neck extremely stable under stressful environmental situations. The neck is then reinforced with Schecter's carbon fiber rods, further ensuring you will get the same streamlined performance from this guitar night after night. Expect sonic intensity from the Apocalypse humbuckers in the C-7 Apocalypse. Alnico V magnets deliver a fast, aggressive sound with loads of richness. The alnicos are flanked by ceramic magnets for top-end presence and articulation. You'll have an explosive tone with plenty of harmonic content, giving you extreme sound-shaping potential when you tweak the tone knobs on your amplifier and pedals.

Price: CHF 1'479.00

Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander V2

Relive the glory days of primitive mono synths and nostalgic chiptune-y leads! The Bit Commander V2 pedal blends your guitar or bass signal with sub-octave rumble and octave-up shriek for some pronounced effects. Flip to your neck pickup to play single notes. Above the seventh fret, the Bit Commander V2 yields tight and predictable results. Below that, tracking gets a bit volatile, resulting in all kinds of glitching, stuttering fun.we've found this pedal pairs great with fuzz for splatty Jack White textures and deep, earth-moving bass. And the Bit Commander V2 pedal monophonic analog guitar synthesizer pedal features soft-touch relay-based switching for silent operation.

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Blends your guitar or bass signal with sub-octave rumble and octave-up shriek Use your neck pickup for accurate tracking of single notes Yields tight and predictable tracking above the 7th fret Below the 7th fret yields glitching, stuttering effects Pairs great with fuzz for splatty textures and deep, earth-moving bass Soft-touch relay-based switching for silent operation

Price: CHF 229.00

MXR M108S 10 Band EQ

Use the MXR Ten Band EQ Pedal for precision control over your guitar or bass tone. Featuring 10 EQ sliders, with carefully selected frequencies and +/-12dB boost/cut range, you can optimize your sound in any room or recording session. Additional Volume and Gain sliders allow you to use the Ten Band EQ Pedal as an extremely tweakable boost pedal. Dual outputs allow you to feed two amplifiers at once. And 18-volt operation ensures you'll have all the headroom you need, even if you're running a chain of pedals into it. Built with rugged aluminum and featuring true bypass switching, the MXR Ten Band EQ Pedal is a fine addition to any pedalboard.

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When you're looking for a way to boost your tone, but want more flexibility than a traditional boost pedal allows, Sweetwater recommends checking out an EQ pedal like the MXR Ten Band EQ Pedal. With 12dB of cut/boost available on each slider, plus additional Volume and Gain sliders, you can boost just the frequencies you want or everything at once. Maybe you want a full-range tone as your base, but want to boost your mids for certain sections. With the MXR Ten Band EQ Pedal, you can shape your boost to fit into any mix. MXR Ten Band EQ Pedal Features: 10-band graphic EQ pedal for guitar and bass Each slider offers 12dB of cut/boost Volume and Gain sliders for boosting your tone, or compensating for frequencies you've cut Low-noise circuitry and true bypass switching Rugged aluminum housing, with bright LED indicators on the sliders Perfect for removing unwanted frequencies, fighting feedback, balancing your tone, and much more

Price: CHF 169.00

Vox AC30C2X Combo 212 USED

Second hand. Very good condition. The Vox AC30C2X amp makes use of 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 4 x EL84 tubes to deliver 30 watts of power. The AC30C2X tube amp uses 2 - 12" Celestion Alnico Blues, and includes a switchable 8/16 ohm output jack for powering an external speaker cabinet when you need to speak with a little more authority; using this jack will mute the internal speakers. Additionally, a second extension speaker jack allows you to run an extra 16-ohm cabinet along with the internal speakers for a fuller sound.

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An Evolution in Tone This Vox amp offers 2 channels: Normal and Top Boost. Each channel is equipped with its own Volume control, and the Top Boost channel offers highly interactive Treble and Bass tone controls. This powerful channel pairing provides an abundance of tone-crafting control, letting you dial in a classic sound that's all your own. Both channels of the Vox Custom AC30C2X tube amp rely on the Tone Cut and Volume controls in the Master section. The Tone Cut control operates in the power stage rather than the preamp stage, allowing an additional degree of tone shaping. The Master Volume control works in conjunction with the individual volumes of each channel to create just the right degree of gain staging. By balancing the individual and Master volumes, the Vox Custom guitar amplifier can deliver everything from a clean Vox "chimey" sound to a powerful overdriven tone. Sound in Motion You can sweeten the sound of your Custom amplifier using the Vox Classic Tremolo effect. Both the speed and the depth are adjustable, allowing you to generate just the sound you want. A warm Spring Reverb is also included on all Custom tube amp, adding spaciousness to the sound. The AC30C2X also includes an additional tone control in the Reverb section. All Custom Series amps can use the optional Vox footswitch, allowing you to turn the Reverb and Tremolo effects on and off as you continue to play. The AC30C2 provides an effects loop for incorporating your favorite effects into your sound. True "Bypass" switching takes the entire effect loop out of the circuit. FEATURES Output Power: 30 watts RMS into 16 ohms Speaker: 2 x 12" 8 ohm Celestion Alnico Blue Inputs: Normal input jack (high and low), Top Boost input jack (high and low), FX Return jack, Footswitch jack Outputs: External loudspeaker jack, Extension loudspeaker jack, FX SEND jack Optional VFS2A Footswitch sold separately SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 27.64"W x 10.43"D x 21.89"H Weight: 73.59 lb.

Price: CHF 1'190.00

Vox AD120VT w/VC12 Ftsw USED

Second hand. Very good conditon. Included VC12 Footcontroller w/carrybag. Long known for excellence in amplifiers, Vox once again steps forward with their new ADT120VT. In creating the Valvetronix modeling amps, their goal was clear: design a versatile amp line that sounds and feels great. Marrying the tube technology that made Vox famous with breakthrough digital modeling technology from Korg results in a completely new kind of modeling amp - one that not only recreates the sound, but actually changes itself to model each and every power amp on its list. And what a list! Vox (naturally), Fender, Marshall, Boogie and more. Built-in pedal effects and digital ambient effects round out this killer amp.

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Two 12" speakers 32 programs Pedal effects include: Compressor Acoustic simulation VOX wah Auto-wah U-Vibe Octave divider Treble boost Tube overdrive Fat overdrive Fuzz Digital effects include: Modulation: Chorus Flanger Phaser Tremolo Rotary Delay Effects: Delay Tape echo Multi-head delay Reverb Effects: Spring Plate Room

Price: CHF 429.00

Gretsch G6128 TVP Power Jet Black OCCASION

Traumhaftes Instrument von Gretsch, sehr gepflegt!

The G6128TVP Power Jet™ puts a snarl into That Great Gretsch Sound!™ It’s a modified version of the classic Duo Jet, with a bound single-cutaway chambered mahogany body, arched top, one-piece mahogany neck and bound ebony fingerboard with Neo Classic™ thumbnail inlays. Other features include dual TV Jones® Power’Tron™ pickups, three-position pickup switch, three-position master tone switch, silver plexi pickguard, bound headstock with pearloid Gretsch® logo inlay, Grover® Sta-Tite™ tuners, pinned Adjusto-Matic™ bridge, “G”-cutout tailpiece, and mahogany stain finish with jet black top.

MODEL NAME G6128TVP, Power Jet
SERIES Professional Collection
COLORS (806) Jet Black
CATEGORY Solid Body Guitars
BODY STYLE Single Cutaway
SCALE LENGTH 24.6" (625mm)
TOP Arched Laminated Maple

BACK AND SIDES Semi-Hollow Mahogany Body, 13.25" Wide, 1.75" Deep
NECK 1-Piece Mahogany
PICKUPS 2 TV Jones® Power'TronTM Pickups
PICKUP SWITCHING 3-Position Toggle:
*Position 1. Bridge Pickup
*Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups
*Position 3. Neck Pickup
CONTROLS Volume 1. (Neck Pickup), Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup), Master Volume, 3-Position Toggle
Master Tone Switch:
*Position 1. Medium Level, High Frequency Roll Off
*Position 2. Switch Out of the Circuit, Pickup is Wide Open (That Great Gretsch Sound!)
*Position 3. Slight Level, High Frequency Roll Off

WIDTH AT NUT 1-11/16" (43mm)
FRETBOARD Ebony, 12" Radius (305mm)
BRIDGE Pinned Rosewood-Based Adjusto-MaticTM Bridge
TAILPIECE Gretsch G-Cutout Tailpiece
HARDWARE Chrome-Plated
FINISH Gloss Urethane
CASE Includes G6238 Deluxe Hardshell Case, US MSRP $220.00, P/N 0996410000
NO. OF FRETS 22 Medium Jumbo
MACHINE HEADS Chrome-Plated Grover® V98C Sta-TiteTM Die-cast Tuners
UNIQUE FEATURES Neo Classic "Thumbnail" Inlay Position Markers,Bound Fingerboard and Headstock, Multiple Body Binding, Inlaid Pearloid Gretsch Logo on Headstock, Silver Plexi Pickguard, Knurled Strap Retainer Knobs, Schaller® Straplocks, Adjustable Truss Rod

Price: CHF 2'290.00

Epiphone by Gibson Les Paul Cherry Sunburst (SOLD)

Epiphone by Gibson Les Paul, made in Korea!

Neben den extrem hochwertigen Japanischen LPs von Epiphone sind die Koreanischen die besten.

Dieses Exemplar wurde nur ausgestellt und vom Vorbesitzer so gut wie nie gebraucht.

Geiler Klang, wie man es von einer Les Paul erwartet!

Baujahr wahrscheinlich um die 90er.


Price: CHF 590.00

Epiphone Jack Casady Bass used

Wunderschönes Gold Finish!

Warm aber schön direkt in der Ansprache, gutes Gewicht!

Price: CHF 550.00

Fender Precision Tele Bass 50s Style

Gebrauchter Fender Precision Tele Bass, im 50er Stil. Made in Japan!

Wunderschönes Butterscotch Finish.

Price: CHF 690.00

Fender Pawn Shop Mustang Bass

Dieser Bass ist sehr handlich, wegen seiner Grösse, klingt aber trotzdem wie man es von einem Fender Bass erwarten würde!

Made in Mexico, im klassischen Sunburst Finish.

Price: CHF 490.00

Dean Edge 4 Bass (SOLD)

Dean Edge 4 Bass, made in Korea

Super Qualität koreanischer Herkunft! Ein fett klingender Bass, für viele verschiedene Genres, von Slap- bis zu Rockbass!

Anschauen und anspielen lohnt sich.

Price: CHF 350.00


Vintage WESTONE QUANTUM X850 Bass, made in Japan!

Massive Qualität, aktiv Humbucker und noch Headless!

Damit wird man auf der Bühne bestimmt auffallen, ebenfalls super zum Reisen geeignet.

Price: CHF 849.00

DEAN AVALANCHE MQ Linkshänder Gitarre / Lefthanded

Baujahr um die 2000er, Flamed Top im Sunburst Finish, made in Korea!

HSS Bestückung, eignet sich daher für viele verschiedene Stilrichtungen.

Price: CHF 195.00


Wunderschöne Cort Signature Gitarre. Super Qualität zum super Preis.

Seymour Duncan Pickups, Sperzel Tuners etc.

Price: CHF 550.00


Fulltone '69 MKII, super geiler Fuzz Tone in der Box! Ist im hervorragendem Zustand!

Price: CHF 150.00


Wer liebt ihn nicht, den Rock Sound aus den 80ern! Ein Muss für jeden eighties Fan oder der LA Music Scene, der legendäre Arion SCH-1 !

Price: CHF 190.00


Vielseitiges, super dynamisches Overdrive Pedal!

Price: CHF 115.00


Eine richtige Vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom wie sie sein sollte!

Rares 20th Anniversary Model. Frisch ab Service.

Sie ist im Player-Zustand, deshalb der tiefere Preis!

Massiver, fetter aber definierter Klang, dieses Teil geht wirklich ab!


Price: CHF 4'800.00


Nein, hierbei handelt es sich nicht um eine übergrosse Kartoffel mit Saiten!

Ein absoluter Hingucker und sehr schwer zu finden.

Beste Hölzer, komplett in den Vereinigten Staaten handgemacht.

Bestückt mit hochwertigsten Lollar P90 Pickups.

Antesten lohnt sich bestimmt!

Price: CHF 1'790.00


Wunderschöne Godin LGX USA aus den 90ern.

AAA Flamed Maple Top, Cognac Burst Finish.

Super vielseitig, höchste Qualität und frisch ab Service!

Price: CHF 845.00

Chase Bliss Gravitas Tremolo

 Chase Bliss Audio have now tackled the prototypical modulation effect with the Gravitas Analog Tremolo. All the familiar Chase Bliss Audio control flair is here: ModuShape, 6 surface knobs, 3 parameter flip-switches, 1 preset flip-switch, 2 foot-switches, and 16(!) dip-switches mounted to the top side of the pedal. Before we delve into what all this does, it should be obvious that this pedal offers quite a bit more functionality than your old in-amp tremolo. To those of you suffering from knob-o-phobia, a plethora of classic and cutting edge tremolo sounds are available from the Gravitas even if you just stick to using a few of its surface controls. But more on all that in a moment. Here’s a full feature rundown before we dive into our Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas review to see if it’s the best analog tremolo pedal around.nventing analog chorus, vibrato, and phaser effects with the Warped Vinyl and Wombtone (and newly released Warped Vinyl MKII & Wombton

Additional DescriptionMore Details

All-analog signal path. Ramp control knob can be set to control any of the 5 parameters (Volume, Tone, Rate, Depth, Sway) individually or simultaneously via dip switches on the back of the pedal. Controls the ramp time in which this takes place. Drive (Ramp) control knob controls the input gain of avery clean, beautiful, and transparent boost when no Ramp dip-switches are in use. Volume control knob sets the output level of the effect. This is a little different than the other Chase Bliss Audio pedal volume knobs. It should be pretty much dimed, with the level set with the Drive control. The main purpose of having this knob is so that you can set up a second tremolo (via Ramping), and then adjust the depth of it. Tone control knob is a wide ranging tone shaping tool. When set to noon, the pedal is transparent. Clockwise for a brighter sound and counterclockwise for a smoother, mellow, dark sound. This circuit is also the basis for the harmonic tremolo as that effect is achieved by modulating between high and low pass filters. Rate control knob controls the rate of the tremolo effect – can get super fast. Can be overridden by the tap tempo switch. 1 – 2 – 4 (3 – 6 – 8/S – B – H) toggle switch sets the tap division for tap tempo. A dip switch on the back accesses the “3 – 6 – 8” divisions. Another dip-switch allows this switch to select between Standard, Both, and Harmonic tremolo modes. ModuShape: Depth control knob sets the depth of the tremolo effect. Crank if for modulation going all the way to silence. Sway control knob sets the center point of the modulation. Set it counterclockwise to make the wave ramp up quickly and down gradually. Set it clockwise to make the wave ramp up gradually and down quickly. Set it at noon for a perfectly symmetrical wave. Left Wave Shape toggle switch sets the first half of the wave modulation. Left for sine, middle for triangle, right for square. Right Wave Shape toggle switch sets the second half of the wave modulation. Left for square, middle for triangle, right for sine. Bypass foot-switch activates or bypasses the effect via true relay bypass. Can by changed to a momentary bypass via a dip switch in the back of the pedal. Tap Tempo foot-switch sets the tap tempo and always honors the last two stomps. Preset toggle switch recalls presets. Middle position reflects current knob positions, right position recalls right preset, and left position recalls left preset. Exp/CV input jack allows expression pedal or CV control of parameters selected via dip switches on back of pedal. When no parameters are set to Ramp, it manually controls the Waveform. Tap/MIDI input jack can be used for tap input or output with a regular ¼” instrument cable. It may also be used to interface with the pedal via an Empress Effects Midibox. Powered by 9-volt battery or 9VDC power adapter. Can also be run at 18-volts for more headroom and output. Chase-Bliss-Audio-Gravitas-Review-Best-Analog-Tremolo-Pedal-03Dip Switches: Volume, Tone, Rate, Depth, and Sway dip switches on the left side simply turn that parameter on or off for ramping or expression pedal capability. Volume, Tone, Rate, Depth, and Sway dip switches on the right side control whether the parameters rise or fall in ramp mode. This also affects the direction of movement with an expression pedal. Bounce dip switch makes parameters go back and forth (i.e. modulate) or ramp and hold. Mode dip switch allows left flip-switch to select tap divisions or tremolo mode. MoToByp dip switch activates momentary bypass, activating pedal only when Bypass foot-switch is pressed in. Tap Control dip switch allows tap tempo to modulate Ramp rate (r) or tremolo Rate (p). Bounce needs to be on to modulate Ramp speed. Tap Division dip switch selects from “1, 2, 4” tap divisions (1) or “3, 6, 8” tap divisions (3). Sweep dip switch selects where Ramp sweeps. In “t” (top) the ramping (or expression control) will occur between the current Ramp knob position and the max position (fully clockwise). In “b” (bottom) the range is set between the current knob position and the minimum position (fully counterclockwise).

Price: CHF 369.00

Fender Squier Vint Mod Mustang

Squier welcomes its first-ever Mustang guitar to the family in the sleekly diminutive form of the Vintage Modified Mustang. With its distinctive 24" scale, dual pickup switches and floating bridge with dynamic vibrato tailpiece, it's a classic modded with present-day touches including full-sounding Duncan Designed pickups and a 9.5 fingerboard radius.

Players have done it for years. Whether installing hotter pickups, different pickguards or just plain personalizing their instruments with distinctive paint jobs, modified means adding new twists to familiar designs. Squier's Vintage Modified series excels at just that, imparting hot-output chop-shop sound, feel and value to traditional instrument designs.

Price: CHF 379.00

Fender Sq Bass VI Jaguar Vint Mod

Squier brings you the welcome return of a long-vanished Fender classic in the deeply satisfying form of the Vintage Modified Bass VI six-string bass that delivers excellent low end. Although it's called a six-string bass it has the feel of a baritone guitar without the extended neck. The strings aren't extra thick so it's a great transition from guitar. The original model of 1961-1975 has provided distinctively voiced low end for everyone from the Beatles to the Black Keys, Cream to the Cure, and many others.

The Vintage Modified Bass VI delivers authentically vintage-style look and tone, with a few modern touches such as a comfortable "modern C" neck profile and 9.5" fingerboard radius (the originals were 7.25"), and three custom Jaguar single-coil pickups with notched "claw" shielding rings (reverse-wound/reverse-polarity middle pickup).

Price: CHF 439.00

Roland Rubix 22 Interface (SOLD)

The Roland Rubix 22 is a 2-channel USB audio interface that's perfect for mobile recording, even in less than ideal environments. Class-compliant USB and USB bus power make the Rubix 22 a perfect companion for your laptop or iPad, and it's built tough enough that you can toss it in your bag and go. Two low-noise microphone preamplifiers benefit from extensively shielded construction, both of which ward off noise beautifully. There's also a universal ground-lift switch that lets you kill 60Hz AC hum, plus MIDI I/O lets you connect keyboards and controllers. A copy of Ableton Live Lite DAW software (Mac/Windows) completes the package.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Roland Rubix 22 USB Audio Interface Features: Mobile-ready 2-channel USB recording interface that's perfect for live and studio use Supports up to 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio 2 low-noise inputs accept mic-, line-, and instrument-level sources Shielded metal chassis and universal ground-lift switch help prevent noise Selectable monitoring configuration accommodates different setups MIDI I/O connects keyboards, control surfaces, and other MIDI-equipped gear Class-compliant USB supports Mac and Windows PCs as well as iOS devices Includes Ableton Live Lite DAW recording software (Mac/Windows)

Price: CHF 165.00

Fender Squier JBass VM 77

Squier's Vintage Modified Jazz Bass '77 returns you to the age of funk and the dawn of punk with sleekly offset agathis (Black and three-color sunburst finishes) and soft maple (Amber finish) bodies, dual Fender-designed pickups and a slim "C"-shaped maple neck with a vintage-tint gloss finish. Other features include a white-bound 9.5"-radius maple fingerboard with 20 medium jumbo frets and stylish white pearloid block inlays, three-ply black pickguard, four-saddle bridge, black plastic control knobs, and open-gear tuners. Super '77 sound and feel for today's bassists, with superior Squier performance and value.

Price: CHF 379.00

Earthquaker Devices Pitch Bay

Harmonize your licks and leads with the EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay polyphonic harmonizer and distortion generator pedal. This powerful 3-part harmonizer has one voice above the root and one voice below. You can adjust each voice in semitone increments out to an octave. And since each harmonizer and the root has its own volume control, you can blend them to create the perfect sound. The analog gain circuit is perfect for adding a subtle boost, a little grit, or heavy distortion to your harmonized sounds. Pitch Bay features an all-analog signal path with a digital pitch-shifting engine.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

EarthQuaker Devices is a boutique pedal company based out of Akron, Ohio. They put all of their focus on building tools for musicians to find their own tone. Their designs range from enhanced classics to pedals that have never been seen or heard before. Company founder Jamie Stillman was working with rock band the Black Keys when he came upon a design that kick-started the company's success. EarthQuaker Devices is committed to helping you find your tone with high-quality products at great prices. EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay Polyphonic Harmonizer and Distortion Generator Pedal Features at a Glance: 3-part polyphonic harmonizer with built-in distortion generator 2 adjustable pitch shifters, one up and one down, offer a wide range of sound Choose from 1 to 12 semitones for each pitch shifter Each harmony has its own level control to create the perfect blend Add a touch of dirt to heavy distortion with the Gain control All-analog signal path with digital pitch-shifting engine Soft-touch, true-bypass switch for silent switching Compact size is perfect for any pedalboard Requires 9-volt DC power supply (sold separately)

Price: CHF 265.00

Fender Squier Jazzmaster Baritone

Squier presents one of its most distinctive instruments ever in the deeply resounding form of the Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster. Tuned A to A and featuring a 30" scale length, it lends a rumbling baritone register of notes.

This Jazzmaster features the authentic vintage-style look of Fenders seldom-seen Antigua finish, with a matching pickguard. Fingerboard binding and white pearloid block inlays impart even more elegance and that deep one-of-a kind twang rocks loud and clear from a pair of Dual Duncan Designed single-coil Jazzmaster pickups.

Explore new depths with vibe that is as affordable as it is striking. All together, the Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster makes for a singularly exciting Squier playing experience. Case sold separately.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Body Body shape: Double cutaway Body type: Solid body Body material: Solid wood Top wood: Not applicable Body wood: Basswood Body finish: Gloss Polyurethane Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: Not specified Neck wood: Maple Joint: Bolt-on Scale length: 30" Truss rod: Standard Neck finish: Gloss Fretboard Material: Rosewood Radius: 9.5" Fret size: Medium jumbo Number of frets: 21 Inlays: Pearl block Nut width: 1.65" (42mm) Pickups Configuration: HH Neck: JM-101N with alnico 5 magnets Middle: Not applicable Bridge: JM-101B with alnico 5 magnets Brand: Duncan Designed Active or passive: Passive Series or parallel: Series Piezo: No Active EQ: No Special electronics: None Controls Control layout: Master volume, tone Pickup switch: 3-way Coil tap or split: No Kill switch: No Hardware Bridge type: Fixed Bridge design: Fixed "Top Loader" Tailpiece: Not applicable Tuning machines: Vintage-style Color: Chrome Other Number of strings: 6-string Special features: Body finish Case: Sold separately Accessories: None Country of origin: Indonesia

Price: CHF 399.00

Vox AC30 C2 212 30w White Bronco

The AC30C2 is the most versatile AC30 in Vox history! Plug into this Custom Series guitar amp and you'll hear what we mean. Based on the classic AC30 design, this exciting new AC30C2 offers two channels — normal and top boost. Claim your own classic sound using the top boost channel's treble and bass controls while tweaking the tone cut and volume controls in the master section. When you balance the individual and master volumes, you can score everything from a classic, chimey Vox sound to an edgy, overdriven tone. And we haven't even mentioned the AC30C2's onboard reverb and tremolo yet.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

What's the magic behind the sound of the Vox AC30C2 combo amp? The tubes, of course! The AC30C2 offers up three of the popular 12AX7 preamp tubes and makes use of four EL84 tubes in the power section to make up its 30 watts. When you want to speak with more authority, just use the 8-/16-ohm output jack to play through an external speaker jack. Doing this will mute the built-in speakers. There's even a second extension speaker jack, so you can run through a 16-ohm cabinet at the same time you use the internal speakers. And speaking of speakers, the AC30C2 features a duo of 12" Celestion Creambacks for a warm, vintage rock sound you know and love. Vox AC30C2 30-watt, 2x12" Combo Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance: 30-watt, 2 x 12" combo guitar amplifier with Limited Edition White Bronco cabinet 2 channels with independent volume controls — normal and top boost Reverb and tremolo effects onboard (controllable via optional footswitch)

Price: CHF 1'159.00


Second Hand. Mint condition. Inklusiv Koffer. Imagine an alternate reality where the great American luthiers of the 1950' work together under one roof, as a collective. That' the vision that inspires Dennis and his Alt de Facto boutique guitars. It' a world where aged nickel hardware, time-tested woods, a distressed lacquer finish and classic aesthetics are fused with modern features including a compound radius fingerboard, TonePros hardware, ToneStyler tone controls and custom wound Fralin pickups. The result? Proprietary distressed guitars with unsurpassed playability and tone.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Alternate reality realized “ and embraced by leading artists including Chris Carrabba, Popa Chubby, Jared Scharff, James Valentine and Pete Yorn. Dennis Fano is a member of the Premier Builders Guild, which makes it easier than ever before to experience boutique, masterbuilt guitars and amps. PBG is a dream team of boutique guitar and amp master builders, each with a unique point of view and brand. Built in the USA. FEATURES Late 50' round back neck shape Maple neck wood Bolt-on neck Vintage amber tint neck finish Alder or swamp ash body/back wood Maple fingerboard Two-Tone headstock: body color/vintage amber tint Dot inlays Gotoh Kluson tuners Graphtech Tusq/man made ivory nut Custom Fralin P-90' pickups VT 3-way electronics Schroeder wrapover bridge “ aged nickel bridge G&G custom hardshell case Get instant karma with a guitar that looks like it's been around and sounds great. Order today. SPECIFICATIONS 10“16 compound radius 24.75 scale 1.687 nut 10 “ 46 strings

Price: CHF 1'950.00

Fender Squier JBass Vint Modern

Squier's Vintage Modified Jazz Bass delivers great traditional Jazz Bass style and performance, with dual Fender-designed pickups and a slim "C"-shaped maple neck with a vintage-tint gloss finish. Other features include a 9.5"-radius rosewood fingerboard with 20 medium jumbo frets, tortoiseshell pickguard, four-saddle bridge, chrome control knobs and hardware, and open-gear tuners. Superior sound and feel for today's bassists, with superior Squier performance and value.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Basswood body Gloss polyester body finish Jazz Bass body shape "C" Shape Maple neck Gloss polyurethane neck finish 34" (864 mm) Scale Rosewood fingerboard 20 Medium jumbo frets Synthetic bone string nut White dot position inlays Fender-designed single-coil Jazz Bass bridge and middle pickups Volume 1. (Middle Pickup), Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup) and Master Tone controls SS pickup configuration 4-Saddle vintage-style bridge Chrome hardware finish Standard open-gear tuning machines Tortoiseshell pickguard NPS strings, Gauges .045-.105 Vintage tint neck

Price: CHF 349.00

Supro 1699RH Statesman 50w

One of the only things better than an amp screaming with Supro tone is an amp like the Statesman that can scream with two classic Supro tones. You'll love the versatility of this amp. The Red channel replicates the company's Thunderbolt amplifier, while the Blue channel's Supro Comet tone is by far nastier. But the Statesman's flexibility doesn't stop there! You'll also have footswitchable control of your tube-driven spring reverb and effects loop. For such a pure-sounding amp, there's a lot waiting under the hood of the Supro Statesman.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

No amp in the current Supro lineup offers as many tonal and switching conveniences as the Statesman all-tube amp head, and it does this while maintaining the vintage character and crunch that these amps are so well known for. The tone of the amp has been carefully voiced to exude traditional Supro tone. But with two separate, footswitchable channels with varying gain characteristics, you're able to dial up a variety of tones during the heat of your performance. Two classic-sounding channels Each channel on the Statesman recalls one of Supro's most defining tones. The Red channel is taken from the company's Thunderbolt tube amp. Its tone exhibits plenty of detailed headroom but can still get crunchy as your volume control inches upward. The Blue channel is right out of the Comet — one of the most popular amps at Sweetwater. This is a higher gain voice that reacts beautifully to your playing dynamics. And the Statesman can even run both channels together for a massive tone all its own. Versatile onboard effect options Supro took the Statesman 50-watt head a few steps further in the flexibility department by adding footswitchable reverb and an effects loop. The tube-driven spring reverb is especially powerful. Not only does it exude the watery spring tone in spades, but a 100% wet signal can be blended into the Red channel to taste. The effects loop is also tube driven and has some tricks up its sleeve. Its variable send and return levels let you dial in a perfect volume for your affected tone. And it can also be used as a footswitchable boost or for volume reduction. Supro Statesman 50-watt Amp Head Features: Dual-channel combo amp with powerful switching options Red channel is a higher-headroom preamp from the Thunderbolt combo Blue channel offers the crunchy rock tones from the Comet combo Tube-spring reverb is footswitchable 100% wet reverb signal can be blended to taste with the Red channel Footswitchable, tube-driven effects loop offers variable gai

Price: CHF 1'540.00

Fender Squier Strat Standard LTD CSB (SOLD)

Step up to the Squier Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar. 2-point fulcrum tremolo provides smooth motion and superior tuning stability-modeled on the Fender American Series Strat, as is the 22-fret fast-action neck. 3 alnico single-coil pickups blast out classic Strat tones. Squier includes sealed die-cast tunersdie-cast tuners are lifetime-lubricated for years of trouble-free service and tuning stability, and multi-ply pickguard with your Standard Stratocaster.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Agathis body Polyurethane finish Maple, C-shaped neck 22 medium-jumbo frets Rosewood or maple fretboard Dot position inlays 3 alnico magnet single-coil pickups 5-position blade pickup switch Master volume, neck tone, middle tone Synchronous twin-pivot tremolo 3-ply pickguard (4-ply on Antique Burst) Chrome hardware Die-cast tuners Large '60s-style headstock

Price: CHF 329.00

Hotone Xtomp Bluetooth MultiFX

New from Hotone comes the Xtomp. This pedal uses CDCM system technology to recreate the sound of a classic pedal. The CDCM allows for larger and more complex modeling algorithms, which equals more realistic and natural tone. There has never been anything like this in tone modeling before, it really is a step forward in pedal technology.

XTOMP uses an iOS or Android app to let you manage all your effects and transfer them to your stompbox via Bluetooth. A USB port allows for firmware updates and future XTOMP function upgrades. This means that when Hotone launch one of their planned monthly upgrades for the pedal it is incredibly easily to get up and running with some absolutely stellar effects.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Hotone partnered with world-class mobile music software giant EUMLab to develop this smart but simple user interface: all you have to do is go in, find the pedal model you want, and put it in the XTOMP with the touch of a button. Adjust the XTOMP knobs to your liking, and you’re ready to rock. XTOMP is able to simulate all kinds of iconic classic, vintage, and modern pedals. Its growing effects library of over 300 models lets you try out a huge selection of pedals without having to spend a small fortune or endlessly plug new pedals into your board. Users can update and even contribute to the library. This is your chance of getting your signature sound out there for others to appreciate. Ultrathin Design Hotone are becoming well known for small, tough pedals and this sleak, slimline box is incredibly well designed. Tough enough for heavy use the zinc alloy casing looks great and it’s well balanced so it stays in place on stage 6 Controls Not all pedals are created equal. While some have simple 1 or 2 knob control systems others aren’t as straight forward. To make sure you never lose any of the options of the original pedal you get 6 controls that light up to indicate which ones are usable with the current pedal. For some models, the lights indicate the status of a knob setting. For example, if the original equipment had a toggle switch, that function will transfer to the XTOMP and be controllable in knob form. You can set up a color code in the App to show, for example, Boost ON/OFF. Set a knob light to change from say red (OFF) to green (ON), as you turn it and adjust your settings. New Models Added Every Month Hotone HQ are adding new pedal models to the catalogue every month so that you will end up with a limitless supply of sounds in one pedal! If you'd like to view the new models via the Hotone Xtomp blog, click here. Specifications Controls: 6 knobs, 1 On/Off footswitch Audio Jacks: Left in (mono), Right in, Left out (mono), Right out Bypass Mode: Left channel – Relay True Bypass & Analog Buffer Bypass, Right channel – Analog Buffer Bypass Input Impedance: 1M ohms Output Impedance: 100 ohms Audio Frequency Response: 5Hz~21kHz S/N Ratio: 114dB Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative Current Consumption: Max.200mA Dimensions: 126mm(D) x 73mm(W) x 35mm(H) Weight: 472g

Price: CHF 239.00

Fender Squier Jim Root Telecaster (SOLD)

Squier brings you a brand-nu signature model in the crushing form of the Squier Jim Root Telecaster. Designed in cooperation with the acclaimed Slipknot/Stone Sour guitarist, it boasts several foreboding features, most notably a satin-matte finish in black or white, starkly simple single-knob/single switch control layout, black die-cast tuners and other black hardware, and two pulverizing passive humbucking pickups with black covers.

Price: CHF 469.00

LR Baggs M1A Active

The M1 Active features built-in all class A electronics, so there's no need for any external preamps and it's compatible with any outboard equipment. The new volume control gives you fingertip access in any performing situation.

The M1 is a humbucking pickup with a twist. In a common stacked humbucker, the second, lower coil cancels hum, but doesn't contribute anything positive to the sound. In fact, it can muddy the sound of the main coil. The M1 unlocks the second coil. This allows it to make a positive sonic contribution while maintaining the pure open sound of a single coil--but without the hum.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

The hum-canceling coil is suspended under the main coil by a tuned support that allows it to move in 3 dimensions. The primary coil moves with the guitar top and creates a body signal in the suspended secondary coil. This brings the M1 to life, with string and body sound all in one. It's like having a dual pickup system in your soundhole. And it's all passive! The support is carefully tuned to control motion in all 3 dimensions. This allows you to selectively add the presence and realism from the body signal while suppressing runaway feedback. FEATURES Outstanding body sensitivity with great warmth and presence Class A electronics Long battery life Top-mounted volume control wheel Quiet, hum-free operation under the most challenging live conditions High feedback resistance Adjustable pole pieces with smooth threadless tops preserve fingerstylists' nails Built-in gold-plated 1/8" jack makes moving or removing the pickup a snap

Price: CHF 259.00

Fender Squier Fat Strat (SOLD)


 The Affinity Series™ Strat® HSS features one humbucking pickup (bridge), two single coil pickups (neck and middle) and a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard.

Price: CHF 239.00

Presonus Studio 26 Interface

Great for podcasters, live streaming, DJs, and musicians on the road or in the studio, the PreSonus Studio 26 2x4 USB 2.0 bus-powered audio/MIDI interface can record up to 24-bit, 192 kHz audio. Equipped with PreSonus XMAX-L solid-state preamps and high-end converters, it delivers professional quality audio in a rugged, compact enclosure, allowing you to create your next hit in your studio or on the go. A complete, all-in-one recording solution, the Studio 26 comes with PreSonus’ award-winning Studio One® Artist DAW software for Mac® and Windows®.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Audiophile-grade digital converters, ultra-low-jitter clocking, and XMAX-L solid-state preamps add up to a superior recording and listening experience. The Studio 26 operates at up to 192 kHz for ultra-high-definition mixing and recording. High-quality converters on every input and output provide 115 dB of dynamic range to capture complex musical harmonics smoothly and naturally with no audible distortion. Perfect for guitarists, singer/songwriters, and podcasters The Studio 26 is a great choice for podcasters, singer/songwriters, or a couple of guitarists who want to collaborate or jam. Use it for recording sermons and teaching music, too! A Cue Mix A/B function lets you toggle between two mixes while monitoring through headphones—perfect for DJs and to listen in on a performer’s monitor mix. World-class recording software included Seamlessly integrated with the included PreSonus Studio One® Artist DAW, the Studio 26 interface works with virtually all Mac and Windows audio-recording software. Built by creative people for creative music production, Studio One is easy to learn and enables you to compose, record, and produce your masterpiece without getting distracted by the tools. Studio One also enjoys a robust online community of enthusiastic and helpful users you can turn to for advice. Need a new loop or sample for your latest production? Studio One lets you shop, audition, and purchase new content right from your production environment.

Price: CHF 229.00

Fender Squier Tele Clsc Vibe 50’s

The Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s is an electric guitar with a look to die for and plenty of '50s 'blackguard' Tele vibe. The Vintage Blonde or Butterscotch Blonde over pine body totally resonates and you'll be hard-pressed to tell whether or not you are holding a premium ash body guitar. Of course pine is not a foreign wood to guitar making or to Fender history for that matter. Early single and dual pickup Esquire guitars were made with pine bodies.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Featuring a 21-fret vintage tint gloss maple neck with the modern playability of a 9-1/2" radius and medium jumbo frets, and outfitted with a custom set of Alnico 5 single-coil pickups on the Butterscotch Blonde model and Alnico III on the Vintage Blonde, this Squier Tele has tone that can really hang with the big boys. You get clear note separation even in distorted modes and dynamic response with a strong midrange and high end bite for leads. Classic Vibe Back in 1982, the very first Squier by Fender guitars and basses came ringing out of Asia. Known for their excellent vintage-quality look, feel, sound, and construction, those early Squier instruments and their Fender-branded counterparts are now highly sought-after collector's items revered by guitar enthusiasts as models of "getting it right" while aiming at value-conscious players. The Squier Classic Vibe Series reflects that simultaneous commitment to excellence, value, and vibe. Mirroring classic Fender designs, the Classic Vibe offering is not intended to be era or vintage correct-but rather imparting the vibe of a classic Fender design. Each with distinctive feature set combinations-all adding up to one classic-looking instrument. FEATURES Resonant pine body just like the early Equires 1-Piece maple, modern "C" shape neck with maple fingerboard Custom Telecaster pickups Chrome hardware including vintage-style tuning machines Vintage-style Tele bridge plate w/brass barrel saddles Great sound, vintage looks, unbeatable value. Order yours today. SPECIFICATIONS Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s Electric Guitar Body: Pine Finish: Polyester Neck: 1-Piece Maple, Modern "C" Shape Fingerboard: Maple, 9-1/2" (241mm) Frets: 21, medium-jumbo Scale Length: 25-1/2" (648mm) Nut Width: 1.65" (42mm) Hardware: Chrome Tuning Keys: Vintage-style tuning machines Bridge: Vintage-style Tele bridge plate w/brass barrel saddles Pickguard: 1-ply black Neck pickup: Custom Telecaster pickup (Alnico 5 on Butterscotch Blonde/Alnico III on Vintage Blonde) Bridge pickup: Custom Telecaster pickup (Alnico 5 on Butterscotch Blonde/Alnico III on Vintage Blonde) Pickup switching: 3-Position Blade: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups, Position 3. Neck Pickup Controls: Volume, Tone Strings: (.009-.042) Nickel-plated steel

Price: CHF 459.00

Supro 1650RT Royal Reverb Combo

The flagship tube amplifier of the Supro line, the 1650RT Royal Reverb is a retro-modern update of the mid-'60s classic. Oozing with sonic flexibility and ample headroom, the 1650RT gives you enough stage volume to handle any gig. On top of that, independent treble and bass controls in its preamp give you phenomenal tonal versatility, while its 3-way switchable power scheme allows you to coax a myriad of textures and tones out of its remarkable 6L6-fueled power amp. Covered with Supro's trademark blue rhino hide tolex and topped off with tube-driven tremolo and spring reverb, the 1650RT is primed to provide you with loads of vintage vibe and classic Supro tone!

Additional DescriptionMore Details

3-way rectifier switch adds modern headroom and versatility Vibe up your tone with killer reverb and tremolo effects No off-the-shelf speakers for these vintage-style amps 3-way rectifier switch adds modern headroom and versatility The Supro 1650RT Royal Reverb's tone is both awe-inspiring and extremely versatile, thanks to a 3-way rectifier switch that lets you choose between spongy tube character, fast silicone transistor transient response, and a range of headroom. With the 1650RT, you're given the choice of a 35-watt (cathode-biased) or 45-watt (grid-biased) 5U4 tube rectifier mode, as well as a high power 60-watt (grid-biased) solid state rectifier setting. The result is a wonderful-sounding amp that will fit in perfectly at any gig. Vibe up your tone with killer reverb and tremolo effects It doesn't get more old school than the awesome effects Supro loaded on the 1650RT Royal Reverb combo guitar amp. When it comes to ambience, the 6-spring reverb pan delivers the tube-driven atmosphere that really fills out your sound with classic depth and dimension. Immediately following the reverb tank, there's a power tube tremolo circuit you can use to shake up your sound with an extra dose of warmth and wobble. At Sweetwater, we've played with countless vintage-style amps, and it just doesn't get better than this. No off-the-shelf speakers for these vintage-style amps Stock speakers simply wouldn't do for Supro amps such as the 2 x 10" 1650RT Royal Reverb. That's why Supro teamed up with America's premier speaker manufacturer, Eminence, to develop a series of custom speakers that would bring the classic voice of these guitar amplifiers to life. These special Supro CR10 speakers start off with an edge-wound voice coil and a ceramic magnet, which push an extremely lightweight and stiff paper cone. The result is a distinctly Jensen-esque tone with superb volume and exceptionally tight low end. Supro 1650RT Royal Reverb Combo Guitar Amplifier Features: Supro's new flagship guitar amp revives an original mid-'60s classic 6L6-fueled power amp section with 3 power modes offers a wide range of tone Long, 6-spring reverb pan with all-tube reverb provides classic ambience Tremolo circuit reacts differently to Class A and Class AB modes for added character Loaded with 2 x 10" Supro CR10 speakers and independent bass and treble controls

Price: CHF 1'639.00

Fender Squier Tele Classic Vibe Thinline (SOLD)

The semi-hollow Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Thinline Electric Guitar boasts a rich natural-finish mahogany body with an acoustic chamber f-hole and an attractive white pearloid pickguard. The Thinline Tele's gloss maple neck sports 21 medium-jumbo frets and a modern, flatter 9.5" radius. Other appointments include vintage style tuners and a 3-saddle bridge. The guitar's custom Alnico V single-coil pickups provide warmth and clarity and enough punch for country, blues, rock and jazz.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Body: Mahogany Finish: Gloss polyester Neck: 1-Piece maple, Modern C-shaped Fingerboard: Maple Frets: 21 medium jumbo Scale Length: 25-1/2" Nut Width: 1-5/8" Hardware: Chrome Tuning keys: Vintage-style tuning machines Bridge: Vintage-style string-thru Tele bridge with three chrome barrel saddles Pickguard: Pearloid Pickups: 2 Custom single-coil Tele pickups with Alnico V magnets (Neck and Bridge) Pickup switching: 3-position blade: Position 1. Bridge Pickup Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups Position 3. Neck Pickup Controls: Volume, Tone Strings: Fender Super 250L, (.009 to .042) Nickel-plated steel knurled chrome knobs Black dot position inlays Gold Squier logo Original barrel switch tip

Price: CHF 469.00

Supro Comet 1610RT 110 (SOLD)

Supro's 1610 Comet all-tube electric guitar combo amplifier screams with vintage-voiced grit that will bring out the best in all your guitars. Its straightforward circuitry is aimed at players who want to crank the volume and receive thick, old-school amp distortion. You'll also find tube-driven reverb and tremolo onboard. All this in a 14-watt, 10" combo amp that is impressively convenient for gigging guitarists. And the 1610 Comet comes clothed in Supro's retro 1959 Black Rhino Hide Tolex and gold faceplate.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Engineered for old-school grit Tube-driven reverb and tremolo Convenient and attractive design Engineered for old-school grit The voice of Supro's 1610 Comet tube combo amp is decidedly retro and rocking. You easily attain thick sustaining tones by cranking up the volume control past noon. This non-master circuit allows you to play the amp as much as you play your guitar. Slam it hard for extra distortion. Back off your guitar's volume for jangly cleans. And the onboard output switch will take the Comet down to six watts to nail those over-the-top tones at quieter volumes. You'll be amazed at the size of your tone coming from such a compact combo. Tube-driven reverb and tremolo The sound of great tube-driven amplifier reverb and tremolo circuits helped define the vintage tones that many of us chase every day. The 1610 Comet is loaded with impressive takes on these timeless sounds. The reverb is excellent for adding a touch of ambience to your sound as well as dialing up springy surf-inspired washes. The 12AX7-based onboard tremolo boasts controls for speed and depth, allowing you to precisely perfect the amount of throb and pulse in your guitar's voice. These effects have impressed every player at Sweetwater who has experienced them. Convenient and attractive design With as much attitude and sound as the Supro 1610 Comet all-tube electric guitar amplifier exudes, the fact that it does it in a very portable 10" speaker design is that much more stunning. You'll appreciate all the top-end clarity that makes Supros so popular, and the amount of low end put out by the amp's custom 10" speaker will have you putting away your larger guitar cabinets. Thanks to this construction, the 1610 Comet's portability can be a gigging guitarist's best friend. And it will do it while looking dashing in its Black Rhino Tolex and gold faceplate. Supro 1610 Comet Combo Guitar Amplifier Features: Compact all-tube guitar combo with a vintage flavor Non-master circuit delivers an old-school high-gain tone Tube-driven reverb and tremolo onboard 10" speaker offers plenty of low end and top-end clarity Great looking 1959 Supro cosmetics Convenient dimensions are ideal for gigging guitarists Engineered to bring the best out of your guitars

Price: CHF 1'479.00

Fender Squier Strat Classic Vibe 50s (SOLD)

The Squier® Classic Vibe Stratocaster® '50s celebrates the first decade of one of the world's most instantly recognizable guitars, with some modern features thrown in for good measure! Boasting an alder body with a period-correct 2-color sunburst finish, the Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s is built for vintage tone. The three custom vintage-style single-coil Strat® pickups boast staggered polepieces for improved string-to-string balance with alnico III magnets for excellent sustain. For classic Strat feel with enough touches to feel truly modern, look to the Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Like many Strats that have come before, the Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s sports an alder body with a period- correct 2-color sunburst finish. The traditional maple neck is tinted to resemble a vintage Strat neck with a maple fingerboard. The long-familiar Strat tone is managed with a trio of single-coil pickups powered by alnico III magnets for clear, bright Strat tones with the perfect amount of sustain. A vintage-style synchronized tremolo rounds out the feature set. Unique touches Squier's Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s is also equipped with the features modern players demand. The maple neck is loaded with player-favorite medium-jumbo frets on a modern 9.5" radius neck. Aged plastic parts lend a vintage vibe to the aesthetics, and black dot position markers run the length of the neck. Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s Features: Body - Alder Neck - 1-Piece Maple, Modern "C" Shape (Gloss Polyester Finish) Fingerboard - Maple, 9.5" Radius No. of Frets - 21 Medium Jumbo Frets Pickups - 3 Custom Vintage Style Single-Coil Strat Pickups with Staggered, AlNiCo 3 Magnet Pole Pieces Aged White Pickup Covers, Knobs, and Switch Tip Pickup Switching - 5-Position Blade Bridge - Vintage Style Synchronized Tremolo Machine Heads - Vintage Style Tuning Machines Hardware - Chrome Pickguard - 1-Ply White Scale Length - 25.5" Width at Nut - 1.650" Vintage Tinted Neck Black Dot Position Inlays Vintage Styling Synthetic Bone Nut

Price: CHF 499.00

Vox AC10C1 White Bronco

Get iconic Top Boost tone in a compact, all-tube package with the Vox AC10C1 guitar amplifier combo. This all-tube 10-watt combo gives you classic Vox tone through a custom Celestion 10" speaker. Volume and gain controls let you dial in everything from clean, chimey, classic Vox to serious overdrive — and everything in between. If you want a punchy and touch-responsive British tube combo, the Vox AC10C1 is it.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Finally, you can have the sought-after Vox Top Boost tone in an all-tube, affordable combination. The Vox AC10C1 gives you that legendary Top Boost tone in a perfect studio-sized package. This expressive amp lets you also dial in clean chime all the way to heavy crunch. And a simple 2-band EQ lets you sculpt your tone to perfection. Get the historic Vox tones you've been looking for with the Vox AC10C1. Tone, tone — and more tone Although the Vox AC10C1 sports only 10 watts, these are tube watts, and this thing gets louder than you would expect. With 10 watts to kick around, you also get copious tone mojo that you have to fight for in higher-wattage amps. Separate gain and volume controls let you dial in bright cleans to crunchy rhythms at levels that won't get you evicted. For practice and small gigs, the Vox AC10C1 remains one of the most popular tube amps at Sweetwater. All-tube design Guitar players love tubes. A Vox wouldn't be a Vox without glowing glass. Just like its big brothers, the Vox AC10C1 combo features two 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL84 power tubes. This combination gives you the classic Vox Top Boost tones. Vox AC10C1 Tube Guitar Amp Combo Features: 10-watt, all-tube combo loaded with British tone Limited Edition White Bronco cabinet Single channel amp with classic Top Boost circuitry 12AX7 dual triode vacuum tubes in the preamp stage EL84 pentode tubes in the power stage 10" Celestion VX10 custom speaker Highly interactive treble and bass tone controls Master volume control lets you create the perfect degree of gain staging Get clean, chimey Vox tone or powerful overdrive — and everything in between Custom Vox reverb goes from smooth and subtle to big and spacious

Price: CHF 599.00

Fender Squier Strat Clsc Vibe 50s (SOLD)

The Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s in Sherwood Green is fantastic value for money. This is one classy solid body electric guitar. With its maple neck and fingerboard it delivers a 1950s vintage look and feel. At Merchant City Music we set every guitar up before dispatch. Our guitar techs will put this Strat through a full quality control before it leaves our shop. Also, if you have any particular requests please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Maple neck Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s in Sherwood Green Metallic. If you are looking for that famed Strat versatility, look and sound but don't want to spend a fortune then this could be for you. The Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s in Sherwood Green Metallic is certainly a looker. That rich green finish against a maple fretboard really does look fantastic. If the looks are vintage though the playability has a more modern feel. Sporting a nine and a half inch radius fretboard rather than seven and a quarter is part of that. As Does the Modern C neck profile. It makes the Fender Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s comfortable play. The maple neck has been bolted on to an alder wood body. This is the classic Strat combination of tone woods. Classic single coil pickup electric guitar tones. As well as looks and playability it is also a bit of a tone machine. The quality of sound achieved by the three Custom Vintage Style Single Coil Strat pickups is impressive. Especially when you consider the price. The Alnico III pickups of the Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s in Sherwood Green Metallic are clear without being harsh. Plenty of character. Coupled up with a five way switch it makes for a versatile electric guitar.

Price: CHF 439.00

Way Huge Russian Pickle Fuzz

Looking for that elusive "tall font" black Russian fuzz tone? Unless you can find a collector's piece, the Way Huge Russian-Pickle Fuzz pedal is as good as it gets — possibly even better. Born out of Jeorge Tripps's desire to create a Swollen Pickle model with the essential vibe of that '90s Sovtek classic fuzz pedal production, the famous effects wizard ultimately tracked down the source of its smooth and creamy distortion to a long-discontinued BC183 silicon transistor. As it happens, Way Huge stockpiled NOS BC183s while they could, making it possible for the Russian-Pickle Fuzz to hit the market.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

In most respects, the Russian-Pickle Fuzz is perfectly true to the original, or at least one from a batch of the best-sounding fuzz pedals to leave Russia in the '90s. According to Sweetwater's in-house guitar-tone gurus, the Russian-Pickle appears to have a bit more gain on tap, and the EQ is slightly more pronounced, but the vibe is 100% spot-on. It's exactly the kind of pedal you want at your feet if you're playing grunge or shoegaze rock, and if you're part of a 2- or 3-piece garage band, there's no question — just tie on your flannel and grab a Russian-Pickle. By the way, this thing also sounds monstrous on bass, so feel free to unleash your favorite 4-string on this fantastic fuzz. Way Huge Russian-Pickle Fuzz Pedal Features: A true-to-life re-creation of the famous '90s-era "tall font" black fuzz pedal Captures the fat, smooth, and wooly sound of the coveted Sovtek production Made with NOS of the same discontinued BC183 silicon transistor as the original Includes hints of the gain and EQ structure of the Swollen Pickle Ideal for grunge, garage, and shoegaze rock genres, as well as bass

Price: CHF 198.00

Fender Squier Affinity Tele RCG RW (SOLD)

The Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster produces a range of powerful tones, thanks to its two vintage-style tele pickups. The guitar's alder body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard deliver sweet, warm tones with sparkling highs and a thick, creamy low end. The 6-saddle telecaster bridge and die-cast tuners offer incredible string stability, enhancing the guitars resonance and sustain. Delivering everything you need and producing the vintage Telecaster twang.

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Excellent Tonewoods The affinity series Telecaster is crafted from a solid alder body with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, delivering powerfully bright, clear tones with beefy mids and thick lows. While the alder tonewood provides strong, full-bodied sounds, the maple and rosewood combination opens up the guitar’s midrange and gives the highs plenty of warmth and sparkle. Beautifully Designed Featuring a set of vintage-style single-coil tele pickups, the Squier produces a classic telecaster twang, accompanied by sweet, warm tones. Its 6-saddle tele bridge and die-cast tuners ensure the guitar stays in-tune, while enhancing string resonance for an incredible sustain. A volume, tone and 3-way selector provide control over the guitars pickups, allowing you to create a range of powerful tones. Affinity Series The Affinity Series Telecaster has a proud heritage, taking after the Fender telecaster which has been seen in the hands of some of music's finest guitarists. The contoured solid alder body is the same world-renowned style used by a rage of musicians, from Bruce Springsteen to Status Quo, it's presence can be felt in many a classic rock anthem. and thousands more. The Squier Affinity offers supreme playability as well as a great tone. The simplicity of this guitar allows it to be versatile with all types of players and styles. Specifications Model Number: 0310200592 Series: Affinity Body & Bridge Body: Alder Shape: Telecaster Bridge: 6-Saddle Top-Load Tele Construction: Bolt-On Finish: Race Green Neck & Fingerboard Neck: Maple Profile: "C" Scale Length: 25.5" (648 mm) Fingerboard: Rosewood Radius: 9.5" (241 mm) Frets: 20 Medium Jumbo Inlays: Pearloid Dots Nut: Synthetic Bone Nut Width: 1.6" (40.6 mm) Electronics & Hardware Bridge Pickup: Vintage-Style Single-Coil Tele Neck Pickup: Vintage-Style Single-Coil Tele Controls: Volume, Tone, 3-Way Selector Tuning Machines: Standard Die-Cast Control Knobs: Knurled Flat Top Pickguard: 3-Ply White Hardware: Chrome Strings: Fender USA 250L, NPS (.009, - .042 Gauges) Case Included: No

Price: CHF 219.00

Xotic EP Booster

The Xotic EP Booster pedal for electric guitar is based on the preamp stage of the classic EP-3 echo effects processor. Legendary guitarists used that preamp to craft their studio tones, including Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, and Eric Johnson. The EP Booster pedal delivers up to 20dB of boost that will add an undeniably rich character to your guitar tone. Internal Dip switches allow you to fine-tune the boost frequencies and EQ settings. To hit your amp harder while also adding some character to your tone, Sweetwater can highly recommend the Xotic EP Booster pedal.

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Xotic was born in a small garage in Southern California in 1996 and quickly became known for high-quality, boutique bass guitars and bass preamps. These days, they've expanded the pedal line, crafting stompboxes that are played by some of the finest guitarists in the business. Their acclaimed AC Booster, RC Booster, and BB Preamp pedals remain some of their most popular pedals. Xotic EP Booster Pedal Features at a Glance: Boost pedal based on the preamp stage of the classic EP-3 echo effects processor Up to 20dB of boost for adding volume or sending your amp into overdrive Internal Dip switches for adjusting boost frequencies and EQ True bypass switching removes the effect from your signal path when disengaged Powered via 9-volt battery or optional AC adapter (sold separately)

Price: CHF 189.00

Fender Squier Affinity J Bass (SOLD)

A value-priced version of the world-famous Fender Jazz Bass.

This super-affordable Squier Affinity Series J Bass will astound you with the fabulous feel and tone of the original. Genuine rosewood fretboard, maple neck, sculpted alder body, 2 vintage-style single-coil J Bass pickups, and a top-loaded bridge are all the essentials you need to get it right.

Alder body
Maple neck
Rosewood fretboard
Medium-jumbo frets
2 vintage-style single-coil Jazz Bass pickups
Top-loaded bridge

Price: CHF 249.00

ZVEX Box of Rock Vexter

The Vexter Box of Rock is a silkscreened version of ZVex's first distortion pedal, highly specialized to simulate the "everything on 10" sound of a classic Marshall amplifier. Use your guitar's volume control to adjust the amount of distortion you need, all the way down to very clean and clear with most drive settings. The silkscreened ZVex Box has one "Distortron Engine" stomp switch”that's no typo, but what Mr. Vex himself calls his distortion circuit. The Box of Rock also contains an extremely high-headroom, unity-to-50X gain booster with nominal input impedance and low hiss.

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Drive, Tone, Volume, and Boost controls give you easy control over your distortion Silkscreened model allows for a few visual tweaks Gives you great classic amp tone through any sort of amplifier Powered by 9V battery or 9V adapter (adapter not included)

Price: CHF 229.00

Duesenberg Fullerton CC USED

Second hand. Excellent condition. Inklusiv Koffer/case. Duesenberg set out to make a guitar with the input of it's fans and guitar players looking for the best of the best. The result.... The Fullerton CC. Retaining the classic features that have made Deusenberg guitars so popular with all the best hardware and fittings available these guitars are truly magnificent.

This guitar has a semi-acoustic maple body with a spruce arched top, stable maple neck with rosewood fretboard, ingenious pickup design with Domino P90 and Grand Vintage humbuckers, and the Duesenberg Deluxe Tremola with superior handling. All together this gives you great tone, amazing sustain and a tremelo arm thats amazingly subtle and sensitive

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This guitar gives you the unique combination of a Domino P90 for bright lead work and a vintage humbucker for deep rhythm sounds. Both pickups are great sounding, you get vintage tone in the bridge and a more modern tone form the neck P90. The tremolo arm is subtle, well positioned and feels great to play. All together this is a great sounding guitar Type: traditionally glued in Wood: 1-piece maple Width: 42,5 mm / 1.67" (nut), 52 mm / 2.05" (12th fret) Thickness: 21 mm / 0.8" (1st fret), 24 mm / 0.95" (12th fret) Shape: D Fingerboard: indian rosewood Radius: 30,5 mm / 12" Inlays: pearloid dots Frets: 22 jumbo 2,8 x 1,0 mm Scale length: 650 mm / 25.6" Trussrod: steel dual-action Headstock: matching body color Body Type: semi-acoustic with sustain block, bent sides, f-hole Top: laminated spruce Back, Sides: laminated spruce Size: 51,5 x 41 x 6,8 cm / 20.27" x 16" x 2.75" Binding: cream Pickguard: black & gold Finish: PUR lacquer Hardware Tuners: Duesenberg Z-Tuners, "Art Diego" buttons Bridge: Duesenberg steel saddle bridge Tremelo: Duesenberg Deluxe Tremola Strap pins: Kluson Multi-Lock Hardware color: nickel Strings: Duesenberg DSA10 (010-013-017-028-042-050) Electrics Pickup: Duesenberg Domino P-90 (neck) Duesenberg Grand Vintage Humbucker (Bridge) Wiring: 1 volume, 1 tone, 3-way pickup selector Accessories Case: case (included)

Price: CHF 1'650.00

Death by Audio Micro Dream Delay

Death by Audio has been known to push the limits of gain and dirt, and now they’re doing it with delay. The original Echo Dream delay pushes the limits of the PT2399 chip into the red while adding a slew of bells and whistles, but the Micro Dream keeps the core intact and gives you the insane delay of the original in a tiny box.

Three controls govern Feedback, Delay Time and mix (labeled “Delay”). Of course, since this is a Death By Audio pedal, the controls range from pedestrian to full-on signal gnashing.

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The chips inside the Micro Dream are rated to go to 600 milliseconds. The max delay time of the Micro Dream is one full second—pushing it this far introduces a leaned-out lo-fi delay tone that hisses, pops and falls apart. The Feedback control has an onboard trimmer that sets how quickly the Micro Dream springs into self-oscillation (come on, you knew it would). When combining this gnarly feedback section with the extended delay time, some very noisy and hairy DBA-style delay leaps out of the Micro Dream. It gets real in a hurry. Death by Audio Micro Dream Delay features: Extended delay time that pushes the chip into the red Huge feedback range with onboard acceleration trimpot Made in USA Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

Price: CHF 239.00

Earthquaker Devices Organiser V2

The Organizer is a polyphonic organ emulator designed to mimic the organ tones of yesteryear crossed with the highly unique "Guitorgan". The organizer has a warm and very analog feel with a hint of Leslie warble that is unlike other modern octave shifters. It tracks all over the neck on both guitar and bass and will transpose single notes as well as chords. The Organizer uses a mix of analog and DSP circuitry with true bypass switching and an all analog direct (dry) signal path.

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The Controls Up: Level control for the octave up Down: Level control for the octave down Choir: This control takes a mix of the octave up and octave down setting and regenerates it. The end result is an additional 2 octaves up, 2 octaves down and direct signal with a slight delay that adds a "church organ" like feel. This control only works if the octave up and octave down are in use Direct: Level control for the analog dry signal Tone: Low pass filter for the wet signal, counter clockwise rolls off the high end Lag: Delay control for the wet signal. Full counter-clockwise is minimal delay, delay time increases as it rotates clockwise Summon the tones of yesteryear. Order today. SPECIFICATIONS Power A standard 9-volt DC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel, current draw is 70ma (sold separately). No battery option. Dimensions 4 5/8³ x 2 1/2³ x 2.25³ with knobs

Price: CHF 229.00

Xotic Effects Soul Driven OD

Xotic's Soul Driven overdrive pedal was originally developed with melodic guitar master Allen Hinds. Hinds is a big fan of tube amp overdrive and demands a pedal that will replicate the exact tone and response of a perfectly tuned amp. The Soul Driven delivers beautifully — offering powerful control over your mid frequencies, fattening up your tone, while simultaneously punching through the mix. And the tone control adds clarity without ever becoming harsh at higher settings. Grab the Soul Driven and get ready for inspirational, authentic tube tone.

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Allen Hinds is a masterful guitarist whose playing has graced the stages and albums of artists such as Natalie Cole, Roberta Flack, Boney James, and many more. Known for his vocal and melodic approach to soloing, he has developed a guitar tone that faithfully translates those nuances to his audience. Hinds has been a long-time Xotic Effects user, and now with the release of the Soul Driven, he can add the design of a fantastic overdrive pedal to his list of distinguished accomplishments. Fat, amp-like overdrive Allen Hinds partnered with Xotic Effects to design the original, limited-edition Soul Driven overdrive pedal with one goal in mind — attain all the tone and feel of tubes in an easy-to-use stompbox. Together, they definitely achieved their goal. Onboard this production version of the pedal, you'll find a standard set of Gain, Volume, and Tone controls. And the Mid Boost pushes your midrange in a way that thickens your tone, while never sounding notched or nasally. Sweetwater guitarists appreciate great tube tone, and the Soul Driven overdrive pedal never lets them down. Xotic Effects quality The Xotic Soul Driven overdrive pedal is crafted with the same top-shelf components and attention to detail that has placed Xotic pedals on thousands of pedalboards throughout the world. Internally you'll find a clean circuit board that has been perfectly wired, and a true bypass circuit ensures your tone remains pristine while the pedal is disengaged. There is a limited supply of these great overdrives available, so make one yours today. Xotic Effects Soul Driven Overdrive Pedal Features: Developed with guitarist Allen Hinds Engineered to react like a driven tube amplifier Active Mid Boost control fattens your tone Tone control offers versatility while remaining thick sounding True bypass construction

Price: CHF 259.00

Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine

The Rainbow Machine from EarthQuaker Devices empowers guitarists to defy convention and explore otherworldly sounds that are often very unguitar-like. This polyphonic pitch-shifting modulator pedal creates soundscapes that wash your sound in harmonic movement. And the selectable Magic control takes the pitch-shifting effects into totally new sonic territory. By EarthQuaker Devices' own admission, the Rainbow Machine is for "experimenters, adventurists, and noisemakers."

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The Rainbow Machine polyphonic modulator pedal offers pitch shifting up to a 3rd up and a 4th down. This can be controlled by the onboard pitch knob or an expression pedal. Its 6-knob layout allows for deep control of modulation effects going from mind altering to more standard guitar tones like slapback delay, chorus, and reverb. But when the knobs start creeping up, so does the fun. Undefined percussive bursts, chimy high-frequency artifacts, and stepped pitch bends are all available in the Rainbow Machine. Turn on the Magic The footswitchable Magic feature on the Rainbow Machine is at its core a regeneration device. It creates aliasing between the primary and secondary controls for sounds that get way out there. Because of how it works, it's highly interactive with the other knobs on the pedal. Tiny changes in them will bring out whole new worlds of modulated, pitch-bending exploration. And if you want a sound that's easier to fit into a full-band context, just kick off the Magic. From the pedal gurus at EarthQuaker Devices Akron, Ohio's EarthQuaker Devices is a boutique pedal company that puts all of their focus on building tools for musicians to find their own tone. Their designs range from enhanced classics to pedals that have never been seen or heard before. Company founder Jamie Stillman was working with rock band the Black Keys when he came upon a design for the pedal that kick-started the company's success. Ever since then EarthQuaker Devices has been committed to helping you find your tone with high-quality products at great prices. EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine Polyphonic Pitch-shifting Modulator Effects Pedal Features: Polyphonic pitch-shifting modulator pedal Magic control adds more harmonic movement 100% analog dry signal path True bypass Expression pedal for control of the pitch

Price: CHF 265.00

Earthquaker Devices Warden Compressor

The Warden keeps your dynamics in line. But it does so in eminently musical fashion. This EarthQuaker Devices' optical compressor pedal sports classic feedback-style circuitry and a feature set you'd expect to find on studio compressors. Built with high-grade components and internally powered by 18 volts, The Warden has gobs of gain and sustain on tap. With total control over attack, release, sustain, and ratio, The Warden delivers everything from heavy squash with quick attack and release to super-subtle compression. Optical compressors enjoy a reputation for having more character than VCA- or FET-based designs, and Sweetwater can attest that EarthQuaker Devices' The Warden sounds wonderfully warm and characterful, indeed.

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A feedback-style compressor, The Warden likes it hot - as in, the louder the signal, the more compression you get. Short sustain equals little compression, more sluggish attack and release, and cooler signal; maximum sustain equals heavy compression, longer sustain, hotter signal, and more sprightly attack and release. If you've ever used a Teletronix LA-2A (the holy grail among those in the know), that's classic feedback-style compression, in all its glory. The Warden nails it. Add dead-quiet operation and a complete modern control set to the vintage mojo, and you've got what may be the ultimate compressor pedal for guitar or anything else. Put EarthQuaker Devices The Warden in your signal chain, and you'll hear what we mean. Akron, Ohio's EarthQuaker Devices is a boutique pedal company that puts all of their focus on building tools for musicians to find their own tone. Their designs range from enhanced classics to pedals that have never been seen or heard before. Company founder Jamie Stillman was working with rock band the Black Keys when he came upon a design for the pedal that kick-started the company's success. Ever since then EarthQuaker Devices has been committed to helping you find your tone with high-quality products at great prices. EarthQuaker Devices The Warden Features: Warm, characterful optical compression with tons of control: Tone: The Warden can mildly color your tone; dial in coloration to taste: Counterclockwise is treble cut, clockwise is treble boost Around 11 o'clock, the tone is nearly flat Level: controls the overall output and is affected by the sustain and ratio settings Sustain: controls how hot the signal is, which changes the dynamics of the compression Ratio: determines how much the gain reduction affects your signal: All the way up is full compression The compression is reduced as you turn the knob counterclockwise Attack: controls how quickly the compressor reacts and starts leveling the signal: All the way counterclockwise is a fast, nearly immediate reaction Turning the attack clockwise slows the reaction time Release: controls recovery, as determined by the sustain and ratio settings True bypass Requires standard 9-volt DC power supply with 2.1mm negative-center barrel Handcrafted in EarthQuaker's Akron, Ohio, factory

Price: CHF 245.00

Hotone Thunder Bass Top

The Hotone Thunder Bass draws inspiration from the Ampeg SVT and offers players a high quality sound that is flexible and stable. The Thunder Bass features a full 3 band EQ to give you control over the shape of the tone as well as volume and gain controls.

The Nano Thunder Bass features Auxillary in jack and Headphone out jack providing you with the ability to practice and record comfortably and also to play along with an external source. The speaker output automatically matches different cabinet impedances from 4 - 16 Ohms.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Sound inspired by the Legendary Ampeg SVT Extremely compact configuration for portability High quality tone with Volume and Gain controls 3 Band EQ controls for shaping your tone Speaker out can automatically fit cabinets of different impedances (4-16?) FX LOOP for using external effects Headphone output jack is very convenient for practicing and recording Aux In jack can let you play with an external music player 18V DC power supply (Adapter included) Power Output: 5 Watts Dimensions: 128mm (W) x 75mm (D) x 59.5mm (H) Weight: 440 g

Price: CHF 99.00

TC Electronic Hyper Gravity Mini

Add a wealth of classic and modern compressors to your pedalboard, with the TC Electronic HyperGravity Mini Compressor pedal. The HyperGravity Mini uses a highly advanced multiband dynamics algorithm from TC Electronic's System 6000, which has been the preferred dynamics tool for top producers for over 10 years. Dial in just the right amount of compression and sustain with the Attack, Sustain, and Level controls, or tap into customized TonePrint settings created by top artists. Guitarists are sure you'll be able to achieve practically any compressed guitar tone you want with TC Electronic's HyperGravity Mini Compressor pedal.

Price: CHF 115.00

Mark Bass STD 104 HR Cabinet USED

Second Hand. Excellent condition. The Markbass Standard 104HR is an exceptional, professional bass speaker cabinet that performs well in any club, big or small. The Standard 104HR cab puts out impressive power of 800W and weighs only 56 pounds. Working bassists will love the 104HR speaker cabinet for its power, high-quality sound and portability. Perfectly capable in a standalone situation, this bass speaker cab is even more ear-catching when combined with a Markbass Standard 151HR or 102HF.

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Ultra-light neodymium B&C speakers 1" compression driver with custom horn Great power-to-weight ratio Made of high-grade, multi-ply poplar Glued, screwed, and sealed internally with special compounds for maximum sound quality Protected corners Grill for protecting speakers Lightweight SPECIFICATIONS Impedance: 8 or 4 ohms Speaker size: 4 x 10" Bass Port: Rear Tweeter: 1" compression driver with custom horn Power Handling: 800W RMS (AES Standard) Crossover Frequency: 3.5kHz Frequency Response: 35Hz to 20kHz Sensitivity: 103 dB SPL Weight: 56 lbs. Dimensions: 23.4"W x 23.8"H x 18.9"D

Price: CHF 650.00

Palmer PDI06 Power Attenuator 8 Ohm

Imagine all the awesome, saturated, tube distortion of your favourite big tube amp, but at levels that you can play without angering your neighbors. The Palmer PDI-06 soaks up some of the power of your tube amp, but only after it has been through the entire amp circuit. Sitting between amp and speaker, this attenuator takes down the volume of an amplifier without removing the power tube distortion that many guitarists crave.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

The PDI06 is a power attenuator for live applications. The device is connected between the amplifier output and the speaker cabinet. It makes it possible to use the popular power stage distortion of tube amplifiers while reducing the associated high volume level. This permits practical volume reduction in six increments from 100% to 18% for stage and practice room situations. An additional level makes the speaker completely mute; the PDI06 then functions as a LOAD BOX and absorbs the entire output power of the amplifier. This mode of operation is useful, for example, when connecting an amplifier equipped with a speaker cabinet emulation directly to the mixing desk using an existing line-out and loud volume levels in the recording booth are undesirable. The unit has an input for the speaker signal from the amplifier and two outputs for connecting speaker cabinets. Specifications Maximum input power: 120 watts 6-position switch, 5 increments (3 dB each) for volume reduction, equivalent to attenuation of the input power to 70%, 50%, 35%, 25%, 18%. The LOAD BOX position mutes the connected speaker cabinet. The BYPASS/ATTENUATOR switch lets the user toggle quickly between full and reduced output.

Price: CHF 279.00

TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler Mini

Like its full-sized predecessor, the TC Electronic Mimiq Mini Doubler effects pedal puts the stacked sound of your multi-tracked guitar lines onto your pedalboard. With a tap of your toe, the Mimiq Mini Doubler instantly simulates all the intricacies and imperfections that create the massive tones of double-tracked guitars. Controls for Tightness, Dry, and Effect dial the sound in for a tighter sound with more impact, or a bit looser for a more organic feel. Ask any guitarist, the TC Electronic Mimiq Mini Doubler pedal is a great way to achieve a larger-than-life guitar sound.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Studio-quality doubler effects pedal Tightness control simulates the feel of 2 separate takes Perfect for creating huge stacked tones for live performance Works equally well with clean and distorted tones True bypass switching

Price: CHF 115.00

Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II Plus

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus is a universal power supply for all battery-operated guitar pedal effects. New features include two outputs that will power Line 6 modeling pedals and two outputs that can have a variable voltage sag to emulate dying carbon batteries. Like the original Pedal Power, each of its eight outputs are completely isolated, short-circuit protected, regulated, and highly filtered. The Pedal Power 2 Plus comes complete with cables and a detachable AC power cord; it is handmade in the US and carries a 5-year warranty.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Isolated outputs Short-circuit protection Toroidal transformer Isolated outputs Each output is completely isolated, so you won't have any ground loops or interaction between pedals that can cause hum and noise. Unlike other common ground power supplies, you can run effects that have both negative and positive grounds without difficulty. Short-circuit protection The Pedal Power 2 Plus's outputs are individually short-circuit protected. If you have a short in a power cable, or one of your pedals malfunctions, the Pedal Power 2 Plus will temporarily turn off the power to that pedal. All other outputs will continue to function normally, and the Pedal Power 2 Plus will not be damaged. Toroidal transformer Power transformers create an electric field that can cause hum and noise in your effects. Some effects, such as wahs, are particularly susceptible to this. A toroidal transformer has a specially designed core that greatly reduces this electric field. The Pedal Power 2 Plus uses this type of power transformer so that your pedalboard is quiet. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Universal 8-output Power Supply Features: Powers up to 8 pedals Isolated outputs Short-circuit protection Toroidal transformer Included Cables: 5.5 x 2.1mm right-angle barrel connectors (6) 5.5 x 2.1mm straight barrel connectors (2) 5.5 x 2.5mm red barrel for L6 (1) 3.5mm mini plug for vintage MXR or Electro-Harmonix (1) 9-volt battery snap for pedals without a power jack (1)

Price: CHF 199.00

Boss RV-500 Reverb

The power and versatility of BOSS's 500 series digital effects pedals come to reverb in the RV-500 multi-effects pedal. Loaded to the brim with gorgeous-sounding reverb effects, the 12 onboard reverb types mean tonal adventurers will never run out of inspiration. And editing these sounds can be a straightforward affair or take tone tweakers down a deep well of options and sonic perfection. BOSS has a long legacy of lauded reverb effects, such as their RV-5's legendary Modulate mode and their COSM modeling of famed Fender spring reverb tones. The RV-500 is like your own personal library of all of these sounds in a single stompbox.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

12 inspiring reverb effects Reverb is an absolute necessity on most electric guitar players' pedalboards these days. From covering ambient passages to the drippy tones only achieved through a spring-like setting, you're guaranteed to be called upon to wrangle these sounds. This makes the RV-500 an ideal partner for stage, studio, and home use. You'll find everything from warm-sounding room reverbs for a bit of extra ambience to highly effected SFX and shimmer sounds, all being processed through the pedal's astounding 32-bit/96kHz. Even with a world of tonal shaping onboard, the BOSS RV-500 reverb pedal is equally suited for control freaks and the plug-and-play types of the world. The pedal's intuitive layout of top-mounted controls allows you to fine-tune your sound's tone, level, pre-delay, and more. You're even able to save your custom presets with a few pushes of a button. But when it's time to go deeper, you'll find the bright display and vast menus urge you to conjure every tone you can dream up. Once they got it in their hands, Sweetwater musicians — even keys, synth, and bass players since it works equally well on them all — were thrilled to see a versatile set of inputs and outputs. True stereo performance will split your tones to two separate amplifiers, creating a sonic space that simply has to be experienced to be believed. With its ability to be switched from true-bypass to buffered operation, there isn't anywhere in your signal chain that the RV-500 can't handle. And you have up to 297 preset locations for all your sonic creations.

Price: CHF 429.00

Death by Audio Micro Harmonic Trans

The original Death By Audio Harmonic Transformer was a burly monstrous fuzz, hell-bent on destruction of your signal and amp. Unfortunately, it was also hell-bent on wiping out all the space on your pedalboard. It was huge. The Micro Harmonic Transformer takes care of all that. Welcome back.

The Harmonic Transformer contains only one volume knob and two toggle switches. However, your guitar’s volume and tone controls help aid the madness, and as such, there’s a great deal of variance to be found.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

The first toggle, Intensity, increases the gain content. The sine wave side is a smoother (but make no mistake, still gnarly) fuzz, while the square wave side yields soul-reaving, mountain pushing fuzz tones that ensure you’ll be heard. Death by Audio Micro Harmonic Transformer Fuzz features: The second toggle, Harmonic Shape, engages a complex filter that changes the harmonic content of the signal. Your choices are a rich full-spectrum fuzz sound and a clangy, mid-scooped tonal ruckus. Built the same as the original, just much smaller Two toggle switches deliver lots of versatility Built in USA Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included):

Price: CHF 219.00

Earthquaker Space Spiral Delay

The EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral is an analog-voiced digital delay pedal with a ton of tone-shaping potential that will appeal to the most sonically adventurous. The Space Spiral utilizes a digital engine to deliver up to 600ms of oil-can-style analog-voiced repeats. The onboard variable waveshape LFO enables you to craft the character of the repeats from a "soothing triangle shape" to a "choppy square shape." And all the Space Spiral's aural power comes to you from the forward-thinking circuit tweakers at EarthQuaker Devices.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

The Space Spiral utilizes the power of a digital delay engine to get the most from its dark and ethereal repeats. And unlike many analog delay pedals, the Space Spiral is able to deliver anything from 30 to 600ms of delay time. And while a digital soul lies within the Space Spiral, the pedal boasts a 100% analog dry signal path. This, combined with the pedal's true bypass switching, ensures your instrument's tone stays pristine whether the pedal is engaged or not. The power of the EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral modulated delay effects pedal goes far beyond its warm and ambient core tone. The Space Spiral boasts a variable waveshape LFO that can drastically change the style and character of the pedal's repeats. The Depth and Shape controls interact with delay controls to go from a familiar-sounding effect to a hard-edged repeat that can provide a great rhythmic effect. There are a lot of sounds onboard the Space Spiral, and Sweewater is excited to hear the creations you come up with.

Price: CHF 239.00

Fender CN140SCE Classical (SOLD)

Included Hard Shell case/koffer. The Classic Design CN models combine the easy playability and distinct tone of nylon strings with the comfort of steel-string spacing. We’ve replaced the typically wide necks normally found on classical guitars with the same easy-playing neck profile found on all other Classic Design models. As a nod to tradition, the CN-140SCE uses a solid cedar top, along with rosewood back and sides for a warm and mellow tone. The CN-140SCE provides a supremely comfortable experience for players of any skill level—the ‘thinline’ concert body makes it a perfect guitar for the living room and stage alike, while the single cutaway makes it easy to access higher frets. When the need to plug in arises, this model’s onboard Fishman® electronics provide straightforward, yet powerful tonal control.

Price: CHF 369.00

Fulltone SSTE Tape Echo

Get real deal echo with the Fulltone Custom Shop Solid State Tape Echo. Real tape, real circuits, no modeling. Choose between a vintage-voiced EP-3 preamp for old-school tones or a full-range preamp that keeps your rig's tone intact. The Solid State Tape Echo uses an efficient, quiet, and compact DC motor to run its Fulltone ETC-1 tape cartridge for rich, shimmering tape echo. If you're ready to add real tape echo to your setup, the you need the Fulltone Custom Shop Solid State Tape Echo.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Dual preamp modes for big sound The unmistakable tone of tape Tweakable delay times and tape speeds Dual preamp modes for big sound The folks at the Fulltone Custom Shop loaded the Solid State Tape Echo with two preamps to give you a wide range of sounds. The EP-3 mode is identical to the original Echoplex EP-3 unit down to the TIS58 JFET circuit. This is the preamp that was favored by Jimmy Page, Brian May, Tommy Bolin, and others for its slight bass cut and treble boost. If you want classic tone, then the EP-3 mode is for you. The Solid State Tape Echo's Full mode preamp delivers a full-range rich sound, just like your bypassed tone. Take it from the Sweetwater crew - whether you choose your rig's pure tone or a vintage-voiced tone, the Fulltone Custom Shop Solid State Tape Echo has the cool echo sound you want! The unmistakable tone of tape If you've ever played through a "healthy" Echoplex tape echo unit, you know that no delay (rackmount or pedal, analog or digital) can replicate its natural, warm, and shimmery tones. The downside? They could be noisy and unreliable. But now the folks at Fulltone come to the rescue with the Solid State Echo! It's dead-quiet, and they've completely re-vamped the electronics, the tape transport path, and even the tape cartridge itself! Now you can hit the stage or make tracks with authentic tape echo without fear! Tweakable delay times and tape speeds The Solid State Echo provides effects ranging from a quick plate reverb-like emulation to full 1 second delays. It includes a top panel-mounted dual speed toggle switch to choose between Hi-Speed and Lo-Speed operation. Hi-Speed gets you lots of highs, less bass, and a True Repeat without the pitch variation of the old Echoplex. Lo-Speed is warm, with lots of bass, less highs, and a slight "warble" that imparts a natural chorus effect made popular by artists such as Eric Johnson. Fulltone Custom Shop Solid State Tape Echo Guitar Effect Features: Solid state tape echo just like the original '70s EP-3 tape delay Real 1/4" tape gives you fat sounding delay Preamp switch lets you choose between classic EP-3 or Full Range preamps Nickel-plated steel with all stainless-steel hardware, every bolt and spacer Proprietary erase, record, and playback heads designed for long life All handwired point-to-point audio pathway All handmade in the U.S. 2-speed operation (with trimmer adjustment) for a choice between hi-fi or warm vintage sounds Tone control affecting the repeats only 1/4" jack for "Echo Cancel" allowing you to keep the TTE's tube preamp in the signal path

Price: CHF 1'395.00

Fulltone Wah Full Fixed Wah

The Fulltone Custom Shop WahFull pedal is a fixed-wah effect with a special heritage. It started when guitar virtuoso Robin Trower contacted Fulltone to create a fixed-wah effect so he could get singing midrange sustain and feedback in the style of Michael Schenker and Jimi Page, and the WahFull was the result. Choose from three wah flavors (Wacked, Jimi, and Shaft), dial in the center frequency by hand or by shoe, and you're ready to rock. Add an expression pedal for traditional wah use. With buffered inputs and outputs, and "no pop" switching, We highly recommend the Fulltone Custom Shop WahFull for that parked-wah guitar tone.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Fixed-wah pedal for electric guitar Three flavors of wah to suit your style Large Frequency knob is easy to adjust with your shoe without bending down Fine-tune the tone of the effect with the Pickup Compensator knob Add an expression pedal (not included) for traditional wah effects

Price: CHF 239.00

Hotone Mojo Diamond 5w Mini Amp

The Mojo Diamond from Hotone is one of those products you have to hear to believe. Supporting the old cliché that good things come in small packages this head is a staggering size. At just 12.8cm, yes centimeters, wide and 6 cm tall it takes up less space than most guitar pedals. This little 5W Class AB guitar amplifier head packs some serious sound. It works great for rehearsing at home and can be attached to a cab for recording purposes. The Nano Legacy range has 5 different heads and at this price you can easily carry a selection of them to anywhere you need to play. Imagine being able to choose from all those sounds in your studio, taking up less space than a single regular size head.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Just like the original tweed amps the Mojo has a full, sweet sound to it. Just tweak the 3-band EQ, Volume and Gain knobs to recreate some authentic vintage tone in your living room. Specifications Speaker out can automatically fit cabinets of different impedances (4-16) FX LOOP for using external effects Headphone output jack is very convenient for practicing and recording Aux In jack can let you play with an external music player 18V DC power supply (Adapter included) Power Output: 5 Watts Dimensions: 128mm (W) x 75mm (D) x 59.5mm (H) Weight: 440 g

Price: CHF 99.00

Ortega Guitarlehle RGL5 (SOLD)

6 String Ukulele sized guitar. Spruce top. Mahogany back and sides. Lazer engraving. Satin Finish. Great for traveling and parties!

Price: CHF 139.00

LAG Ukulele TKU110s (SOLD)

The TKU110 Soprano by Lag features an elegant slim body with an arched back that pumps out rich, complex tone with surprising volume.

  • Solid Sapele top.
  • Open pore Sapele back & sides.
  • Satin finish.
  • Soprano size.
  • Gigbag included.

Price: CHF 115.00

Catalinbread Bicycle Delay

In April of 1943, Albert Hoffman took an unprecendented trip. He discovered the first ever synthesized LSD, dosed himself with it, and with that, rode his bicycle home in what was surely the most memorable work commute of all time. It was henceforth known as "Bicycle Day."

Now, Catalinbread has distilled this trip into its Bicycle Delay. Through its unique Mood control, the Bicycle Delay ranges from high-school notebook paper squares to full-on Hoffman-esque downhill racing.

Lucidity, Expanse and Reflect make up standard delay controls of mix, delay time (though this one is wired in reverse) and feedback/repeats. However, using these controls in conjunction with the Mood and Radiance knobs really gets the trip going.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

At its core, the Bicycle Delay adds a musically tuned ring modulated sound to the repeats, and the Mood knob dials in the amount of octave imparted to the ring mod and repeats. Yes, octave. Twisting the Mood knob changes the octave dispertion from down to up and in any manner of intervals. After setting the Mood, the Radiance knob acts as a filter, a powerful tone control that illuminates the setting you've created. As one might imagine, these five controls in conjunction are capable of a great number of psychedelic delay tones. Try setting the Lucidity low and leaving it on for an entire song for an ethereal backdrop, or set the Mood low for a traditional delay with nontraditional overtones. Take the trip. Catalinbread Bicycle Delay Features: Mood knob sets the octave amount Delay trails contain a ringmod flavor Hand-made in Portland, OR Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

Price: CHF 199.00

Fender Jazz Bass Roadworn 60s

Fender's Road Worn '60s Jazz Bass, like classic cars or your favorite T-shirt, shows that some things just get cooler with age. It's especially true of electric basses, and this roughed-up Jazz bass is designed to exude that same unmistakable mojo they develop over time that only makes them look cooler and feel even more comfortable than when they were brand-new. The Road Worn '60s Jazz Bass guitar was designed with 1960s specs and delivers that killer aged look, feel, and mojo-it's a true player.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Body: Alder Finish: Lacquer Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood 7-1/4" (184mm) Frets: 20, Vintage Scale Length: 34" (864 mm) Nut Width: 1-1/2" (38mm) Hardware: Nickel/Chrome Tuning Keys: Vintage Style Reverse Tuning Machines Bridge: American Vintage Jazz Bass Pickguard: 4-Ply Brown Shell Pickups Neck: N/A Middle: Standard Vintage Alnico Magnet Jazz Bass Single Coil Pickup Bridge: Standard Vintage Alnico Magnet Jazz Bass Single Coil Pickup Pickup Switching: None Controls: Volume 1, Volume 2, Tone Strings: Fender Super Bass 7250ML, NPS, Gauges: (.045, .065, .080, .100) Included Accessories: Deluxe Gig Bag

Price: CHF 1'590.00

Boss BB1X Bass Driver USED (SOLD)

The BOSS BB-1X Bass Driver is a premium stompbox designed to make your bass sound bold and punchy. More than just a standard compact bass pedal, the BB-1X is like a preamp, a crucial component in creating quality sound. It captures the essence and subtle nuances of your bass, amp, and playing and emphasizes all their best characteristics.

Incorporating BOSS’ latest MDP technology, the BB-1X delivers a wide range of superior sounds, from natural clean tones to heavy distortion. It adapts and responds to any playing style or register, but never loses the body and core tone of your instrument. The BB-1X’s natural-sounding distortion preserves the high definition and dynamics reflected in the finest details of your sound.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

The BB-1X provides a clear sonic outline to enhance your sound, yet never muffles your low end. With the Blend knob, you can easily adjust your tone by mixing the direct signal with the effect sound. Low, High, and Drive knobs offer an extremely wide range of sound creation. These controls not only shape the frequencies, but change the characteristics of the tone as well. The Line Out jack on the BB-1X goes beyond a standard DI out, providing a newly crafted and enhanced direct sound for reaching larger audiences through a PA system. The “1X” in the BB-1X’s name represents the pedal’s premium look, sound, and feel. Whether you’re defining your standard tone or spicing up your sound for soloing, the BB-1X Bass Driver is a must-have for every modern bassist.

Price: CHF 129.00

Catalinbread ZeroPoint Flanger

The Zero Point Flanger is the most direct analogy to studio tape flanging that anybody has come up with. It is a REAL TIME effect not a typical modulation effect. That is to say, unlike all other pedal flangers, there is no LFO that presents a predictable up and down swooshing sound, the trite flanger effect that died in the 80s. Thus there is no need for extraneous knobs or switches. It is a straight-foward pedal that has only one powerful control that behaves like pressing and holding your thumb on tape flange.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

When the Zero Point is engaged two delay lines are turned on, subtly modulating against the other simulating the comb filtering effect akin to the playback of two tape machines. Pressing and holding the “Flange Push-Button” causes one of the delay lines to slowly shift time toward the other delay line, up to the point that your signal begins to cancel out, THE ZERO POINT! Release the Flange Push-Button and the delay line begins to automatically fall again. The result is the whispy subtractive ‘thru-zero’ sound that creates a sense of space and mystery. An effect that up until now we’ve only heard on records. It behaves just like manually advancing the take up reel and pressing your thumb on the supply reel to slow the program down. The Zero Point Flanger automatically powers up in the inverted phase mode, resulting in a more dramatic subtractive flange effect. If you press and hold the Flange Push-Button while powering up the Zero Point you enter the positive phase mode which because it sums the two delay lines, never cancels out. This mode is a bit less dramatic than the subtractive mode but still a very tape like analogy. There are merits to both modes, ultimately it is best left up to personal preference.

Price: CHF 239.00

Death by Audio Waveform Destroyer

8 Different internally customizable distortions selectable by a combination of 4 foot switches. Once selected via internal DIP switches the fuzz's are always the same so you can go back time and time again on your favorite fuzz sounds. This gives you a ton of fuzz, overdrive, distortion sounds you will become addicted to.

Price: CHF 349.00

Boss SYB5 Bass Synth USED

Second Hand With 11 DSP variations of saw, square, and pulse synth waves and an Enhanced Wave Shape mode that sharpens them up, the Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer travels into new realms beyond the SYB-3. The synth has an onboard effects pedal that lets you hold notes while you play over the top of them. Control filter cutoff and LFO rate via EV-5.

Price: CHF 109.00

Fender Yngwie Malmsteen OD

Unleash the fury with the Fender Yngwie J. Malmsteen Overdrive Pedal!

The Yngwie Malmsteen Overdrive Pedal unleashes the pure and powerful heavy tone of the neoclassical shred master. This high-quality, compact and rugged stage-worthy pedal with special tone-shaping circuitry was designed in close collaboration with Malmsteen himself.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Features: True-bypass switching Die-cast housing with high-gloss red finish Gain and level controls Red LED indicator Rubber feet (user-installed) AC and 9-volt battery operation (external power supply sold separately)

Price: CHF 89.00

MXR M80 Bass DI Plus USED

Second Hand. The MXR M-80 Bass Direct Box with Distortion is more than just a direct box. It's got so many features, you may wonder how you ever did without it! It includes a distortion channel with gain, volume, and blend controls; a noise gate to help keep it clean; a Color control; and 3-band EQ control that lets you dial in any tone you need. It also provides phantom power, and sports a parallel output jack for flexibility in routing. Whether you like it sweet and clean or hot and nasty, this DI does it all!

Price: CHF 149.00

T.C. Electronic Polytune Clip

When TC teased that its new product would be small, we had an inkling it might be a tiny tuner, but today the company has unveiled the PolyTune Clip, the world's first polyphonic clip-on guitar tuner.

As well as cramming the polyphonic tuning tech into its smallest enclosure yet, the boffins at TC reckon they've also improved it, right down to a minuscule +/- 0.02-cent strobe accuracy, while chromatic accuracy is +/- 0.5 cents.

Elsewhere, the stainless steel enclosure'd Clip features an ultra-bright adaptive display, which - like its pedal brethren - detects whether all strings are strummed or individual notes are picked, plus it automatically flips depending on where it's placed on your guitar's headstock for easy reading.

Price: CHF 49.00

Earthquaker Devices Interstellar Orbiter

The Interstellar Orbiter is a dual resonant filter controlled by a single LFO that sweeps each filter in opposite directions. It has three universal controls: a master Frequency control that governs the center frequency of both filters, a master Rate control for the LFO and the Direct control for blending in the unaffected dry signal. There are expression pedal jacks for both the master Frequency and the LFO rate. The LFO sweeps each filter in opposite directions and has a wide range. Each filter is voiced differently and has controls for LFO intensity, resonance and mix. When the LFO Intensity is raised the filter sweep is wider, the center frequency is raised and the resonance becomes more pronounced. The resonance becomes more “ringy” as you dial it up and more mellow as you dial it back. The mix control adjusts the volume for the mix of each filter.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

With all of this control, the Interstellar Orbiter is a knob twiddler’s dream with loads of possibilities! It can do everything from wah emulation to complex vocal formant filter and even a fairly convincing rotary speaker effect. You can set the intensity of both filters to zero and use the Frequency to manually create wide filter sweeps or use an expression pedal for a unique wah tones. Adjust the intensity of one filter to taste and use an expression pedal to sweep the second to create some awesome moving center point phase effects. You can also create some very vocal sounds by using the LFO to control both filters and fine tuning the resonance, intensity and master frequency. These vocal formants will vary depending the settings of each individual control and the rate at which they are swept! These are just a few suggestions, the Interstellar Orbiter is vast; get ready to get free.

Price: CHF 259.00

Maxon/Ibanez Fuzz Machine Vint (SOLD)

Amazing condition, near mint, second hand, vintage octave fuzz. This fuzz pedal has two octave fuzz settings, one with scooped mids and one with a really thick mid-range. The unit was branded under (and is identical to) a variety of names, including Mica Fuzz, Bruno Fuzz Machine, Aria Diamond Fuzz and Fuzz Machine (unbranded).

 this was built by Maxon in answer to the Super Fuzz. Maxon is the most underrated of the early Japanese pedal makers. They came up with the Tube Screamer pedal yet everyone still thinks of that pedal as being an Ibanez production. It's a Maxon designed pedal built for Ibanez. Same as this pedal. Bart's effects database should specify all of the Maxon made pedals as they built this one under 25-30 different brand names.

marlboro, standard fuzz, mica

availability: rare
collectibility: very high

Trivia: The Ibanez Standard Fuzz is used by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys


Price: CHF 495.00

Earthquaker Devices Erupter Fuzz

The all-analog EarthQuaker Devices Erupter could be the ultimate classic fuzz. Yet surprising enough, this pedal is no clone. It's the result of more than two years of tone chasing. This pedal succeeds in bringing iconic, classic fuzz tone to today's instruments — single coils to humbuckers — and to any position on a pedalboard. The Erupter's low end is defined, its top end is smooth, and its output is just right for sending an overdriven tube amp over the edge. A feature we particularly like is the EarthQuaker Erupter's foot-friendly single knob, which controls bias, fuzz, and harmonic character all at once to prevent settings overload from getting in the way of your music.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

With quality parts like new-production 5% ½-watt carbon composition resistors, metallized polyester film caps, Sprague and BC electrolytic capacitors, and low-gain, hand-matched NOS silicon transistors, the Erupter delivers a “well-rounded and defined fuzz tone with just enough pummeling intensity," says EQD pedal wizard and president Jamie Stillman. And thanks to its transformer-based pickup simulation, the Erupter responds well to any type of guitar you own — lipstick pickups, soapbars, and even high-gain humbuckers. EarthQuaker redesigned a number of circuit boards to make way for its relay-based soft touch switching, and the benefits are many. For starters, since there's no hard click when you engage the pedal, the Erupter fuzz is more comfortable to play without shoes, and its switch is built to last a lifetime. And since there's no audible "pop", switching is completely discreet. Could be the ultimate classic fuzz Custom all-analog design Big bass, smooth top, and just the right amount of gain to push an overdriven tube amp Responds nicely to single-coils and humbuckers Interacts with volume and tone controls Works in any position on a pedalboard Large single knob controls bias, fuzz, and harmonics at the same time True bypass, silent relay-based switching Lifetime manufacturer guarantee

Price: CHF 189.00

Boss Reverb RV6

the Boss RV-6 is a great way to add reverb to your pedalboard. It's as easy as selecting a sound mode and tweaking a few knobs. The RV-6 takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to provide you with eight sophisticated, highly musical reverb effects that range from room, hall, and plate algorithms to vintage-style spring reverb to immersive, modern-sounding textures. Plus, Dynamic Mode automatically adjusts to your playing for lush ambience that won't turn your tone to mud. The Boss RV-6 comes complete with auto-switching for easy integration into your rig, an expression pedal input, and a superb-sounding analog signal path.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Dial in sophisticated, musical reverb quickly with simple controls Cutting-edge tech and studio-grade algorithms deliver top-level sound Eight sound modes provide a diverse range of ready-to-play reverb effects Dynamic Mode automatically adjusts to your playing for clear, articulate performance Shimmer and Delay+Reverb modes provide immersive, modern-sounding textures Input for controlling reverb level with an optional expression pedal Supports mono or stereo operation

Price: CHF 159.00

Earthquaker Devices Dunes OD

From the same folks that brought you the Palisades uber-mega overdrive comes the Dunes mini-mega overdrive. It can still cop that hot-rodded Screamer tone in spades, and it still has more options than your average Screamer but with a much smaller footprint than its uber brother.

The Bandwidth and Voice rotary switches have been whittled down to the two most used selections on the Palisades: MOSFET, lift and Silicon voices and "stock" and "fat" Bandwidth settings (settings 3 and 5 from the Palisades).

Also making the jump to the small screen is the Bright switch, which is great for players using humbuckers or an inherently dark amplifier.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Most importantly, the tone and feel of the Palisades is carried into the Dunes as well. Set to stock modes (Normal, Si and Bandwidth left) it still sounds like a top-shelf Screamer.It's your Swiss Army knife, just without the toothpick and magnifying glass. Like all EarthQuaker Devices, the Dunes is made with quality components and hand-built within the trans-dimensional portal of Akron Ohio. EarthQuaker Devices Dunes Overdrive Features: Three Voice settings: MOSFET, Silicon and lift Settings 3 and 5 from the original Palisades Bright switch for humbuckers/dark amps True bypass Standard 9v center-negative power operation

Price: CHF 239.00

Earthquaker Devices Tentacle

When EarthQuaker launched the Hoof Reaper, users marveled at the combination of Hoof and Tone Reaper—together at last! However, what's this third footswitch? Octave? What?

Indeed, EarthQuaker had snuck an octave fuzz onto the Hoof Reaper, and not just any octave fuzz, this thing was awesome and contained no knobs to speak of; it was simply a face-melting no-nonsense upper octave wave destroyer.

Well, lucky for you, dear player, EarthQuaker has heeded the call for this octave to be built into its own enclosure, and here it is: The Tentacle.

No knobs, all rock is the name of the game. Turning the guitar's tone control down and playing above the 12th fret is truly the way to unleash the beast, but playing chords all over the fretboard is still awesome, as the Tentacle almost sounds like a ring modulator. There's a lot to discover about the Tentacle when playing with your guitar's controls.

The Tentacle is made with quality parts, absolutely no potentiometers and hand-built in Akron, Ohio, home of the world's second-largest anthill.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Sweet, singing upper-octave fuzz sound Use your guitar's knobs to control the flavor of the octave True bypass Standard 9v center-negative operation

Price: CHF 169.00

Kremona Rondo R65S-NM (SOLD)

Fantastic, European-made classical guitar. Perfect for beginners! Solid Spruce Top, Walnut Back & Sides, Matte Finish, 48mm neck. Distributed in Switzerland by Levinson guitars, makers of Blade and Crafter. Come and play it!

Price: CHF 379.00

Marshall MR1987X Super Lead 50W

While the 50 Watt 1987X head shares the same ‘Plexi’ front and rear panel features as the 1959SLP, it has its own distinctive sonic personality. More aggressive than the ’60s ‘Plexis’, the 1987X is much more of the ’72 period, with a heady, sweet/aggressive tone.

These tonal characteristics are what define this much respected all-valve head. Much care and effort has gone into ensuring that the 1987X remains true to those tonal characteristics, as well as ensuring it remains aesthetically true to the original ‘Plexi’.

The only modern addition to this re-issue is a tonally transparent Series FX Loop.

Additional DescriptionMore Details


Price: CHF 1'750.00

Vovox Sonorus Guitar Cable 3.5m

The VOVOX® sonorus protect A is our ultimate instrument cable. As a result of both ingenious construction and the purity of its raw materials it offers unmatched sound quality. This is the perfect cable for all electrically amplified musical instruments such as electrical guitar, bass, E-piano or keyboards. Also great for acoustic instruments with pickup systems.

  • Solid core conductors for signal and ground
  • Conductors made of the purest available copper
  • Netting of natural fibres around every single conductor wire
  • Capacitance of 75 pF/m only
  • VOVOX-typical cable construction with screen and separate conductor for ground

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Made in Switzerland VOVOX® sound conductors are hand-assembled in Switzerland. The cables, including the solder, are lead-free. Connectors for VOVOX® sonorus protect A Our pronounced goal is the perfect transmission of sound signals. To achieve this aim, the cable, but also the connectors, must fulfil our requirements. Since most phone plugs available on the market are designed with only their mechanical properties in mind, we use our own VOVOX® phone plugs: A ¼" phone plug offering both first class functionality and first class sound. Optimized signal contact made of copper Robust housing made of fiber-reinforced engineering-plastic Optimal bend-protection Efficient strain-relief Lead-free soldering Straight or angled ¼" phone plugs? Especially in the case of instrument cables, we suggest carefully choosing the kind of connector that suits you best: Using a 90° right angle plug will often reduce the mechanical stress on the instrument as well as on the cable. Like this it contributes to longer service life of both, cable and jack. For acoustic guitars, angled plugs are usually the better choice. Specs: Highest quality conductor materials The selection of the right conductor material is crucial for the sound. The basis of all VOVOX® sonorus cables are solid-core conductors made from ultra-pure copper. Each wire is covered by a netting of natural fibres. This prevents from so called triboelectric noise and further enhances sound quality. Ultra-pure polymers VOVOX® sonorus sound conductors are covered with high-tech polymers. Although plastics are not directly involved in the signal transmission, they do have an effect on the sound quality. VOVOX® doesn't use any PVC. Only ultra-pure plastics without plasticizers are used. Even the use of colour pigments is almost completely avoided. Additional conductor for ground The conductors within a cable must fulfil several functions. The shield has the main function of protecting the signal conductor from interference. In most cables, the shield is also used as the return signal conductor. VOVOX® consequently separates these functions. This may be a more complex construction, yet it results clearly in better sound quality. Optimal protection from microphonic noise When a guitar cable is moved or stepped on, small electrical signals are created due to the change of the capacitance or due to electrostatic charges. This effect is called microphonic. It creates a disturbing crackling noise. Usually this phenomenon is avoided with the help of conductive plastics. Howevery, like this also sound quality is negatively affected. We have found our own technique to solve the problem of microphonic noise using natural materials - without compromizing sound quality. Very low capacitance It is impossible to judge the quality of an instrument cable just based on its capacitance. Nevertheless, to have a low capacitance is a precondition for a cable to transmit the whole frequency range. VOVOX® sonorus protect A has a very low capacitance of only 75 pF/m.

Old Price: CHF 125.00

Price: CHF 99.00

You save: CHF 26.00


Vovox Sonorus Patch 25cm

The sound quality of VOVOX® sonorus patch is exactly the same as VOVOX® sonorus protect A. We merely adapted the geometry of the cable to be better suited for the fabrication of very short cables.  The capacitance of 75 pF/m is very low, therefore it has excellent technical requirements for optimal sound quality.

      • Solid core conductors for signal and ground
      • Conductors made of the purest available copper
      • Netting of natural fibres around every single conductor wire
      • Capacitance of 75 pF/m only
      • VOVOX-typical cable construction with screen and separate conductor for ground

Additional DescriptionMore Details

For patch cables, plugs have a special importance. For our patch cables we also use the VOVOX® phone plugs with pure copper contacts, that are optimized for sound quality. But, in order to minimize the dimensions, in this version the housing is directly molded around the assembled cable. The trick: although the cable has a noble diameter of 8 mm, the plugs of the VOVOX® sonorus patch are 15 - 30% smaller in all dimensions compared to the instrument cable. The utilized polymer of polyurethane is very robust and handy. Made in Switzerland VOVOX® sound conductors are hand-assembled in Switzerland. The cables, including the solder, are lead-free.

Price: CHF 39.00

Earthquaker Devices Levitation Rvrb

The latest and greatest haunt box from EQD appears in the form of a starkly beautiful black and white stomper. The graphics let the users know what they are in for—a tripped out, dripped out escapade of vintage ambience. The overall theme of the Levitation blurs the lines of dripping spring tanks, plinking silvery plates and echo chambers, taking one from Joe Meek’s bathroom, straight through the stratosphere of yesteryear. This pedal is like a small storage facility filled with aural apparitions ready for parole. Let the signal haunting begin… -

Additional DescriptionMore Details

It is worth mentioning that the Levitation was conceived in spirit to celebrate Austin’s Psych Fest, which has been appropriately renamed after the classic 13th Floor Elevators track. Before I go into detail about the control and functionality, I am here to tell my fellow 13th Floor fanatics that this pedal jug-bottles the dank, acid drenched tonality of those first two psychedelic masterpiece records perfectly. The tones can go from subtle slapback echo to limb-dissolving evolutions of splashing neon nether realms. We’ve got Levitation. So Familiar… In a Way I Can’t Define The Levitation is one of those curious ambient effects that can’t quite be defined as a reverb, delay or echo, yet plays the role of all three simultaneously. It also manages to sound otherworldly, yet realistic, earthy and mechanical all at once. The atmosphere control works in conjunction with the Length toggle. One can create hyper-realistic room reflections at minimal settings, through to ethereal echelons of echo at maximum, and everything in between. While Mix and Decay are fairly self-explanatory, the Tone knob can drastically change the tone of the eerie echo tails. At minimum, the reverb is bright and splashy. It rests at the top frequencies allowing a separation of sorts between dry and wet signals. As the Tone control is nudged clockwise, the lower frequencies are washed in a deluge of deliciously dank verb-echo that is thicker, darker and heavier. Want to capture the essence of Nuggets-era verb vibe? Andy’s demo showcases the blotter-tongued tone translation perfectly. My favorite pedal pairing of the Levitation is whacking a germanium-powered fuzz box into it and absolutely nailing the tones on the 1961 classic “Night of the Vampire” by The Moontrekkers. It is a Technicolor terror vision to behold. The Levitation is equally useful jacked into the effects loop of a tank-less amp to add a splash of vintage verb to any rig. I think it would be a great idea to scrap the rulebook and add some Levitation to a high gain modern amp for a doomy dirge of dirt and decay. Let the funeral party begin… - See more at: http://tonereport.com/reviews/earthquaker-devices-levitation-reverb#sthash.nEBzSG7c.dpuf

Price: CHF 219.00

Fender Tele RoadWorn 50s BLD

The Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster is an electric guitar that delivers killer aged look, feel and mojo without breaking the bank. This is a Tele that was designed using 1950s specs augmented by Tex-Mex pickups and 6105 frets.
Like classic cars or your favorite T-shirt, some things just get cooler with age. That's especially true of electric guitars-they develop an unmistakable mojo over time that makes them look even cooler and feel even more comfortable than when they were brand new. In that regard, the Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster is a true player.
Includes a gig bag.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Body: ash (blonde finish) alder (2-tone sunburst) Finish: nitrocellulose lacquer Neck: maple Neck profile: "U" shape Fretboard radius: 7-1/4" Frets: 21 (6105 style) Scale length: 25-1/2" Nut width: 1.650" Hardware: chrome Tuners: Fender Vintage Style Bridge: vintage style 3-saddle strings-thru-body Pickguard: 1-ply black Pickups: Two Tex-Mex Tele single-coil Pickup switch: 3-way Controls: master volume, master tone Strings: Fender standard tension ST250R nickel-plated steel (10-13-17-26-36-46) Includes a gig bag

Price: CHF 1'190.00

Kremona Sofia S65C-N Classical (SOLD)

A solid red cedar top offer richness and warmth while layered sapele back & sides maintain tonal balance and superb projection. Mahogany neck; rosewood fingerboard & bridge; hand inlaid wood fiber binding & wooden rosette; gold machines with pearl buttons; gloss finish; RC Strings Handcrafted in Europe.

Price: CHF 359.00

Fender Super Champ X2

The Fender Super-Champ X2 15W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp combines 15 watts of rich, dual-channel tube amp sound with modern extras such as versatile amp voicing and a wide selection of digital effects. It's simple, toneful and flexible, and with its easy computer connectivity you can also custom tailor your amp's voicing and effects to your personal taste. Your rehearsal and recording sessions will really come alive with the unlimited tones that can be created with the Super Champ X2.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Made in Ensenada, Mexico, the Super Champ X2 features a single 10" Fender Special Design speaker, voicing knob for selection of 16 different amp types (tweed, Blackface, British, metal and more), 15 effects with level control, dual-channel switching (footswitch optional), tap tempo control for precise delay time adjustment, 1/4" line output, external speaker capability and USB output for speaker emulated digital recording. Fender FUSE software (available as a free download) allows even more tonal versatility, with customization of amp voicing and effects defaults, effects parameters deep editing, and online access to free Fender community content.

Price: CHF 449.00

Temple Pedalboard Systems

With Temple's Quick Release Pedal Mounting System™ you can change out your pedals on the fly. No more messy Velcro®, zip ties, or drilling holes to keep your pedals in one spot. Small, Medium and Large Pedal plates are based on the optimum size for the majority of pedals worldwide. Simply adhere the plate to the back of your pedal and position the pedal anywhere on the board, screw to fasten from the back.

Introducing the all NEW Temple Modular End Panel System™. By creating a modular rack style interface, all your connectivity is now fully interchangeable. Decide Now or Decide Later. All Mini and Micro modules are fully interchangeable with one another and can be installed in either side of your board and the best part is, you do not have to be a professional to install it. Available on all SOLO, DUO, & TRIO Pedalboards.

Temple Pedal Board Pricing starts at CHF 89!!!!!

Additional DescriptionMore Details

SOLO 18: 8.5in x 18.0in - Pedalboard Only CHF 89.00 Side Panel: One (1) Micro Module slot, One (1) Mini Module slot per side. Available in: Temple Red, Vintage White, Gunmetal. Pedal Plates, Modules, and Cases are NOT included. For custom colors and lengths, contact our custom shop. DUO 17: 12.5in x 17.0in - Pedalboard Only CHF 89.00 DUO 24: 12.5in x 24.5in - Pedalboard Only CHF 109.00 DUO 34: 12.5in x 34.0in - Pedalboard Only CHF 139.00 Side Panel: One (1) Micro Module slot, Two (2) Mini Module slots per side. Available in: Temple Red, Vintage White, Gunmetal. Pedal Plates, Modules, and Cases are NOT included. For custom colors and lengths, contact our custom shop. TRIO 21: 16.5in x 21.0in - Pedalboard Only CHF 119 TRIO 28: 16.5in x 28.2in - Pedalboard Only CHF 139 TRIO 43: 16.5in x 43.2in - Pedalboard Only CHF 179 Side Panel: One (1) Micro Module slot, Three (3) Mini Module slots per side. Available in: Temple Red, Vintage White, Gunmetal. Pedal Plates, Modules, and Cases are NOT included. For custom colors and lengths, contact our custom shop. Duo 17 Gig Bag.... CHF 59.00 Duo 17 Flight Case..... CHF 239.00 Duo 24 Gig Bag.... CHF 79.00 Duo 24 Flight Case.... CHF 349.00 Duo 34 Gig Bag.... CHF 89.00 Duo 34 Flightcase.... CHF 349.00 Trio 21 Flight Case.... CHF 295.00 Trio 28 Gig Bag.... CHF 89.00 Trio 28 Flight Case .... CHF 399.00 Trio 43 Gig Bag.... CHF 109.00 Pedal Plates All Sizes.... CHF 6.00 Micro Modules, Mini Modules, LED Lighting, AEC Mains Power and all accessories available. Please contact for pricing!

Price: CHF 139.00

Marshall DSL40CV Combo Vint

The Marshall DSL40CV Vintage is a 40 watt all-valve guitar amp combo. This is a special edition and is only available in very limited quantities, we know these will go fast. The Marshall DSL40CV Vintage has been given a vintage Marshall appearance with an old school logo and black/grey checkered fret cloth. A DSL Series guitar amp combo is big on tones and character. Powered using EL34 tubes you get two channels, clean and driven, both of which sound amazing lice and in the studio. The DSL40 has been loaded with a twelve inch speaker, Marshall have used a Celestion Seventy 80, a great sounding amplifier speaker that sits well with this amp. The preamp section includes three ECC83 valves and also has a comprehensive EQ section with multiple tone options.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

With the Marshall DSL40CV you have the ability to switch from forty to twenty watts. This is great when you need to turn down a little bit and really get the benefit of a dialed up amp. The DSL40CV is ideal for the home, recording and when you're up on stage its easy to flick to Pentode for the full 40 watts. The Tone Shift button changes the character of the amp, when it's activated you get modern, powerful sounds (great for heavy distortion) but if you prefer classic Marshall tones then leave the button out. As well as having bags of gain to spare the Marshall DSL40C has excellent clean tones. All together this makes it an indispensable tool for any gigging and recording guitarist. Specifications Product Name: Marshall DSL40CV Vintage 1 x 12 Inch Celestion Seventy 80 40 watts switch-able to 20 Pre-Amp Valves: 3 x ECC83 Power Amp Valves: 1 x ECC83, 2 x EL34 Two Channels Two Modes Per Channel 3 Band EQ, Mid-Shift & Presence Resonance Control Digital Reverb Pentode/Triode Switch Series FX Loop (Bypassable) 2 Way Footswitch Supplied PEDL-00009 Dimensions: 621x490x252mm Weight: 22.85kg

Price: CHF 990.00

Roland Cube Street EX

With its compact size and battery-powered operation, Roland's CUBE Street was a huge hit among traveling musicians. Now, the new CUBE Street EX infuses the popular mobile amp with a huge performance upgrade that delivers more projection, more channels and more versatility. It offers 50W of power and a stereo speaker system with dual 8" woofers, and 2" tweeters provide clean, punchy sound for larger crowds, while four independent channels offer abundant connections for a variety of mics and instruments. Detailed sound adjustment is available with separate EQ and reverb controls, and great guitar tones are dialed in easily with the onboard COSM amps. Selectable power modes provide up to 20 hours of operation with eight AA batteries, and two CUBE Street EX units can be linked together for more sound coverage if needed. And with i-CUBE LINK, you can even plug in your iPhone or iPad to play backing music and record your performances.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

The CUBE Street EX makes it easy for guitarists to plug in and get pro sounds immediately. COSM tones for electric guitar include Lead, Crunch, and Clean, plus an Acoustic Simulator for extra versatility from a single axe. There's also an AC preamp optimized for acoustic/electric guitar and a convenient built-in tuner. Chorus/delay and reverb effects are available as well, and these can be turned on/off with optional footswitches while performing. FEATURES Power: 50W (25W & 25W stereo) AC or battery-powered (5 hours at 50W; 10 hours at 25W; 20 hours at 10W) Speakers: 2x8" woofers; 2x2" tweeters Four independent channels for connecting a variety of mics, instruments, and audio devices Two XLR mic inputs allow two vocalists to perform at once COSM tones for electric guitar, including Clean, Crunch, and Lead; preamp for acoustic guitar provides clean, natural sound Angled back for use as a stage monitor; mounting hole for use with optional ST-A95 Speaker Stand Stereo Line Out jacks for connecting to an external sound system when used as a stage monitor Stereo Link jacks to connect a second CUBE Street EX for broader sound coverage Easy recording into your iPhone/iPad via i-CUBE LINK and free CUBE JAM app Dimensions: 19.4" x 13.5" x 12.1" Weight: 16.5 lb.

Price: CHF 559.00

Strymon Dig Dual Delay

The Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay unearths the true soul of digital delay and doubles it—two simultaneous, integrated delays with the captivating rack delay voicings from the 1980s and today, for incredible expressive potential.

Effortlessly create your own world of intricate and synchronized echoes, along with hypnotic and atmospheric repeats that blur the line between delay and reverb. Stretch your sonic horizons with five musically satisfying rhythmic subdivisions and three dual delay routing options. Go from syncopated, pulsating delay patterns, to evocative, spaced-out echo trails all in a compact, pedalboard-friendly format.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Features Series, Parallel, Ping Pong: Set up your two delays in one of three configurations. Series is like setting up pedals in a chain on your board, feeding Delay 2 into Delay 1. Parallel will orient your delay lines so that they remain independent—Delay 1 in the left channel and Delay 2 in the right channel. With Ping Pong, each delay acts as a ping pong delay, interacting together when both Mix knobs are turned up. Free Mode: Don’t want your delays to be synchronized? Free Mode disables time sync and subdivisions between Delay 1 and Delay 2, giving the Time 2 knob a full delay range from 20ms to 1.6s. Circular Repeats: Holding down the TAP footswitch enables circular repeats, where both delay lines maintain a static volume and repeat continuously until the TAP footswitch is disengaged. At this point, all previous settings will be restored. Expression Pedal: Input allows for the connection of either an expression pedal, external tap, or Favorite switch. Plug in an expression pedal and control any one knob with your foot. Plug in an external tap pedal to remotely tap in your tempos. Plug in a Favorite switch to save and recall a favorite preset. TRS Stereo Input: We know that there are some out there that like to run stereo rigs. This is why we've added the option of running the input of your DIG in stereo. Flip a jumper inside your pedal, use a TRS splitter cable, and now you've got yourself a stereo input. Specifications Sound Design Two simultaneous, integrated delays, with unique digital rack delay voicings Five dual delay adjustment and tone shaping knobs: Time, Time 2, Mix, Mix 2, Repeats One modern and two classic digital delay voicings: 24/96, adm, 12 bit Five rhythmic subdivisions: Triplet, Eighth, Golden Ratio, Dotted Eighth, Dotted Quarter Three choices for delay line modulation: Off, Light, Deep Five “hidden” knobs for deep dual delay control: Delay 1 Subdivision, Sync/Free Mode, Filter, Config, Delay 2 Repeats Selectable Free Mode disables subdivisions and synchronization Press and hold Circular Repeats effect 20ms - 1.6s delay range (40ms - 3.2s with Half Note Delay 1 Subdivision) Ins, Outs, Switches High impedance mono input, with selectable TRS stereo input Stereo output Three signal routing configurations: Series, Parallel, Ping Pong Tap tempo and Bypass footswitches Expression pedal input allows the connection of either an expression pedal (for selectable control over any knob parameter), external tap pedal (for remote control of tempo), or Favorite switch (to save a Favorite preset) Audio Quality Super low noise, high performance 24-bit 96kHz A/D and D/A converters 115db typical signal to noise Analog dry path for a zero latency dry signal that is never converted to digital +8dBu maximum input level easily handles instrument and line signals 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response Premium analog front end and output section Super high performance SHARC DSP in a compact form factor 32-bit floating point processing More True Bypass (electromechanical relay switching) Selectable Trails Mode with high quality, transparent Analog Buffered Bypass mode 9V center negative DC power supply included, 250mA current draw Strong and lightweight anodized carnation pink chassis Designed and built in the USA

Old Price: CHF 435.00

Price: CHF 349.00

You save: CHF 86.00


Fulltone 2B Boost

Utilizing the same JFET op-amp as their wildly successful FD3, Fulltone's 2B guitar boost pedal is your secret weapon for musical domination. Imagine yourself onstage. The crowd is stoked. Then it's solo time! You stomp on the 2B to kick your tube amp up a notch and let 'er rip. The feel, the dynamics, the fat tone, they're all there. The result? Lotsa love from your audience! The 2B also preserves all of your gain, tone, and reactive interplay when you play through an overpopulated pedalboard, rescuing you from the tiny, thin sound you'd typically experience with stompbox overload. You'll find a quality boost pedal like the Fulltone 2B on nearly everyone's pedalboard here at Sweetwater. So what are you waiting for? Your audience awaits!

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Rescues your tone from an overpopulated pedalboard Unity-gain JFET op-amp buffers your signal when the pedal is bypassed Level knob reduces harsh ultra-high frequencies Dynamics knob subdues unpleasant transient spikes Rescues your tone from an overpopulated pedalboard Do you have a massive chain of stompboxes? If so, all that wire and all those connections reduce your signal with each passing effect in your signal chain. The result is a tiny, thin sound with wimpy lows, cardboard mids, and scratchy highs. Well, you don't have to let your overpopulated pedalboard emasculate your tone. Put a Fulltone 2B guitar boost pedal in your chain and win back the lost gain, tone, and reactive interplay between you and your amplifier. You've got the touch, you've got the power! Unity-gain JFET amp buffers your signal when the pedal is bypassed Low-quality boost pedals cease to offer a high-quality unity-gain buffer when you shut them off. This becomes especially problematic if you're driving a long cable. One solution would be to buy a second booster, set one to unity-gain and use the second one for your volume changes. Well, who wants to do that? The Fulltone 2B guitar boost pedal solves this dilemma by utilizing its unity-gain JFET op-amp to buffer your signal when the pedal is turned off. The only thing that changes when you turn the 2B on is that its Gain knob becomes active, allowing you to boost your signal by as much as 20dB. Level knob reduces harsh ultra-high frequencies Some boosters sound a bit harsh when you crank their gain. The Fulltone 2B guitar boost pedal compensates for this by subtly rolling off of the harsh ultra-high frequencies as you roll the Level knob clockwise past 12 o'clock. This doesn't drastically affect your tone; however, you won't have to worry about hearing that shrill top end that lesser boosters can impart! Dynamics knob subdues unpleasant transient spikes Transient spikes can be fatiguing to your ears, your amplifier, and your speakers. That's why the Fulltone 2B guitar boost pedal sports a germanium diode limiter. As you turn the Dynamics knob clockwise, this innovative circuit subtly subdues the harsh transient spikes that can overload your amp's input. The 2B's limiter not only helps you keep your place in a live mix, it makes your amp feel responsive and juicy without distorting its input. Fulltone 2B Guitar Boost Pedal Features: Preserves your tone when playing through a large effects loop Buffered-bypass to maintain unity-gain when pedal is bypassed Level knob reduces harsh ultra-high frequencies Germanium diode limiter subdues unpleasant transient spikes Ultra-high 1.65 mega-ohm impedance eliminates interaction issues with guitars or other effects Ultra-low 300 ohm output impedance eliminates loading or interaction issues

Price: CHF 159.00

Encore Blaster E6 (SOLD)

The Encore Blaster E6 Stratocaster Electric Guitar pack is the answer to anyone who wants to get off to a flying start playing a full sized electric guitar. If you want to get started but aren't sure what bits and pieces you need then worry not! The Blaster Kit has got it all boxed up and ready to go! Most importantly, the electric guitar needs to be plugged into an amplifier to be heard properly and the Blaster Kit comes with a lead and 10Watt BB Blaster practice amp that can be played quietly, or turned up to make a right racket! The kit also includes other less obvious, but equally important items such as a guitar strap, to play standing up; gig bag to carry and protect the guitar; and a stand, so it doesn't fall over when you put it down. A QuickTune digital guitar tuner makes tuning before you play fast and easy and there is even a DVD to help you get everything set-up and ready to go. A spare set of strings is included to keep you guitar sounding good as new - these should be replaced regularly to avoid unexpected breakage!

Price: CHF 199.00

Godin Session Custom Plus

From rock to blues to country, the Session is a guitar with tonal versatility, style and value, all in one instrument that won't break the bank.

The Session features a rock maple neck with rosewood or maple fingerboard, Canadian Laurentian Basswood body, 2x Godin GS-1 single-coils housed in a vintage white pickguard and a Godin humbucker in the bridge, along with a 5-way switch, 1x volume and 1x push/pull tone knob that splits the humbucker.

Price: CHF 799.00

Line 6 Variax JTV69 2011

The JTV-69 James Tyler Variax Modeling Electric Guitar offers an innovative design and boutique playing experience courtesy of master luthier James Tyler, and the world's most advanced guitar modeling technology from the people who invented it, Line 6. Plug this guitar into any amp and hear all the models, all the tunings, and both acoustic and electric tones you've ever wanted. No more dragging around multiple acoustics and electrics to gigs or recording studios. Variax gives you an endless variety of sounds from classic acoustic and electric tones all the way to sitar and banjo, all in one instrument.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

The JTV-69 features a beautiful flamed maple top, alder back, and a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. A recessed heel makes reaching the upper frets a breeze. The JTV-69 is loaded with a pair of single-coil pickups (neck and middle positions), and custom-wound humbuckers (bridge) designed by James Tyler. Controls include a 5-way blade pickup selector switch, a master volume & tones. A rotary model selector dials the 25 virtual guitars plus sitar, banjo, and resonator guitar tones. A rotary alt tuning selector lets you pick from 12 alternate tunings. Comes standard with a durable, padded gig bag with a stitched Line 6 logo and 2 pockets big enough for all your gig essentials. Redesigned tremolo bridge The JTV-69 has a redesigned tremolo bridge that offers improved tone and tuning stability. This design lets the string go into the bridge through the front of the tremolo, which brings the ball end as close to the saddle as possible, instead of stringing it through the tremolo block. This also makes restringing much easier. The knife edges and tremolo pivot posts were designed to provide nearly zero resistance. This, in conjunction with locking tuners gives this standard tremolo bridge much more tuning stability. A Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL nut keeps the strings from gripping and sticking. James Tyler Custom tremolo bridge is also fitted with an LR Baggs Radiance hex pickup system for sweet acoustic guitar tones. Dual-core Processor Dual-core processor delivers 4 times the punch. This new chip is smaller, faster, and more powerful. It has allowed Line 6 to run fuller, clearer models of guitar bodies and pickups; let all their models have alternate tunings; improved alternate tuning purity and speed; provided alternate tuning customization; and improved modes of operation and editing. The JVT sounds and responds surprisingly more like a traditional guitar. Variax Workbench Software Variax Workbench software is a virtual custom shop. This free software, which can be downloaded from the Line-6 web site, lets you create custom models on your computer and upload them to your JTV-59 via its built-in USB port. Choose from famous guitar bodies, pickups, pickup placement, tone and volume controls, and tweak away until you've designed the guitar of your dreams - without choking on sawdust! This combination USB interface and software package for James Tyler Variax guitars allows you to see and hear the physical changes to your custom guitar in real-time. Ever wonder what a single-coil pickup would sound like on a hollow-body guitar tuned an octave down? Probably not. That's because it wasn't a reality - until now. The Alt Tune Knob Each James Tyler Variax modeling guitar has a dedicated Alt Tune knob. This knob has 12 settings, including two labeled "Model" and "Standard." Set to "Model," the Alt Tune knob lets you access the alternate tunings you created using Variax Workbench virtual guitar workbench software. These tunings are stored on your Variax's Model knob. Set to "Standard," the Alt Tune knob overrides saved tunings to set every model to standard "E-to-E" tuning. The Alt Tune knob's remaining 10 settings are the most commonly used tunings found in the popular genres of the day. The Virtual capo feature lets you easily transpose any song to the key that suits you vocalist. And you can adjust your tuning on the fly without having to do on "Workbench" software. Battery powered DSP A proprietary lithium-ion battery delivers at least 12 hours of continuous performance. A 4-LED battery life meter lets you know how much rocking time you have left. Rolling down the volume knob when not playing will automatically put the DSP to sleep and helps maximize battery life. So even with your cable still plugged in, you will not be using battery power. DSP wakes up instantly when you turn the volume back up. The JTV-69 functions as a standard electric guitar whether the battery installed or not.

Old Price: CHF 1'490.00

Price: CHF 1'090.00

You save: CHF 400.00


Planet Waves Lubrikit Friction Remover

The Lubrikit from Planet Waves is a general-purpose instrument lubricant that provides tuning stability by removing friction. As all players know, friction is the root cause of all tuning problems. Apply just a drop of Lubrikit to the nut and tremolo/bridge to optimize tuning stability, combat bass or guitar string breakage, and end premature wear of the bridge and nut of the instrument. Field-tested with the industry's top techs and luthiers, Lubrikit comes with one syringe of lubricant and two application swabs.

Price: CHF 18.00

Randall RM100M 100w

This highly versatile Randall RM100M 100 Watt 3-channel Guitar Amplifier Head melds tradition and technology. 3 independent channels can be loaded with your choice of any of the available tube preamp modules from Randall (modules sold separately). Set this head up with tones that exactly fit your needs, then expand your arsenal anytime you like.

Enjoy the ease of replacing your power tubes anytime you like, with the very user-friendly power tube bias section. If a tube fails, no problem, the amplifier will kick that tube out of the circuit, and a small LED will light by the tube that fails.

Connect your RM100M amp head to any MIDI-capable external processor and program individual effects to each channel. With the MIDI in/thru, simply select your channel and external effect, using the included RF3 MIDI footswitch. The footswitch will select both the RM100 channel and effect you want at the same time.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

So, if you need the volume and power only a head will offer, choose one that will adapt to your styles. All optional modules include 2 - 12AX7 preamp tubes, 3 band EQ with bright switch, and level control. Choose from the following modules to build your own custom combination of tones: Ultra Module Brown Module Clean Module Dual Treadplate Style Preamp Module SL+ Module Plexi Module... CHF 269 JTM Module Top Boost Module Tweed Module Blackface Module... CHF 265 DLX Module

Price: CHF 1'290.00

Bugera 1960 Classic 150w (SOLD)

The hand-built 150W Bugera Classic Tube Amp is a hi-gain guitar amplifier driven by 4-EL34 tubes. The vintage preamp design from the '60s features 3-ECC83 tubes for terrifying punch and mind-blowing gain. Four input connectors link channels 1 and 2 via patch cable to mix the different tonal characters of each channel for ultimate tone.

The Bugera 1960 Classic amp's vintage equalizer section offers dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence controls. The impedance is switchable to 4, 8, or 16 Ohms to match virtually any speaker cabinet. An included FX Loop boasts a dedicated Level switch and true Bypass function, while the Bugera 1960 Classic amp's high-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Almost from the get-go, guitarists have been asking for that classic British bite in what's becoming the Bugera style. Bugera engineers did a lot of listening to obscure, long-departed Brit designs and spent most of 2008 tweaking to get hand-selected EL34 and ECC83 tubes to play nice together. Finally, they added a no-compromise non-master volume for direct signal path and a huge output transformer with specially nested windings for increased dynamic response and clarity. The first-class Bugera EL34 power amp tubes and an additional true-bypass effects loop put the finishing touch to the Bugera 1960. Bugera guitar amplifiers are hand made in compliance with the strictest manufacturing standards, ensuring durability and reliability. They feature classic tube electronics, robust switches and potentiometers, high-grade transformers and, of course, hand-picked and precisely matched Bugera tubes. The care taken in construction and component arrangement ensures that your Bugera 1960 Classic Tube Amp Head will withstand even the roughest handling on the road. FEATURES Hand-built 150-Watt hi-gain amplifier driven by 4 x EL34 valves Vintage preamp design from the '60s featuring 3 x ECC83 valves for terrifying punch and mind-blowing gain 4 input connectors allow channel 1 and 2 to be linked via patch cable to mix the different tonal characters of each channel for ultimate tone Vintage Equalizer section with dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence controls Impedance switch (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any speaker cabinet FX Loop with dedicated Level switch and true Bypass function

Price: CHF 389.00

Blackstar Fly Mini 3 Amp Pack

Mini Amp available without cabinet (chf99). Pack includes connectable mini cabinet. Creates a mini Stack. The Blackstar Fly 3W combo is the new gold standard for the mini class of amplifiers. Though it's small, it's not a toy. It's an incredible low-wattage practice amp that you can use in your bedroom, put on a desk or throw in your backpack and jam wherever you want, via the battery-powered operation.

It features two channels, built-in digital delay, Blackstar's patented Infinite Shape Feature for endless control between U.K.- and U.S.-style tone. It also offers an Aux. line in for jamming along to your own music, a headphone out and an emulated line out for silent practice or recording.

And, if you want to really rock in small-scale form, you can chain the Fly combo to a Blackstar Fly 103 1x3" extension cab, and turn your rig into a 6W stereo setup that's also perfect for playback of your own music library.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Power: 3W (solid state) Two channels Speaker: 1x3" Blackstar design Infinite Shape Feature Built-in digital delay DC- or battery-powered Aux. in Headphone out Emulated line out

Price: CHF 149.00

Danelectro 63 Burgundy

This model brings back the famous "amp-in-case" body style. It features chambered construction and new "56 Lipstick" pickups for that classic '50s Danelectro tone. Controls include master volume and master tone and a pickup selector. Case sold separately.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Famous "amp-in-case" guitar body style New "56 Lipstick" pickups Master volume and master tone controls Pickup selector Case sold separately

Price: CHF 429.00

Fender American Spc Strat HSS (SOLD)

The Fender American Special HSS Stratocaster is features an alder body with gloss urethane finish, a 9.5" radius maple neck with a modern C profile, and a rosewood fingerboard fitted with 22 jumbo frets. You'll get lots of gain and tones galore from Texas Special middle and neck pickups, and an Atomic humbucking bridge pickup while the Greasebucket tone circuit rolls off the highs without adding bass. Other details on this electric guitar include a vintage-style synchronized tremolo, black pickup covers and pickguard, chrome hardware, and a large '70s-style headstock and decal. A polishing cloth and gig bag come with your Fender American Special Strat.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Body shape: Double cutaway Body type: Solid body Body material: Solid wood Top wood: Not applicable Body wood: Alder Body finish: Gloss Urethane Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: C modern Neck wood: Maple Joint: Bolt-on Scale length: 25.5" Truss rod: Standard Neck finish: Satin Urethane Fretboard Material: Maple Radius: 9.5" Fret size: Medium jumbo Number of frets: 22 Inlays: Dot Nut width: 1.69" (43mm) Pickups Configuration: HSS Neck: Texas Special single-coil Middle: Texas Special single-coil Bridge: Atomic humbucker Brand: Fender Active or passive: Passive Series or parallel: Series Piezo: No Active EQ: No Special electronics: Greasebucket tone circuit Controls Control layout: Master volume, tone 1, tone 2 Pickup switch: 5-way Coil tap or split: No Kill switch: No Hardware Bridge type: Tremolo/Vibrato Bridge design: Vintage synchronized tremolo Tailpiece: Not applicable Tuning machines: Die-cast sealed Color: Chrome Other Number of strings: 6-string Special features: Pickups Case: Gig bag Accessories: None Country of origin: United States

Price: CHF 959.00

Fender Frontman 10G

The Frontman 10G, Fender's smallest guitar amp offers all the hallmarks of a great amplifier: quality tones, flexible controls, simple uncluttered operation, and classy looks. The world-class, value-priced Frontman 10G combo amplifier makes practice sessions lots of fun! It's a 10-watt, solid-state guitar amplifier with a 6" Special Design speaker and built-in overdrive.

The Frontman 10G is perfect for beginning guitarists, students and teachers and guitarists on a tight budget looking for an "extra" practice amp. Fender Frontman amplifiers have won an army of users by delivering quality tone at a great price. Fender took the time to custom-voice the Frontman's overdrive for great tone, and this winning formula also features the unmistakable Fender Blackface look.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Wide variety of sounds...from Blues to Metal plus the legendary Fender clean tone Selectable Gain control allows for a wide range of guitar tones; from tube-emulated overdrive to full-strength, ultra-saturated distortion that feels great under your fingers 10W into a 6" Special Design speaker, with closed-back design for heavier bass response 1/8" input for jam-along with media player or CD; 1/8" headphone ouput for silent practice Genuine Fender Blackface treatment FEATURES 1/4" instrument input Selectable Overdrive switch with Gain knob 1/8" Aux In 1/8" Headphone output Controls: Volume, Gain, Overdrive Select Button, Treble, Bass

Price: CHF 89.00

Fender Jaguar Bass Standard (SOLD)

Fender's first U.S.-made Jaguar Bass is a sleek and powerful beauty, upgraded with a versatile P/J pickup configuration, combination top-load/string-through-body High-Mass Vintage bridge, lightweight Fender "F" tuners with A-string retainer, and body-end truss rod adjustment.

The split-single-coil Precision Bass pickup is made with alnico 5 magnets, while the single-coil Jazz Bass bridge pickup has ceramic bar magnets with hex-screw pole pieces. All the other great Jaguar Bass features are here too, including the fast and comfortable maple neck, 9.5"-radius rosewood fingerboard with 20 medium jumbo frets and elegant aged white pearloid block inlays, multi-ply pickguard, lower horn pickup on/off and series/parallel switching, and upper-horn active/passive switch for dual-circuit design with inset bass and treble control wheels. Gig Bag included.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

The Standard series welcomes its first Jaguar Bass model in the lithe form of the Standard Jaguar Bass. Bassists will appreciate the remarkable tonal versatility of its PJ pickup configuration, with a seismic split single-coil Precision Bass middle pickup and growling Jazz Bass bridge pickup, with a volume control for each pickup and a single master tone control. They'll also appreciate the remarkable playing comfort of its sleekly offset body, smooth maple neck and fast rosewood fingerboard.

Price: CHF 695.00

Fulltone True Path ABY-HT

You may just find that the Fulltone True-Path ABY guitar switcher is the most tonally-transparent switcher you've ever used. Fulltone packed the True-Path ABY with top-notch components to make sure that your tone sounds the same on the way out as it does on the way in. And to match your tastes, there's also a switchable JFET buffer on each channel to help drive long signal chains without losing tone. But the best part of the True-Path ABY's innovative design is that you'll never hear a "pop" through your amp when you're switching.

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Top-notch electronics for tonally-transparent operation Custom-designed photocells mean ultra-low resistance Switchable JFET buffers for maximum flexibility Top-notch electronics for tonally-transparent operation Fulltone put a lot of thought and development into making the True-Path ABY the most transparent switcher possible, and went to great lengths to get the right components for the job. The True-Path ABY uses a custom-wound, nickel core 1:1 transformer that eliminates grounding issues safely while leaving your tone intact. And Fulltone spent over a year working with photocell developers to create an optocoupler with only 50-ohms of resistance - most other switchers have 300- to 300-ohms of resistance, and you can hear the difference. But most of the electronics in the True-Path ABY are there for one reason - to eliminate the "pop" sound when switching, for completely silent switching. Custom-designed photocells mean ultra-low resistance Sonically speaking, electrical resistance changes your signal's tone. Not always a bad thing when you're looking for an effect, but completely undesirable when you're just trying to pass your signal along. The only resistor your guitar's signal runs through in the True-Path ABY is the optocoupler, which Fulltone helped develop to be an ultra-low 50-ohms - way lower than the average 300-/400-ohm load in most switchers. So you'll hear the same tone coming out of the True-Path ABY as you sent into it. Switchable JFET buffers for maximum flexibility The True-Path ABY gives you switchable JFET buffers for each channel to give you flexibility in different applications. If you have to drive a long cable chain after the True-Path ABY, turn on the buffer to maintain your tone. Using fuzz pedals, or other effects that sound best with a high-impedance signal? Turn off the buffer, and you'll hear the richness of your fuzzes and distortions without excessive "fizziness" or harshness. No matter what your signal chain has in it, you can make it sound its best with the Fulltone True-Path ABY. Fulltone True-Path ABY Guitar Switch Features: Tonally-transparent ABY guitar switcher Use it to switch one guitar between two amps, or two guitars with one amp Switchable JFET buffer changes your signal to low-impedance to drive long cable chains Phase switch lets you correct phase issues between two amplifiers Custom optocoupler circuit has ultra-low resistance for transparent operation Truly silent switching - no pops or clicks! Color: Black

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Gig FX Pro Chopper Tremolo Pan

The Gig-FX Pro-Chop Tremolo Guitar Effect Pedal opens up a whole new world to guitarists and other musicians who want to produce repeatable and trancelike grooves or pulsating effects that are in perfect sync with any track.
There are two ways to achieve this; one is by setting the frequency read out on the LCD to the chosen tempo. This allows for the first time ever a precise and repeatable tempo for a tremolo wave / chop / pan.
The second is by syncing with any track / synth that has a MIDI clock available. By syncing with a given MIDI clock beat, the Pro-Chop effect pedal can allocate or 8 chops / pans / tremolo waves allowing a wide variety of sound patterns. Whenever the device is turned on, it will be instantly in perfect sync.
The output signal from the Pro-Chop tremolo pedal may be mono or stereo, but is infinitely more interesting in stereo. In stereo, the effect can be panned or "chopped" from one channel to another and combined in phase or out of phase in various ways to produce an infinite number of captivating sounds. Merely describing it will not do it justice. You have to hear it to believe it!

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There are two waves (oscillators) on the Gig-FX guitar pedal, one is a square wave which produces the chop sound and the other is a triangle wave which provides the tremolo or pan. Both waves run independently. On the left side of the unit, the controls adjust the chop attributes, and on the right side, the controls adjust the pan and tremolo attributes. There is a Mode Selector Switch which allows you to choose Chop only (CHOP), Tremolo / Pan only (STIR), and either of two combinations of both (BLEND and SHAKE). In mono, when you turn the Chop on, the sound will be turned on and off at the rate and ratio you choose. In stereo, when one side is off, the other side is on, so the signal bounces back and forth across the sound stage. Try it on a big stage and the audience will be knocked out. In pan / tremolo mode, in mono, the device will provide a versatile tremolo effect that allows the signal to be modulated deeper and slower than all other tremolo units, and the tempo can be set on the fly. In stereo, one side is on while the other is off, so the sound pans gradually from the left to the right at a rate determined by the rate control or pedal. When you select the Blend or Shake modes, in mono, you hear the two waves beating against each other. In stereo, the Gig-FX Pro-Chop gives you rhythmic pulses flying across the room. FEATURES All analog signal circuitry with digital control, crystal clear sound, no coloration. Easy to use. 2-button control (scroll/select) of the MIDI synch options/LCD display options. Transparent bypass achieved by a FET switch. Open frequency response same as a true mechanical bypass, but more reliable. No signal drop or harmonics suck-out. Noiseless, pop-free switching. Versatile: mono in, stereo out/mono in, mono out. Reliable, wear-free, noise-free optical operation. Bypassed when pedal is all the way back. 9V operating voltage, 20mA current consumption (we recommend using an AC adapter). Will accept standard 2.1mm AC adapter supply plug, center negative. Flashing blue and red LED's to show modulation rates. Compact Size: 9" x 4" (228mm x 103mm).

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Moog Minifooger MF Flanger

Moog expanded their popular Minifooger line with the MF Flange, a modulation effects pedal that offers you a massive range of flange. Dial up the rate, and your go from a languid luster to a jackhammer pulse. Kick up the depth, and you go from a bit of glisten to multi-octave sweeps, and if you crank the feedback, you can send the MF Flange into self oscillation.

There's even a Type switch onboard that lets you go between a vocal comb filter effect and a more traditional flanger. What's more, you can plug in an expression pedal an take over the Time parameter on the fly.

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With their compact, pedalboard-friendly designs, Moog's Minifooger pedals are a perfect fit for your pedalboard. Their extended frequency ranges make these effects sound great on more than just guitar too - they're excellent for bass, keyboards, and more. True analog signal paths give you the superior sound quality and the unique idiosyncrasies that make vintage pedals so cool. What's more, each of these pedals features a CV input that lets you hook up a Moog expression pedal or synth to take over various parameters. Moog MF Flange Effects Pedal Features: A powerful effect that offers two flanger styles in one all-analog pedal Rate lets you dial in gentle sweeps to intense hard, percussive pulsing effects Depth offers a range from subtle warbling to psychedelic multi-octave sweeping Time controls the delay time and goes from warm trails down to a chorus-like sound Feedback brings focus and resonance in a range from modest to self oscillation

Price: CHF 199.00