Music School-Rock ‘n’ Blues Factory

 Jobfactory Music Store Presents:

 ROCK ‘N’ BLUES FACTORY –  A school for Rock and Roll and Blues Based Music

  • Taught by Professional, Touring Rock Musician from Britian
  • English and Swiss German spoken
  • Student designed lesson plan (choose your learning)
  • Very flexible scheduling
  • 24 hour cancelation policy
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money back!
  • 10% Rabatt on all purchase at the Musicstore during lesson plan

We at JobFactory Musicstore believe that students need a place to learn the music they love, without the unnecessary problems that learning the ‘Traditional’ way presents. Do you need Theory to learn Rock n Roll? Does anyone think that Robert Johnson knew scales?!

We welcome a great player to start this school for us. He has been a rock and roll institution here in Switzerland for many years… Mark Elliott. Mark is from Great Britian, where Rock n Roll came of age, where he was a professional touring artist. After coming to Switzerland, he continued his professional career as a brilliant Rock and Blues guitarist. He has also been a guitar teacher for many years, having worked independently and for many music stores in Basel.

We will offer private lessons with Mark Elliott, individually or in groups of 10 Lessons, here on the Jobfactory campus.  We offer a Blues based or Rock based Lesson Plan.

Please contact the store directly to discuss scheduling and pricing, and to fill out an Anmeldungsformular.

We are excited to meet all our new students!


David Max…. Store Manager