Der Jobfactory Musicstore ist nicht nur ein gewöhnliches Musikgeschäft. Wir bieten unseren Kunden eine freundliche, lockere und intensive Beratung. Uns ist es in erster Linie wichtig, dass sich der Store Besucher wohl fühlt, und dass er den Store voller Freude verlässt! Ausserdem bieten wird auch verschiedene Services an, sei es die Reperatur von Gitarren, Verstärker oder Effektgeräte.

Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch!


Jobfactory Musicstore is more than just a store. We offer musicians more than just a vibe-filled shopping experience, friendly and comprehensive customer service, and competetive reasonable pricing. Our full service guitar workshop, Guitarcare (Gitarren Werkstatt) offering just about any guitar repair service needed, is just the beginning. Have a look at our other services…

  1. Rock and Blues Factory Music SchoolInstructor Mark Elliot teaches a student based curriculum, designed by each student to suit his or her own needs. Swiss German and English spoken. A comfortable and private sound room is provided here on the JF campus, to give each individual the attention and privacy they deserve. (Musikschule)
  2. Electronics RepairWe can repair any and all of your music based electronic gear problems. From Microphones to amplifiers, pedals and rack gear. You break it, we fix it! (Elektronik Reparaturen)
  3. TradingDon’t have enough cash to buy the gear you need? Have old and unused gear? Come to us to turn your old gear into cash, to use in payment against new gear.
  4. Pedalboard BuildingWe can build you the custom pedalboard of your dreams. Our many years of experience building pedalboards is unmatched. Our expertise regarding power supplies, cabling and positioning will improve your pedal situation dramatically.


Gitarren Werkstatt

Elektronik Reparaturen